Sunday, November 1, 2009

Long Overdue Update!

Hi ladies, I'm so very sorry that I've not updated in so long. I am still reading your comments, and I'm happy and thrilled that people have found this site, and that it has helped women realize that they are not "crazy", and that the symptoms they are facing after getting an IUD are real, and they ARE related to the Mirena.

I have really struggled to lose the weight I gained with the Mirena, which has never been an issue for me before. I am convinced something about that thing changed my body chemistry, but maybe I'm wrong. I somehow doubt it. I will spare you the details, but even switching to a vegetarian diet with no processed or fast foods hasn't worked. The good news is that I started Medifast less than a week ago, and the pounds are starting to shed like crazy, so it seems like my journey with this is going to come full circle.

Otherwise, I feel happy, healthy, and thrilled I got that thing removed.

I encourage you ladies to keep commenting, keep the conversation going, and keep helping each other.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Would lose more weight if I didn't love cake so much...

Well, some of you have asked whether I've lost more weight. Since having the Mirena removed I have lost 20 pounds, however, due to love of cake and job depression, I've hit a slump and not gone to the gym lately. The GOOD news is that I haven't gained back any of the 20 pounds I lost, the bad news is that I haven't lost. I don't know though, because I have somehow lost more than the scale is indicating. I was wearing size 24 jeans (YEAH....), and now am fitting into size 18s, even with my cake laziness. I also bought a size 16 dress, which is suddenly hanging on me like a potato sack. I mean, it's going somewhere right?? I guess when I apply myself, I really will be a skinny minny once again.

We are switching gyms to get away from the jerky gym we go to now. The new one is this fancy snazzy place with a swimming pool (just what I need!!), and steam rooms. It's the Cadillac of gyms, (whereas the one we go to now is the Ford Pinto of gyms). I also have signed up for a semester of yoga at a studio close to my house. I used to practice diligently, and need to get back into it. I feel like once this happens, I'll be inspired again and the weight will continue to melt off.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

8/10 Update

Hey ladies!

Just wanted to write another quick update about me. You'll be happy to hear that I've lost almost 20 pounds, with diet change and 3 days a week of exercise. It's coming off slowly but consistently every week, a pound here, and 2 pounds there. I feel energetic, sexy, and good about myself.

I am doing a combination of Weight Watchers and reading these books by Gillian McKeith, who is a holistic doctor. She has this crazy show on BBC called "You Are What You Eat", and I started watching at first out of amusement and general "Wow this lady is totally crazy", but slowly got into it, and was inspired enough to read her books. I highly recommend watching, or even going to her web site to check her out. The run down of Gillian's lifestyle is no alcohol, caffine, red meat, refined sugar, dairy, or processed foods. I haven't followed it to the letter (I do like to relax with red wine on the weekends, and I'm a monster without coffee), but I have cut out the other things. I don't like red meat much anyway, and processed foods freak me out the more I read about them, so that has been easy. I am eating lots of fruit/veg, whole grains, beans, chicken, turkey, and fish. It's awesome, and I feel great.

Getting the IUD out has been the best thing I've ever done. I'm not sure where you ladies are in your life, but make your husband get a vasectomy and take out the IUD. I literally have just transformed slowly, not just to my old self, but a better self. I am much more conscious about my health and what I put into my body, be it medication or food. The experience taught me that doctors will keep information from you if it makes them the almighty dollar. I mean, most of you have experienced that, right? Doctors telling us, "Oh Mirena won't make you gain weight, have high blood pressure, or feel bad in any way."

Sorry for the ramble! :) I just feel really really good and felt like sharing!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weight Loss! Finally!

Hey ladies, sorry it's been so long since I've written. Work is hectic (what's new though!), so it's hard for me to get to blog.

I am pleased to report that I am finally losing weight, although I finally had to break down and join Weight Watchers. I do highly recommend the program though, I have been on it a week and a half so far. I have already lost 7 pounds, and feel better than I have in months!! The program is really awesome, and I haven't felt hungry or bummed out even once. I have non-stop energy, especially now that I am exercising even more. I finally feel like my body is totally returned to normal, and of course, seeing weight loss results feels damn good. Also I'm pleased to report that my stomach has stopped bloating at random intervals, which it was doing on and off even after the IUD removal.

I am proud of those of you who got the IUD removed. Remember, you know what's best for your body, now give your doctors hell!!

Friday, April 4, 2008


This is in response to Cathie regarding post-removal bleeding. I have been pretty fortunate in that department. I am actually in the middle of my second period since the removal, and other than being heavy, everything is normal.

In your case, make sure you're monitoring the situation closely with your doctor. If you are having heavy bleeding and clots, I would also recommend taking iron supplements.

Keep us posted on how you're doing, and I hope that you feel better!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I know I've been MIA!

Hey ladies!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been around lately. Things with work/life have been crazy, etc, and I haven't had a spare moment to work. They are getting really facist at work about personal websites, but that's a whole other story.

Update with me....well, things are going okay. I will sadly report that I have not had a dramatic decrease of weight, but a lot of that is on me I think. Due to being so busy lately, my eating habits have gotten sloppy, plus, the hubby and I both love sweets. I am still working out 3-4 days a week, and I have noticed a much bigger muscle gain in my arms and legs, which wasn't happening before. I do think I will eventually lose the weight. I basically am going to have to undo a year of the Mirena, which is no small feat. I gained all the weight around the stomach/hip area, which is the worst part to lose. I have lost a few pounds, I can tell, but I simply need to work my butt a little harder!

Other than that, I feel wonderful! My mood is mellow, my blood pressure is back to normal, and I am loving sex and life in general all over again. My husband got a vasectomy and we're finally all clear, so I will never have to use stupid birth control EVER AGAIN.

I do read each and every comment here, and I am still appalled at how crappy this birth control is. I worry about each and every person who tells their story, and I hope that you ladies have gotten your Mirenas out and that you're seeing results. Thank you for taking the time to write, and please know that you are being heard. I hope that those of you that have written are feeling better. :)

I will be better about writing. In the meantime, keep making comments, and keep spreading the word!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

"Hold on to your f'ing hat..."

After so much serious talk, I just thought I'd pass on something that gave me a great laugh. It was a skit that was on Saturday Night Live last week, and I know all you ladies will appreciate it. It's a spoof on all those stupid birth control commercials that tout how you will hardly ever have a period when you use their birth control pill. Considering all I've gone through this last year, I related and had a good laugh! Tina Fey rocks!

You don't need a Myspace account to view the video by the way.

Speaking of periods, mine has finally come. It wasn't really a "hold on to your hat" situation. Frankly I was really surprised. Since the IUD removal, I have had several "mini-periods", where I would bleed for 1-2 hours and then it would stop and not happen again for a few days. Some might call that spotting, but I say if you have to use a tampon and it's more than half "used", then it's a mini-period. On Saturday I was experiencing more of the same, and thought that it would just go away. Well, no, it's back and quite heavy. It's pretty non-eventful, no cramps, no mood swings, and no bloating, so that's good. I'm mainly all thumbs because I haven't had a period for a year, so it's weird getting used to it.

All in all, it's a good thing. Having a period is a natural and normal thing, and I am pleased that my body is working itself out and trying to get in a normal synch again. As funny as that Tina Fey video is, it has a ring of truth to it. Not having a period really wacks you out. I'd much rather deal with it than not.

I suppose I am a little less bummed out about my weight. My stomach seems to bloat and unbloat at a moment's notice. My husband has been telling me that I've lost weight, but since he is a wonderful person, I just assumed he was being nice and saying the things he is supposed to say. However, my aunt saw me today for the first time since my Mirena removal and said, "Oh my gosh, you've really lost weight!" I suppose there is something to it, although the weight has come off on weird places like my arms and ankles. The waistband of my pants is still so tight.

Other than that, I am feeling great. I have felt so mellow since the IUD removal. I haven't had those gnarly mood swings, and the mood around the house is so much more relaxed. My sex life is back, and that has me in an even better mood!

I hope you ladies are having a good week. Keep posting, and to those of you who have gotten your IUDs removed, please keep us posted on how things are going.