Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So, I am frustrated that I haven't lost any weight yet. I haven't gained, but haven't lost either. I know it's been only a week since I got my IUD out, but I am so frustrated. It sucks to work your ass off at the gym with no results, AND to have those stupid personal trainer guys come up to you trying to pitch training sessions (aka, we think you're a tubby woman that we can con into this). When I brushed them off, the guy snottily asked me if I was meeting my fitness goals (aka, you sure don't look like you've met any fitness goals). Men truly don't understand. Anyway, personal trainers are a WHOLE other rant for another blog!

I am also annoyed that my body can't make up its mind whether it wants to have a period or not. I will have a flow heavy enough for me to scramble for a tampon, and then it goes away in a few hours. It happens just about every other day. I guess I should be careful what I wish for, but I really wish my body would just follow through and have the period of the century and get it over with. It's like come on body, could we please start getting back to normal?!?!

On a positive note, getting the Mirena removed will cure any libido problems you have. When I had the Mirena, I went from having a better than healthy drive, to being almost annoyed when my husband initiated. I couldn't get turned on at all, which sucked, because the hubby does everything right and then some. Well, without elaborating, I am just about back to normal, and I am loving it! It's the one area where I feel like I'm succeeding, and it makes me feel like a real woman again, if that makes any sense.

I started taking Vitamin D supplements, and I think that has helped with my mood, as well as the IUD removal. Vit. D is proven to help depression, plus your body needs it for calcium absorbtion. So ladies, make sure you are getting enough Vit. D, especially if you've been feeling blue lately! I am trying to go as natural as I can, and thwart off the pesky Rx meds the doctors think are so wonderful.

That's all for now. Hope you ladies are doing well, and that post-IUD life is going well for you.


Anonymous said...

I am scheduled to have my Mirena removed on the 28th of February. Since I have had the Mirena inserted I have gained about 40lbs, have awful acne which I never have had in my life, I am always tired, and I fly off the handle about everything. I am hoping things get better after removal. I appreciate your blog very much. To know other woman are going through the same thing as I am is very helpful.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I came acroos this blog. I know EXACTLY how you feel...to work your ass off at the gym and have no results. I have had the Mirena in for about eight months and my weight has skyrocketed since. I had a baby but lost the weight fairly easily in the first month( thanks to a heafty dose of postpardom depression) but when I had the IUD put in at the 6 week check up, I immediatly noticed feeling bloated and puffy all the time. Now 8 months later, almost all the weight is back on, despite my efforts to eat right and (like you) work out 4 days a week for a hour and a half. I am calling my doc tommorow to get it removed. Thanks for your story.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am having depression, anxiety, and paranoia issues. I got mine iud out on thursday and i am on day 8 of having it removed and i am still having those problems. The depression was so bad yesterday that i was crying out trying to explain what was going on and why i felt so upset. I am hoping that was the crash and that the worst of it is over. I do feel better today in the depressed department but my anxiety and stuff is a little up today because i am nervous that it is going to happen again. I never want to feel like that again. Does anyone know how long the yucky feelings last after you get your iud removed. i had mine in for about a year. Please email me back at milkdud1222@aol.com with any information to help me get over this or to make me feel a little better.

Anonymous said...

Within days of removal, my sex drive went through the roof. I wanted to have sex all the time. I experienced low sex drive,weight gain, depression, anxiety. I finally decided to remove mirena when I started getting really bad pelvic pain which I associated with mirena. Overall I wouldnt recommend mirena to anyone


Anonymous said...

A comment on a different post asked how old we are because they think gaining weight etc has to do with aging. I am only 20 years old and have had the mirena for over 2 years. So there I still wouldnt recommened it!! If you have any problems remove it ASAP!!


Anonymous said...

Also if you want to get rid of the hormones and any other toxins try a cleanse. I am doing the lemonade cleanse. It might even help you lose some weight

Anonymous said...

I've had my mirena taken out a month ago and recently i've been feeling sick like i'm pregnant i took a couple test and they we're negative. The mirena sucks cause i gained weight but can't lose it i workout 3 days a week and nothing

Anonymous said...

Why do you use supplements for vitamin D? 10 min of sunshine each day and you are covered.

Anonymous said...

I had a mirena implanted four years ago and am now 32 years of age. The past few months I have been in and out of hospital with severe pain on my right side of abdomen, bloating and spotting periods. On top of that, had been suffering severe constipation. I had my mirena removed only one day ago now after explaining all symptoms to my gyno. Today I went to the bathroom for the first time in months with no problem, bloating all gone and am feeling less stressed and tired. Only being just over 24hrs seems a little ridiculous for me to have any relief but it's true and I feel great!

Anonymous said...

I have had my IUD for more than 3 years now. I had never given a thought to it being the cause of my issues up until my cousin mentioned it. And as I was thinking on it I decided to google it. I have found so many women having the same issues and it has brought me to tears. I am an only parent and my 4 children have had to watch me trudge along desperately for some time now. My doctor has told me it is not the iud. Ihave been put on prozac in an effort to relieve the anxiety and depression after stating to the doctor that I can last no longer without possibly killing myself. I have spent time in a mental health facility and again medicated. I have remained alone. I am very detatched and anti social as I use to hate being alone. I am angry and easily triggered. Quickly overwhelmed and constantly anxious. I can no longer sleep and constantly tired! The list is endless really. I hope when I face my doctor on Friday I don't hear the same bs as seems everyone has been. This is unbelievable! I can't imagine why this is still going on. This is far from okay! ....what is wrong with these doctors???

Anonymous said...

I've just accidentally crossed this and I also have the coil . Iam a horride nasty cow sometimes. No sex drive and now Iam thinking , is this the coil that has 'no side effects ' mmmm makes you wonder. And that pain at the top of ya leg groin area sometimes, and the feeling some ones grabbed your coil and pulling on it. Are thease also side affects we are all unaware of ?

Dani Beckley said...

I had my first Iud fitted in April of 06 and I had it for 5 years with no problems. Fast forward to May 2015 and I has my second iud inserted. I've been having nothing but problems size then. I get horrible dizziness and shakes. I've never really had anxieity but since I've had the iud I've had allot of it. I really thought I've been having problems with my thyroid but now that I've read this in thinking is just my iud. I'm getting it removed next week so here's to hoping!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies: I'm so glad I came across this I had the IUD put in on December 18th and a week after I thought something was seriously wrong with me. My moods I can't even tell you of course having two teens can drive you bonkers but this was way worse. I made an appt with my MD to maybe get on antidepressants and he said nope have the Merina removed. I am going today and I can't wait. I decided to make an appt for the uterine ablation done. I am almost 42 I have a 16 and 14 year old I think it's safe to say I am done having kids. I really thank you all for posting your thoughts it helped me realize I am making the right choice today. I am hoping there are not going to be big costs for this as I just had it put in almost a month ago.

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