Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Would lose more weight if I didn't love cake so much...

Well, some of you have asked whether I've lost more weight. Since having the Mirena removed I have lost 20 pounds, however, due to love of cake and job depression, I've hit a slump and not gone to the gym lately. The GOOD news is that I haven't gained back any of the 20 pounds I lost, the bad news is that I haven't lost. I don't know though, because I have somehow lost more than the scale is indicating. I was wearing size 24 jeans (YEAH....), and now am fitting into size 18s, even with my cake laziness. I also bought a size 16 dress, which is suddenly hanging on me like a potato sack. I mean, it's going somewhere right?? I guess when I apply myself, I really will be a skinny minny once again.

We are switching gyms to get away from the jerky gym we go to now. The new one is this fancy snazzy place with a swimming pool (just what I need!!), and steam rooms. It's the Cadillac of gyms, (whereas the one we go to now is the Ford Pinto of gyms). I also have signed up for a semester of yoga at a studio close to my house. I used to practice diligently, and need to get back into it. I feel like once this happens, I'll be inspired again and the weight will continue to melt off.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations you :p
YAYYYYYYYYYYYY for you,I am so happy to hear about your weight loss,I also have that evil mirena and am scheduled to get it out next Wednesday Sep17.I CAN NOT wait till then :D , I went through all the side effects that I read on the internet ,from millions of women who shared their stories online. I am so upset,mad,hurt,disgusted and feel cheated :(
Oh well, Mirena will be hostory for me pretty soon and hopefully the weight gain will be history too.I cannot wait to get my pretty skin and my healthy hair back.most of all, I cannot wait to get my old self back.I used to be soooo much fun.
I will keep you posted, you just keep this blog going! Good for you.
- love

Jane said...

Great to find this!

I have just had my merina out after three years. Painless to get out - unlike the past three years!

Suffered loads when I had it, but it never seemed to get better -constant pain, cramps, to the point of thinking I would be sick. It woudl just wash over me in great waves of pain and I have never been so tired in my entire life. Weight gain despite swimming three times a week and fairly healthy diet.

I went back to the docs and they did a scan and found it was in the right place so perservered. Ovulation left me almost in tears, then I started getting two periods a month! As I was using a Mooncup, I could see how much I was bleeding and it was as much - if not more - than pre-merina. DEpsite being given it to alleviate heavy periods!

My memory was also awful, which is very unusual, somedays I couldn't even remember what I was doing the previous night.

I also experienced such heavynight sweats I was convinced at 30 I was having an early menopause. Some days even walking hurt.

Fortunately my doctor was reasonably good and was more than happy to remove it, I just should have been more persistent rather than excepting new kinds of pain killers and waiting to see if it calmed down.

I do know others who have used it and had no problems, but it just never settled.

As soon as I had it out I felt so much better, and am now lookig forward to having some energy, exercise having some benefit and not spending all my time in pain, or being taken by surprise as a shooting pain passes through me.

My doc did ask if I wanted another one. Strangely enough, I declined....

Anonymous said...

Hello! I like the new look! Congrats on the 20 lbs lost! I am anxiously awaiting the removal of my IUD. My husband had a vasectomy in Aug. so now we are playing the waiting game until he gets the all clear. At this point, I could not handle any surprises. He will not have his first check until the last week of Oct. :o( I never thought that I would look forward to having a period. Each month when I am supposed to have my period, my belly bloats so big that I look 9 months pregnant. Not to mention that I go from Mother of the Year to raging maniac in the blink of an eye. And like many others, I cannot lose weight to save my life. Hopefully, this time next year I will be able to wear something without elastic!!!

3girlsmomma said...

Hello! I left a comment on Sept.12th. However, I wanted to let you know that I cannot take it any longer. I scheduled my removal for this Thurday morning. I am nervous because I've read removal horror stories and I've read about the Mirena "crash". Things can only improve because right now I am a miserable moo!!! I am hoping that I can post positive information over the next several months!

Anonymous said...

I'm coming up on the 5 year mark and until now how not investigated Mirena forums (foolish, I know). However, reading other women's comments has confirmed what I knew in my heart -- weight gain, horrible, longlasting PMS are due to my IUD. I only recently formulated to myself the thought "I am depressed"-- and had no idea this could be related to Mirena. Since I stuck it out the whole 5 years before I had this nebulous thought, it's really not me being hysterical, false blaming, etc. (Have you read some of the replies to individual experiences? People are nuts, I swear.) Anyway, thanks for your efforts--glad to hear you are losing weight. Maybe I haven't read carefully enough, or have read too much in the last hour, but did you experience depression on the Mirena?

Alana said...

Where do I begin? Thank you all so much for sharing your stories. I got mine put in almost a year ago. I had mood swings for about a week (whew!) but lots of spotting. This went on for months. Then I started having abdominal cramping so often and so bad that I was starting to FREAK OUT that I had an ectopic pregnancy. I went back to my OBGYN since I never returned for the six week check to have this abdominal pain sorted out and she said that I had cysts on my ovaries! She said that they would probably go away and they could come back but hopefully not to the point that I would need surgery though.

This past summer our family made a big move from Washington state to Florida so my husband could go to graduate school. By this time my periods were irregular and I spotting after sex was a given. We made the move and after my daughter and husband started school I began to have harsh anxiety. It was so bad that I began having chest pains and panic attacks. I figured it was because of the change in my life. One morning I really thought I was having a heart attack and called 911. I went to the emergency room later that day to have everything checked out and of course they said I was healthy and that every test that they had run was normal. (I'm 32). In the last year I have had tests to check my thyroid and iron because of exhaustion and all of them have come back normal.

Within this last month I started losing TONS AND TONS of hair! For some reason I tend to lose more than others but I have attributed that to my always having such thick hair. Now my hair is super thin and I am worried that I'm going to lose all of it. Between this blog and two other sites I have counted 12 other women who are losing massive amounts of hair too. I went to a beauty supply store a few weeks ago and asked the owner who is also a hairdresser about my hair loss. I told her how much and (not to gross anyone out) showed her in a bag all the hair I had lost over just one week. She told me that I needed to see a doctor right away. She figured my hormones were out of balance. Women, she said don't lose much hair until menopause.

Last week I was rumaging through my wallet when I came across my Mirena card. Suddenly the thought came to me that this IUD could be the source of my problems! Like everyone else I have read about, my OBGYN told me that the hormones were so minute that it was nothing and I took her word for it.

I have also felt in the last year that I have aged 15-20 years. I have had dizziness, breast tenderness, and age spots ( is that supposed to happen at 32? My mom is 55 and she doesn't have them!) and I have been gaining weight within this last month too. I have noticed with all these stories that a lot of women report symptoms all of a sudden whether they happen from day one or months afterwards.

I am angry that Mirena lists almost no significant side effects. I have read on this blog and other sites of women having all of the symptoms I am experiencing and more. This piece of plastic is poison in our bodies and should not be there. I realize that women are different and that this IUD may be the best thing ever for them but maybe there should be a test for women so they and their doctors can make an accurate decision as to which birth control is right for their body.

I don't blame my doctor for this at all as she is very grounded and doesn't prescribe anything unless she knows it would be beneficial to me. I personally think that this company has got the FDA fooled completely or maybe the FDA is being paid to keep this crap on the market without the warnings it obviously should have.

I am going to have this IUD removed as soon as I locate a new doctor that won't disregard my problems. I'm afraid of the Mirena Crash I have read about and hope I can escape the worst of it.

If anyone else experienced this hairloss please tell me that it grows back after the IUD is removed!

Alana said...

Doing more research tonight and I found a site that tells me that all the adverse reactions that we are all having are listed in the doctors pamphlet but NOT in the patients! Unbelievable.....I'm just sick about this. I am suffering from severe hair loss among other things and hair loss has been documented as affecting 3% of women. Had I known about weight gain, hair loss and everything else I never would have had this trash put in. I now no longer trust the doctor I wrote about earlier; she had the info right in front of her and didn't share it.

Check it out:


triestep said...

Thanks for your site. I too have had the Mirena for about 1 year and a half and I feel the pain you experienced. I have been exercising and eating better and I've only been able to get to the weight I was when I had the mirena placed. This summer, I gained 8 lbs in a few weeks, out of the blue. I had consistent bleeding and cramping for the first 2 months after I had it placed and now still have cramping/spotting for my periods, but I also get cramping and spotting randomly and I have had horrible headaches and depression/low sex drive. I definitely am going to get it out soon! I would trade light spotting for a regular menstrual period just to have my body back on a schedule I can count on and the ability to lose weight and be normal again! I am making an appt today to get it out!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi all! I left comments on Sept. 12and 15th.I wanted to give you the update since the removal of the "thing". The improvements include: increased sex drive, no more feeling bloated 24/7, less hungry, less mood swings, and in general, less miserable with life. About the weight loss, this hasn't happened however I haven't made an effort. Because I am happier with life, the weight doesn't depress me as much. The con is I am having acne like I did at 17. My periods have returned with day 2 and 3 heavier than normal but I hope this will work itself out. FYI the doctor couldn't find the strings at first so that was a little uncomfortable but after locating them, the removal was quick and painless. Of course, I was the ONLY person that she has heard of that had my negative experience with the Mirena. Luckily, I did not experience a "crash" post removal. Here is something I found interesting. I have ulcerative colitis that always improved during my pregnancies and was well controlled when I was on birth control. Now, since the removal of the IUD, I have experienced a flare-up. So, if the IUD is not systemic like the doctors claim, why did I have a flare after the removal of the hormones?? Having this thing removed was the best decision for me! I hope it all works out for you all! Oh, about hair loss, I have noticed less hair in the drain. This may be all in my head, but my hair seems healthier.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had found your site earlier. I had my Mirena removed 3 weeks ago after having it in for about 2 years. I hadn't realized how toxic and miserable and FAT it made me. I just thought I was really bad at juggling 2 kids and full time work. I feel so good and, although I don't have a scale, I know I have lost weight because my bras are TOO BIG and my clothes are fitting much better. And I don't look 8 months pregnant any more! (How embarassing was THAT!)My thoughts are clearer and I am much HAPPIER... enjoying things again. What a waste of 2 years... being crabby and moody. I missed out on a lot.

Leigh said...

I hope I can lose some of my Mirena (and other) weight! Are you still doing the Weight Watchers? I want to do that but cannot afford it.
I came across your blog when I started to feel symptoms of a UTI after having the Mirena inserted (I had it put in on 10/21/08). I'd researched it and never thought to look for negative side effects/ experiences posted by women who have had the device.
I'd not had many UTI's in my life so when it kept up for an entire month (in spite of my cranberry filled diet with a few boxes of Azo thrown in for good measure) I mad sure to address it with my gyno during the follow up visit. I'd had surgery and been on antibiotics when the Mirena was put in and I kind of thought "maybe this is a yeast infection or something" which is why I tried to tough it out for such long while...looking back that feels silly. Anyway, I fully intended to have it out when I went for the follow up because I was just constantly in pain and I couldn't have sex because of that----what was the point? I spoke with one of the assistants in my gyno's office who had the Mirena as well and she said that initially she too had these symptoms but that after six months it got better. During my one month follow up everything was apparently normal and they took a urine sample which had some nitrates (I don't know what that means really) and I was given some antibiotics. The sample came back negative for a UTI. With the medical assistant having told me of her experience (and most of the employees at the office having the Mirena and proclaimed their love for it) I decided to tough it out a while longer. I believe it was 12/15/08 when I had the Mirena out and they told me that they wanted me to know that the UTI I tested positive for along with yeast infection I was experiencing were NOT related to the Mirena. I wanted the thing OUT so I agreed that I understood that. Honestly though I feel surely something must be connected there. Maybe bacteria catches on the strings? Maybe some scraping or the like occurred during insertion and that became infected? I don't know but now it is out and I hope to feel better, lose the weight, and feel better and lose some more weight!!! Oh and maybe I'll feel like having sex too!
I started my period immediately after it was taken out a week ago (I'd not had one for the two months it was in) and feel insanely less bloated. I'm still having the UTI feeling but am also on some antibiotics for that (and just finished the shorter term ones given for the yeast infection unless I've gotten them mixed up in which case it is the other way around) and hopefully will not have this to deal with anymore. I must say that I have felt like a little depression came with the Mirena but I have an ongoing battle with that AND the previous surgery I mentioned was difficult (including job loss due to so many doctor visits related to complications with the surgery) and I've not ever been pregnant. I just want to put that out there in case someone else reads this and is trying to make a decision about Mirena.

Lyndsay said...

Wow... I still have my IUD in and have had it in since Feb 07. I was told I probably had something wrong with me medically for all my symptoms. You've shed light on this subject for me, and as I sit her at 5:10am with no sleep because of pain in my back, hips and lower abdomen, and these migraines. It has made it hard on me because I'm 21 and haven't had sex with my husband in a month because I simply don't feel like it and it hurts.... I will be getting it removed when I can. Hopefully it's sooner rather then later. Thank you for putting this on the web, I seriously started to think I was going crazy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your site. I had the Mirena IUD inserted 6 weeks ago and had cramping from day 1. About 2 weeks ago I started having pregnancy symptoms (breast tenderness, insomnia, increased sense of smell, water retention, exhaustion, nasal congestion, and major mood swings). I took a pregnancy test, which was negative, and then I had the Mirena removed asap. The midwife said the progesterone-like hormone was likely causing my symptoms. I was told that only minute amounts travel out of your uterus. Now I now that it only takes minute amounts to change how your whole body operates. Well, there was no way I was going to feel pregnant for 5 years and not at least have a baby afterwards (not that we are planning to have any more children)...so out it came. It's been 3 days, I feel my symptoms are waning , but I am starting to bleed (no one warned me about this). So, I found your site, thank you. Reading the posts, I certainly will be careful and seek help if the bleeding gets out of hand.

Anonymous said...

I had my IUD removed about two weeks ago.I kept it in for 1 year. During that time, I experienced severe cramping during my periods, to the point it felt like I was going into labor. Since having it removed, I have been bleeding heavily. How long is this bleeding going to last? One day it seems like the bleeding is slowing down or about to stop and then it gets heavier. Please help.

Anonymous said...

My update on my Mirena removal:
The Mirena was originally recommended to me by my GYN because of my extremely heavy and painful periods and uterine fibroids. I had the Mirena in for 20 months, and have now had it out for 2 months. I have always been small-framed and thin, but gained 10 pounds on the Mirena. 5 of the 10 lbs. were water (edema) and the other 5 lbs. (which I cannot lose no matter how much I workout and run) are fat - on my hips and stomach.
Before Mirena, I'd gain 5 lbs. from eating too much ice-cream and work out for two weeks and be back to a cute little hard body. During and after Mirena, I've been working out for 7 months vigorously and cannot lose the 5 lbs. of fat which is annoying since all jeans and most pants sold out there will not fit me (if I can get them over my hips they are then too big in the waist, and if I get them smaller to fit my waist then I can't get them past my hips!)
On a good note, I don't get headaches anymore, no more dizziness, no more feeling like I'm going to fall asleep driving, no more crazy mood swings, I sleep better, no more crazy/bad vivid dreams, no more thoughts of suicide, WAY less depression, no more gigantic boils on my face and chest and shoulders, WAY less water retention, no more swollen/painful breasts.
I still retain some water, but it's usually around my period.. By the way, my period is getting more normal. My stomach still gets bloated easily, but mainly during the time of my period.
I hope this somehow helps other women out there.
P.S. I was misdiagnosed with bi-polar disorder by my GP during my time on Mirena because of my bad mood swings. Lucky for me I had already found this site and realized that it was the Mirena and not me. I left her office and her prescription and never went back.

Vikki said...

Im posting in hope of help as I swear Im going potty :-(

I had my Mirena out 4 days ago ... have been experiencing pain since (although have contributed that to the sterilization operation I had done at the same time) but OMG the last 2 days I have been like the She-devil :-(

Screaming and shouting one minute ... tearful and crying the next ... Am I going mad????

Ive had the mirena in for just over a year (having decided to have it removed due to increased infections) and havent had any periods for about 10months so I guess I am out of the sysle of pms and from what I remember I was never this bad

Am I losing the plot or has anyone else experienced this?


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I thought I would share my experience with you. I have had the mirena in for just over three months and two days ago I had it removed.

While the Mirena was in I gained 13 pounds. This would have been much higher, except I started training religiously at gym, six days a week. Despite my hard work at gym, the weight would not have budged - which tells me that the training just prevented a further increase in weight from the Mirena. The weight gain slowed down but it was definitely still going up.

My decision to take it out was after I noticed how exhausted I was all the time. I would go to sleep at 7pm and wake up the next morning, still exhausted. I took blood tests to see if my thyroid was not functioning properly or if there were any other problems. Nothing.

Then I researched "Mirena and fatigue" - found so many results. My gynae tells me (after the fact of course!) that the Mirena releases small amounts of progesterone. This progesterone shouldn't be enough to enter the blood stream, but some women (me!) are hyper sensitive. Progesterone makes a person drowsy!

I had the Mirena removed two days ago and I'm scared to get my hopes up. Today I woke up absolutely exhausted, even took the day off work and have been sleeping most of the morning. I'm so apprehensive every time I step on the scale.

But what's done is done. Now I just have to work with my body to get back to normal. Hopefully that won't take too long!

Anonymous said...

I'm having the mirena removed today! Yipeee! I got the mirena on my 6 weeks visit after my second son's birth and it's now been 5 years. I'm shocked to discover that all the mood swings, depression, memory loss, weight gain I blamed myself for is due to the IUD!!! I've had so many migranes during this 5 years couldn't count anymore and sometimes it felt as if my heart was going to jump out my throat because it was beating so fast. No more Mirena ever again for me!

rosita said...

Hi girls.. I had mirena put in on 2009.. never had a problem gained about 30... Never being so heavy my hole life. Jan 2012 had it removed, two days later had some spotting, thinking it was my period, after two days it went away... At the end of march my problem came.. started with some spotting, brown old blood. After day everyday hay worst and worst its already May and lm still bleeding.. call doctor.. and prescribe me some pills, not bird control cause lm ttc.. at first like all de other girls, after removal, and no periods though I was pregnant, cause had all de signs, put after 5 home pregnancy test, all went negative. Please tell me this is da mirena crash.. cause I'm going crazy....

Natalie Wong said...

I am so happy I found this site!Whew,I feel a little bit more normal now.I had a Mirena put in (via a hysteroscopy and a d&c at the same time) in February this year.I was really pressured into it by Doctors.My story is a bit complicated so please bare with me...
When I had our oldest (2008) I had to have an emergency c-section which resulted in a J cut and tearing down both sides of my uterus and a heck of alot of scar tissue and damage,3 months later I was pregnant with number 2 (silly midwife said breast feeding works as a contraceptive haha),um my body had created anti-bodies to the blood transfusion I had,which in end resulted in those anti-bodies attacking bubs while I was pregnant and her heart nearly stopping!Anyway,a "planned"c-section later,my scar from number 1 had torn while I was pregnant.Hubby had a vasectomy when number 2 was 5 weeks old.
My periods have always been bad,but they were a nightmare after the babies.Heavy bleeding for 14 days,and only ending up with 1 1/2 weeks break in between period,and horrible horrible cramping (and my scar feeling like it was on fire!).I wanted a hysterectomy but all the Doctors I saw pushed for the Mirena before they would try anything else.So I had it put in (a hospital stay later,thank you scarring!).My surgeon told me post surgery that my uterus was 3cm bigger than they would have liked,so it could fall out,not work or pierce my uterus!!!Not impressed they put it in.
I had 4 months of constant bleeding and spotting.I literally had 4 days in that entire time with no bleeding.Not impressed.The pain I had was worse too,and the strings a few times had actually been hanging out of my vagina (as in,I was showering,as you do,and I could feel the strings outside of my body!).It had made my life so much worse,so I had it taken out earlier this week.I was anaemic from how my periods were pre-Mirena,so incredibly tired to start with.
I had my period anyway,but I have been bleeding heavily since.My Doctor told me I would probably bleed heavily because she thought it was caught in my scar tissue!!!Has anyone else had heavy bleeding after having it out (been 6 days of it now).
I was told by all my Doctors that I would bleed/and or spot for maybe 8 weeks,that it would make everything so much better.I really never thought my periods would seem easier than having a Mirena in.
Again,just want to say I am so glad I found this blog!What a Godsend at the moment,thank you,thank you,thank you!

Kristine said...

Your blog is great and seems like an amazing resource for women! Is there a way to contact you? One of my missions as a female lawyer is to help women who have been adversely effected by Mirena IUD and we would love to do a guest post or reach out to your readers about the side effects and how we can help them! Feel free to contact me at kristine (at) rotlaw.com and check out the link to see how we have already started our efforts.


Paula said...

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Jade Graham said...

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