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First of all, I want to thank those of you who have visited so far and commented. Just knowing there are other women out there with similar situations has been so helpful. I hope that other women can stumble on this blog and have a place to reference if their Mirena is giving them problems. I think keeping a dialogue going is so important.

According to my scale, I'm the same weight, but I don't think that's accurate. The shape of my body has changed very subtly, and my clothes are fitting slightly better. I pulled on a pair of pajama pants that I haven't worn in a long time last night, and they fit for the first time in a long time. Although I know that it may take some time for the hormones to flush from my body, and that things won't return to normal in mere days, I am so impatient! I want to start losing weight and get my life back. I guess all I can do is work hard in the gym and be patient. I suspect it may take a month or so for my body to regulate. I still am trying to remain positive. I have hopes that soon, with hard work, I will feel sexy and good about myself again.

Most of the changes I have noticed have been very subtle. I had no idea how bloated I truly was. I couldn't lean forward without feeling smothered, and it was also slightly painful. Now it feels like normal, and my stomach isn't hard.

I reported the other night that my period started. I did have some bleeding, but it stopped within a day. It was enough for me to need tampons though. Since then I have been spotting on and off. I really honestly want to have a period, just to regulate my body and get it to a normal stage.

I have noticed that my mood has been a little calmer, and I felt a twinge of my good old sex drive returning. It has taken me much less time to get "warmed up". I hope the full drive will return soon. I am just really thankful that my husband has been great and supportive throughout this. He's been nothing but awesome, and thank God he got snipped so that I never have to worry about body altering birth control EVER AGAIN.

I find myself getting so angry at hearing all the stories of women's doctors who tell them "Your symptoms can't be because of the IUD." There is no way that the situation hasn't come up to them before with other patients. Logically, you would think they would start putting a pattern together. That leads me to believe that doctors are aware of side effects, and there is information being withheld from patients. There has to be some kind of study or research out there with the truth. How could hundreds of women have these symptoms, and NOT be taken seriously? Forget weight gain even, the Mirena seems to cause depression, or aggravates existing depression. It causes wide mood swings. That is so dangerous, why aren't the doctors taking it seriously? If it's for monetary gain, that's pretty piss poor. Not only is the Mirena expensive, but doctors are prescribing medication like Synthroid to control weight gain, anti-depressants, and even prescription acne medication. That is a lot of money. I know that for myself alone, it was around $100 out of pocket for a thyroid test (yeah my "false normal" test), and then $20 for the medication. Think of all the tests women are having run to figure out what's wrong since the IUD supposedly doesn't cause any symptoms. Think of the unnecessary medication women are having to take. Sounds borderline conspiracy to me, and I don't know about you ladies, but it really pisses me off.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. Keep the comments coming, and keep passing this blog along to other ladies in our situation. Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

ur site is awesome and has probably saved me lots of trips to various doctors. i have had the mirena for 4 years and went and took it out today after some crazy side effects. When i read these sites, it is as if I wrote them..I am soo angry that the docotrs have no clue as to how this can wreak havoc in familes and children. I hope they have a big lawsuit and stop producing this crazy device!!

Kamy said...

The morning after: I am seeing the world without a cloud of depression or anger on it. I played with my kids without feeling tired. I am actually feeling physically more comfortable. I guess it took me four years, and loads of heartache to understand a simple dictum ' Dont think everyone around you knows better about your body than yourself'. Take Control. Beleive in yourself.
Thanks Gal! I hope you get back to the way things were soon. Thanks again for creating this blog!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for all the information. I had my Mirena inserted in May 2001 3 weeks after I was diagnosed with Glandular fever and everybody blamed my symptoms on ME brought on by the glandulare fever. I even had all my fillings removed because a toxicologist said that I had mercury poisoning. Luckily my husband is a dentist but all the private testing still cost me thousands of pounds. My Merina dislodged itself on the 11th of January and for the first time I went and had a look for information on the Merina and boy o boy did I get a shock. My symptoms just stood out: fatigue, leg pain & cramps first thing in the morning, depression, lower back pain, weight gain ( I went from a normal size 145 pounds to over 200 pounds)libido..what libido etc.

After the Merina came out I spotted for about 4 days and then it stopped but today I have started with a proper period. I am still not right and I have to force myself to exercise and face the world.

So thank you very much for starting this blog and good luck!!!!

Amber said...

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SITE.. I am struggling with the mirena IUD and reading everyone's contributions has helped me immensely. I have had it for 5 months and I have an appointment to get it out tomorrow. I was sent for a thyroid test when I described all my symptoms to my doctor. It came out negative. She referred me to my general practitioner. I feel crazy, clouded, fat, depressed, anxious, tired, and annoyed with everything. Oh and I have a headache... and occasionally high blood pressure. I am HUNGRY. I would have sex with my boyfriend, but I have no desire. I do not know if my symptoms are attributed to Mirena, but after reading this site I hope that after tomorrow I will seen feel back to myself. The not having a heavy period and knowing that I will not get pregnant are the only good points of this stupid thing. I do not think that those two things outweigh everything else. I want to lose weight, not get any more acne, regain my patience, grow my hair thick again, not have headaches, and want to have sex. I hope that it does not hurt as much coming out as it did going in... "just a little crampy" my ass.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SITE.. I am struggling with the mirena IUD and reading everyone's contributions has helped me immensely. I have had it for 5 months and I have an appointment to get it out tomorrow. I was sent for a thyroid test when I described all my symptoms to my doctor. It came out negative. She referred me to my general practitioner. I feel crazy, clouded, fat, depressed, anxious, tired, and annoyed with everything. Oh and I have a headache... and occasionally high blood pressure. I am HUNGRY. I would have sex with my boyfriend, but I have no desire. I do not know if my symptoms are attributed to Mirena, but after reading this site I hope that after tomorrow I will seen feel back to myself. The not having a heavy period and knowing that I will not get pregnant are the only good points of this stupid thing. I do not think that those two things outweigh everything else. I want to lose weight, not get any more acne, regain my patience, grow my hair thick again, not have headaches, and want to have sex. I hope that it does not hurt as much coming out as it did going in... "just a little crampy" my ass.

Anonymous said...

I have had the Mirena for 4 yrs, I have been so miserable. I cannot get past the fact that all of our doctors immediately dismiss our concerns as nothing. "Oh well it is normal to gain weight after a child " "All of the hormonal changes happen to all women at your age." Sick & tired of the Doctors that seem to be paid off by the big drug companies. I am sure our doctors are courted with exotic vacations & lucrative bonuses to entice patients into getting the Mirena.

Merinamomma said...

Thank you for your blog, I found it very helpful to know there are other women out there going through these things too. I have a blog about Merina as well at I have found a mostly positive experience with Merina and hope I can help other women as well!

Merinamomma said...

Thank you for you blog, it is very helpful to know other women are going through these things as well. I also have a blog about life after Merina at I have had a mostly positive experience with Merina! feel free to check it out! best of luck to all!

annette said...

Mirena is EVIL.
I had mine 4 years and got it out 7 weeks ago,best thing I ever done,I had to have my thyroid removed,I think mirena caused that,weight gain,bloating,facial hair only to name a few,Mirena ruined my life.
Have a look at the site below and read other womens stories...


Good luck ladies

Anonymous said...

I had the mirena placed in march 08 & removed in may 08. Three weeks into it my sister was asking me what's wrong with you your not acting like yourself. I cried at the drop of a hat, had bleeding that was totally unpredictable and a nuisance. When I confided in my doctor all I got was didn't you read the insert! No support at all! By May the tearfulness turned into clinical depression. I was terribly depressed and what made it worse was the anxiety that came with it. I just couldn't take it anymore and had it removed immediately. My doctor, a woman herself, tried to get me to leave it in and try antidepressants. I told her it was coming out now! I had no previous medical us of depression even after having two beautiful children I had never experienced postpartum depression. It took 8 weekd and a round of Zoloft for me to feel like me again. Now baby number 3 is on the way! We are very happy. God had better plans. I think a tubal is a better option for me. I would never recommend the mirena to anyone.

Anonymous said...

I feel for all of you. I have been on birth control most of my life with no real problem (use for PMS). I go the mirena and instantly turned into a different person. I had panic attacks and now apparently am hypothyroid. I am also extremely estrogen dominant even after having it removed. Estrogen dominance mirrors hypothyroid in symptoms and either can cause the other (if that makes sense). I think the progestin only mirena suppresses your own progesterone in your body (at least the free progesterone) leaving you estrogen dominant. I have started taking natural progesterone and thyroid meds (FYI -most docs only test for TSH for thyroid and mine was normal. You need to find one that tests T3 free and T4 free levels as well. I'm pretty positive that the mirena is responsible for kick starting this mess but I'm happy to say that I'm getting back to normal. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I too had additional side effects not reported by the manufacturer. It always felt like I was going to start my period "tomorrow". I constantly felt severely moody, crampy & bloated. After reading various websites, I now know that I can possibly attribute my tiredness/fatigue, lower body aches, SEVERE acne, 50+ pound weight gain, headaches, 'less-than-hopeful' attitude, dry skin and complete loss of sex drive could be coming from! I thought that I was going crazy!!! My CNP said that ALL symptoms were caused by some other problem(s) and couldn't possibly be caused by the Mirena IUD! I'm so glad that I had that thing removed! I am such a different person. I feel much MUCH better physically and mentally, my family no longer has to walk on egg shells around me, and my marriage...well lets just say we're finally back on the right track! Now I'm just having trouble getting my body back on regular cycles. "Rapid return of fertility" as stated by the manufacturer, I feel is a bunch of BS!! My sister-in-law (who by the way also had her Mirena removed awhile ago) and I are having a hard time in that department. I'm super glad that Mirena works for most women, but for those of us who it does not 'agree' with, I feel should have had a tad bit more information to base 'our' decision on. After reading about this subject on the Internet, there seems to be a lot of 'us' out there.

brooke wallace said...

i am 19 years old and got my mirena in 2007 6 months after the birth of my son and i went to my doctor twice about my back going out and having a weird feeling in my lower abdomin he sent me to the hospital to get cheacked for infections on oct 17 2008 i had a pap smear and it came back abnormal and on March 13 2009 i found out that I have cervical cancer or HPV(which leads to cervical cancer) he pretty much told me I have cancer and I am scheduled to have a L.E.E.P done (to cut the top layer of my cervix off)to stop the cancer from spreading my doc seems to think my IUD had nothing to do with my cancer but I was perfectly healthy before i got it and lets not forget there is the risk of me being infertile or this procedure could make it where i cant have any story like mine feel free to email me at

ChrystalFite said...

So I am trying to find out if I have cause for a law suite. I had the Marina IUD put in after my daughter was born on 1/1/07. I had never had any medical problems or any reason for concern with the Marina. On October 22nd I started having some serious abdominal pains and felt almost like I was constipated. By the 25th I collapsed on the floor of my Seattle Hotel Room, I was there for training, and my roomate called 911. I was rushed to the emergency room, unable to move. I found out I was almost 3 months pregnant and it was an etopic pregnancy, in the tubs. My tubs had ruptured open and I was internally bleeding for about 4 days. I was told by the surgen that if I had not come in when I did I would have bleed to death. I had to get my left tub removed and was told by the surgen that it was a direct cause of the Mirena. If anyone has simmilar experiences please let me know I am looking to get together a class action law suite.

brandi said...

I had no idea many women had negative experiences with the mirena. Now I feel confident that my depression was bc of it. I had it for 4 years and became a different person and bc of my depression, my marriage suffered and I did things that were totally out of the norm for me and nearly ruined my marriage. I had constant UTI's- sometimes a few a month. I was constantly reassured by my dr the UTI's were not from the IUD. And I never once thought that it caused me to be depressed- honestly I didn't even know I was depressed, I just thought my life sucked and I was no good at dealing with it. My husband and I worked hard at fixing things and it did get better but I still felt the same, I just put forth a lot more effort to make us work. We decided to get pregnant and I got it out, 2 weeks after getting it out I told my husband I felt so much more emotionally stable and wonder if the IUD made me depressed. For the last 2 years I have wondered if that was a possibility but didn't know of anyone else that thought it. I talked to my dr the other day to schedule to get another one next week and asked him if it was possible that it caused it, he said no so I believed him. I accidentally came across a thread where someone asked about IUD's and I said that I loved mine. Bc I did, I thought it was the best birth control ever. I had no idea it was what was ruining my marriage. Then someone posted a link to this site and I am in such shock. I had the acne as well, but I think that was listed as a possible side effect so I can't get mad about that. I am cancelling my appt to get another one but don't know what else to do, I am done having kids but dh won't get fixed bc he thinks we aren't. I can't handle the pill or shot either. Thanks for your site, I will post the link on my profile.

Anonymous said...

I have been through hell because of the Mirena and these symptoms are not in my head. I have had 2 CT scans, 1 MRI, 1 MRA, an EEG, a spinal tap (with complications -spinal headaches), countless blood test, an ultrasound because of abdominal swelling, and dozens of specialists appointments. Doctors can't explain what is happening to me but they keep telling me that it is not the Mirena. My first symptoms were anisocoria (one pupil bigger than the other) and muscle spasms. My first muscle spasm happened in my neck a week after the insertion which was almost a year ago. My doctor thought I had cause it myself, gave me pain meds, and referred me to a neurologist for my eye.

Before my first neurology appointment the headaches started. Sometimes they are short intense burst of pain and sometimes they last for days (my longest one lasted for eight days). The neurologist ran tons of tests and they all came back normal. She said I was presenting MS like symptoms and insisted I get a spinal tap because I had hyper reflexes. I did not want to get a spinal tap so I tried to deal with the headaches the best I could. A few months later, I had a headache so severe I had to go to the hospital. The doctors told me that they couldn't treat me for migraines without first doing the full neurological work up.

At this point in the diagnosis, the Mirena had barely been mentioned and I had no reason to believe it was causing the problems. I had so many test done but every one came back normal and the doctors told me that I was just stressed. I was ok with that diagnosis because my family has a history of mental illness. About a month after the doctors told me that I was a stressed out hypochondriac, I was hit with a severe headache that lasted for a week accompanied with abdominal swelling so severe I looked 4 months pregnant.

I was referred to another neurologist and given a ultrasound (clear). This neurologist diagnosed me with migraine headaches and told me that all of my symptoms are part of a "migraine syndrome." That was about two months ago. I feel like hell all of the time, I can sleep for twelve hours and not feel rested, and none of the medications I have been given prevent these debilitating headaches or other symptoms. I started suspecting the Mirena after the abdominal swelling but the doctors still insist that isn't the cause of my problems. I am going to have my Mirena removed in July exactly one year after it was inserted. I would rather be pregnant. At least pregnancy has an end. I am only twenty-two and the only thing stressing me out is this toxic fishing hook engineered by Satan. This Mirena is keeping me from living a normal life.

I just wish I had a better way to warn people than posting on a blog.
I'm not a religious nut, I have no affiliation with birth control pill companies, and I'm not lying. Mirena's are bad bad news for some people and you won't know until it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Hi I was reading some of the stories that all these women with the mirena. I just wanted to say I feel everyone's pain. I am going to be 22 in august. I had the mirena placed in on August 13,2008 and removed January 2009. In feb/09 I started loosing my hair,getting mingrains,body aches,numbing of hands and feet,dizzy,abdominal pain,bleeding,i gained about 30lbs,pain during intercourse. I've been seeing a dermatologist,neurologist,they've ran so many blood test, I had an MRI of my head done,a CT scan,and they cant find anything wrong with me. They say I'm loosing my hair due to stress but I'm not stressed I see other people more stressed than me that have there hair. I now have to get steroid injections in my scalp to help my hair grow back. I improving everyday with all my symptoms which I am happy and so are my two young children cause there mom is able to do more with them as I did before I got the mirena in.
Thanks for listening to my story and I hope they do something about this soon I have medical bills piling up.,

Thank You,

Anonymous said...

Wow, I too am glad I found this site. I had my Mirena placed in November 2008. I started having terrible depression and anxiety, never thinking it could be caused by the IUD. I was placed on medications for both disorders. I had the device removed in August '09, and I can't believe the difference. I feel so much better, like my old self again, and am being weaned off the other pills. I too had more than one doctor tell me that my symptoms could not be from the Mirena. Why are we not being told the truth about this IUD?

anom said...

I went on merina because i cant handle birth conrol pills, they make me emotional, gain weight a get depressed and tummy troubles.
after i had my first child my freind raved about it, it sounded to good to be true and i really didnt want to get pregnant , a device with no side effect and not get pregnant no
my ob put it in and it was great< beside the fact i had to have the srings cut so short because my husband said he could feel it.
month afer month i couldnt loose the last 10 pounds, i felt tired and depressed and my libido dropped.i put it down to having a baby not thinking about too much hoping the mist will clear but here came 1 and passed year 2 i just sucked it up.
i finally decided to get my eyes checked because i was seeing these spots and flashes and heat shapes< she told me it was the hormones and my vessles were shrinking and if i get a clot i could die!!! i had the marina taken out the next day.3 weeks later no spots in my vison , good strong orgasms..finally, more energy,and ive lost 4 pounds,, less depressed >i do feel a bit agressive though>also when i had merina i always felt pain in my right leg and always felt like i was about to get my period...and always sooooo tired.hope this helps+

Anonymous said...

This is a great site. I thought the Mirena was the best thing that could have happen to me, no period or babies. My sex drive decreased and I didn't feel the same. I had the Mirena put in May 2008 after having my little girl. I had it taken out October 26, 2009. I was having serious abdominal pain which I thought was constipation and didn't think much of it. I went to work as usual and did my daily activities and the pain stopped. My stomach was swollen and felt very sore. I still thought maybe I was constipated and it will go away. On Ocotber 25, I went to church and afterwards I could hardly walk. I went to the ER and they kept me. I had a CATSCAN done which showed I had internal bleeding, ovarian cysts, and the Mirena had perforated my uterus wall. The ovarian cyst had ruptured on my left ovary which caused all the pain and bleeding. I was told it was a good thing I came when I did. I had surgery and the cysts and the Mirena were removed.I'm so thankful to be here. The Mirena needs to be discontinued. Something has to be done. My email address is

Anonymous said...

I had mirena put in at my last annual exam, January 2009 and had it taken out on December 15th. It was a horrible experience. Six to eight months of bad cramps and having my period for 7 - 10 days with only 14 days off in between. Well, the cramps finally subsided but the period problems did not. I finally decided to have it taken out becuase I was have a two week period with only a week off. It's been over three weeks since its been out and the problems persist. I bled profously for about two weeks. The flow slowed down for the past ten days but did not go away. Now the cramps are back and the flow has increased. I am sick of this! Follow up appointment tomorrow!

Pam said...

I have had the Mirena for 5 years, but now my doctor could not find it to remove it. I will be having surgery soon to remove it, not looking forward to that. I too, have experienced the side effects that so many of you have written about, but was never informed it might be the Mirena... I am so thankful I found this site...what can we do about this?

dayna said...

some of my girlfriends and i have shared stories with each other and have come to refer to mirena as "the alien within"!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! I have just had mine in for 2 yrs. After my last child was born on 2/3/07!! I got it out on Jan. 15th! I have gained 30 lbs. & my partner said it hurt him every time we had intercourse...which naturally did NOT happen often due to the pain! I have now gotten the permanent ESSURE procedure & we will see how this goes as this is permanent. It is nice to hear that I am NOT crazy & sooo many women have had negative experiences with this gadget. Stacey J. Anderson Columbus, OH

Anonymous said...

I had my mirena put in in may 09. Since then i have had so many problems with my period where i can have it for a month and then its goes away for a day and then it comes back. Now all of a sudden i have been having panic attacks and serious back pain....I then worry about pregnancy cause i can not feel my strings

j said...

I just had my mirena removed on 1-28-2010

I am 44 years old and my husband has been fixed for years.
I tried using the device to help with period pain and headaches.
Before to getting the Mirena I was using continues therapy with the nova ring.
(That’s three continuous months of using the ring then one month to have a period)
Well my husband did not like the ring to much and I was still having a period every three month
So I decided to found something new.

That’s were Mirena can in, it defiantly sounded like a dream to me
No period no cramps on headaches no mood swings???
I was only on it 4 ½ months,
My husband noticed I was not feeling good, and he said I think it’s the Iud

I had and am still having chest pain anxiety issues and my blood presser keeps going up
At present is 153 /98; it uses to be 110 /70
I’m in shape for my age, always exercised eat well I gain 5 pounds

And just feel terrible not myself

My O/B gyne insists that it was not the mirena, but as we all know it was
He was arguing with me about taking it out .I defiantly think I will be finding a new doctor
I don’t know if the doctors are getting a big kick back from the company or what

I am presently working on getting better with my family doctor whom I saw yesterday
Thinking positive that I will be back to normal soon,
One good sign is my abdomen is not feeling swollen any more, and my anxiety is easing

Anyway thanks for listening ,I’m going all natural , on more pills ,Iud , rings I’m done!

Pam said...

I had surgery on January 22 toremove the Mirena IUD, after three unsuccessful laproscopic tries, my doctor had to open up my C-Section Incision to try and find the IUD which had preforated through my uterine wall. My current doctor feels confident that the IUD was not put in correctly from the beginning by my previous doctor. My doctor had to blindly use her fingers to try and locate the IUD in my abdomen...finally, she found it in some fatty tissue near my colon. So, I am now recovering from major abdominal surgery along with the laproscopic surgeries, too. Not fun...So glad she found not get an IUD.

Anonymous said...

I am looking to get involved with a law suit for mirena due to my daughters illness. PID, which can cause sterility and a host of other problems. Please contact me if there is a suit @

Anonymous said...

When I discovered Mirena in the Fall of 2008, at the age of 35, my ob/gyn and I talked about it, she was having the same thing inserted. Well, after a year's worth of scalp hair loss, hormonal acne when I NEVER had it as a kid, bloated abdomen and general feeling pg most of the time, like a full feeling, I've decided to have this "alien within" removed. The straw that broke the camel's back was sex with hubby over 2 weeks ago when he said he felt stabbed by the IUD. Now, sex is really painful for both of us. I gave this thing a year, and granted while it's nice not to have cramps and heavy periods, there has to be another solution. The Mirena IUD might work for some, but not for this chick anymore! I'm thinking about having a Mirena Divorce Party to celebrate :)!!

Kat said...
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Kat said...

I was on the verge of tears reading your blog. I had the Mirena inserted in June of 2008. Since then I have expericened severe headaches, fatigue, serious weight gain, heart palpitations, dizziness, and now I found out last Thursday that I have an enlarged thyroid gland. I had a test done when I went to the doctor in January, thyroid levels were "normal" so now they want to do more testing and then an ultrasound. I'm a 27 year old mothe of 2, I don't have health insurance. So all of this is out of pocket. I asked the doctor that I went to in January if my symptoms could be a side effect of my Mirena, and was told "No, it doesn't release a high enough amount of homones to cause symptoms like yours" I had an instict that it was the Mirena and I should have trusted it. Thanks to your blog and all the comments from other women I'm making an appointment TOMORROW to have this f-ing thing removed!!! I pray that my health issues resolve and I can come and post a happy post Mirena (war) comment! Thanks again!

jan said...


Do get it removed it`s been a month and I just had a physical , my blood pressure is down from 153 over 110 to 110 0ver 78
what a difference
i lost the weight i gained on it
no more anxietyy
no more heart palpitations
i feel so relieved
even if your doctor does not want to remove it ,insist
good luck

I just had my mirena removed on 1-28-2010

I am 44 years old and my husband has been fixed for years.
I tried using the device to help with period pain and headaches.
Before to getting the Mirena I was using continues therapy with the nova ring.
(That’s three continuous months of using the ring then one month to have a period)
Well my husband did not like the ring to much and I was still having a period every three month
So I decided to found something new.

That’s were Mirena can in, it defiantly sounded like a dream to me
No period no cramps on headaches no mood swings???
I was only on it 4 ½ months,
My husband noticed I was not feeling good, and he said I think it’s the Iud

I had and am still having chest pain anxiety issues and my blood presser keeps going up
At present is 153 /98; it uses to be 110 /70
I’m in shape for my age, always exercised eat well I gain 5 pounds

And just feel terrible not myself

My O/B gyne insists that it was not the mirena, but as we all know it was
He was arguing with me about taking it out .I defiantly think I will be finding a new doctor
I don’t know if the doctors are getting a big kick back from the company or what

I am presently working on getting better with my family doctor whom I saw yesterday
Thinking positive that I will be back to normal soon,
One good sign is my abdomen is not feeling swollen any more, and my anxiety is easing

Anyway thanks for listening ,I’m going all natural , on more pills ,Iud , rings I’m done!

January 30, 2010 4:15 PM

looking for answers said...

I had the Mirena inserted on 4-7-2010. I immediately started to feel different. Over the next few days, I started feeling extreemly exhausted. I was under a lot of stress so I thought that could be the reason. But shortly after I got Mirena, I had an episode.. I had some chest pains and started feeling really, really nervous. I had panic attacks when I was younger, but this was a diffrent feeling. I associated this with the stress I was under, but I continued to feel worse of over the next few days, head aches, fatigue,nausea and I was really depressed. I thought in the back of my mind that this all had to be linked to the the Mirena. After that episode I had when my chest hurt and I was feeling so nervous and anxious, I called my OB and asked if this could be a symptom. She told me that it as not and I should see my regular doctor and/or go to the emergency room if I was having chest pain. I went to the doctor, had my heart checked (all was ok) and asked to have some blood test run. My blood test came back showing that i had very low thyroid levels. I went online and came accross all these stories because I was perfectly healthy before getting this IUD! And my symptoms started right after getting it... I even talked to my boss who had a very simular experience and decided to get it removed. I had it taken out 4/29/2010. I am feeling better but am still feeling a bit off. I was hoping to have releif right away. I am going to have my blood testing again to make sure there isn't something else going on... So, I'm still a bit down. I have peace of mind knowing this is out of my body, but I have some doubts.. My doctors insist this isn't the Mirena.if this really was the cause for me feeling so shitty.. Does anyone know how long it takes to feel normal again? I only had mine for 3 weeks.. I feel really strongly that I made the right decision and that this was the cause of my disstress, but I'm having doubts. I just want to feel myself!

b&t'smum said...

hi, great site. mirena didn't work for me.

lots of symptoms- bloating (extreme), feel like i have to poo all the time, heart palpitations, hairloss (at hairline), aching joints, swelling in fingers & legs, phantom fetal movements, sharp pinchy pain, dully crampy pains, very light to nonexsistent peroids (which i have decided i am no longer comfortable with), NO sex drive (none!), irrtibilty, mood swings, shoulders and arms and back ache, pains overy sides, belly, everywhere, craving sweets (not my norm), no energy, no motivation, no weight gain but cannot lose any, fat all stored up in my bloated belly so i look in my 1st trimester.

i have had my mirena for a year. had it inserted after our son was 9 months (wanted to wait until i was "back to normal" !@#$!) no longer comfortable with these side effects. i do not feel like myself. my body is screaming at me that something is wrong. this was my 1st (& last) try at a synthetic, hormonal birth control. DH & i have decided to go back to tracking my cycle & pull out. don't want any more children. obgyn will not do a tubal ligation (she says i'm too young, i'm 36). last i checked it's my body.

i'm having it taking out on tues (today is sunday) can't wait. will telll them we are trying for another baby (which is a lie) but i don't feel like explaining when no one will be listening.

i agree: doctors pockets are being lined nicely $$$. we are guinea pigs of the med. commnunicty. sorry that is how i feel.

or maybe it's the mirena talking.

like i said mirena, you didn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

I am 49 years old. I've had Mirena for 3 years. Recently, I suddenly suffered horrific contractions along with persistant cramping and knife like pain in my lower right abdomin followed by urinary infection, intestinal infection, back ache, stomach muscle aches, fatigue, unable to walk upright. Not pregnant. Found relief when laying on right side. Was out of town and unable to get to reg. doctor. Took antibiotics to control the infection. I made the decision for Mirena because I liked the idea of it-no periods and no hassles for 5 yrs.
My immediate weight gain was 10 lbs and just gained another 10 lbs since the pain started. My insurance finally kicked in and I went to a gyn specialist to have a pelvic exam, pap and IUD removal. The doctor could not find the string or the IUD. But has now found blood in my stool. I am currently scheduled for an Ultrasound, then possibly an MRI followed by surgery to remove IUD. Doctor insist IUD did not cause weight gain and my colon could also be the culprit of my symptoms and I must also have a colonoscopy.
I have always been a very healthy, active young feeling woman. I am now having to put my life on complete hold while I'm tested and mostly bedridden with a belly the size of a watermelon and depressed. This has caused so much agony with my husband due to my exteme moodiness. I cry at the drop of a hat. I had no idea I would have to go through any of this or I would not have choosen this method of bc. Right now, I just want it out and get my body back. I feel like an alien has taken it over. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

I insisted that my mirena be removed a year and a half ago after my doctors telling me there is no way it could have caused the syptoms I experienced for over a year. Within 1 yeat or having the Mirena implanted I lost a ton of hair, bled almost daily for the first few months then about 50% of the time, had heart palpitations, anxiety, increased blood pressure, abdominal bloating, fatigue, decreased sex drive, mood swings, joint pain and some acne for the first time in my life at 38. I was told it was PMS by my OB/GYN and was prescribed an anti-depressant. I explained that I felt like that everyday not just a few weeks per month. She told me that I probably just wasn't paying attention to my cycle because of the irregular bleeding, REALLY. Six weeks later still feeling like crap and yawning all day from the anti-depressant I then spoke to my internist who said it sounded more like depression and changed my anti-depressant to another type. I tried that for 6 weeks which also made me feel foggy and yawned all day. At that point I stopped taking any anti-depressant. And starting looking further into the Mirena side effect websites and found so many women with the same experience. I made another appointment and insisted it be removed. My OB/GYN said she would only remove it if I had a tubal ligation because I did not want more children and I am unable to take other forms of birth control. She again stated that she did not feel that the syptoms I was complaining of could be related to the Mirena and looked at me like I was a little nuts. So I had the Tubal in 08/09, my symptoms all resolved within 3-6 months. I have to say I am a nurse and have had a good relationship with these doctors for years but I felt angry and as though they were not listening to me or taking me seriously during the year or so when I was asking for their help. Doctors only know what they know, they don't know what they don't know. You must always pay attention to your body and advocate for yourself! The state I live in just sited my doctors practice and 2 others for using the mirena because it is not FDA approved.........why am I not surprised. So I am not crazy, depressed or PMSing after all :)

Anonymous said...

Four moths after it was removed I had a mini stroke and I had to have an emergency D&C to stop the bleeding. I bled 21 days out of a month for most of the time I had The Mirena IUD. Other symptoms that occurred while having it were: abdominal distention, severe headaches, fatigue, lethargy, back pain, pelvic pain, hair loss, nausea, and edema. I also found out I have an ovarian cyst. I did not have any of these problems until The Mirena IUD was in me.

Anonymous said...

hi there i have had my mirena in for 3 years after i feel pregnant on the pill twice and a lot of weight gain afer the 3 month injection. but b4 all this abd b4 my last son was born i was told i had PCS and i couldnt have any more kids (but i did) i have been bloated and in pain i was even admitted to emergancy cuz the doc tht i had a blood clot in my pelvis still ftera many tets and doc app still no answer so gave up now im back the docs cuz im still in pain sometimes i cant even sit without it hurting and i have been bleeding on and off for the past 3 weeks had a pap smear done last week adn the doc couldnt c the threas so can it move or fall out or dislodge im really over tyhe whole thing and i am to young to get my tubes tied plaease any hepl would be gtrat thankyou :)

Anonymous said...

I got the damn mirena in 2006 and it was removed in 2009. while i was on the mirena i was diagnosed as being bipolar, i also found out that i had a cyst on my right ovary.. In may 2010 i was diagnosed with dysplasia

T-Jo said...

For those of you who have had the Mirena removed how do you feel now?? I would like to hear from people who have had it removed for at least 4 months and have had time for body to adjust.

Anonymous said...

My five years is almost up and I can't believe that just now I'm realizing that 5 years of weight struggle, hypothyroidism, and depression could really be the result of the IUD. Two doctors told me that it was not the cause.......

Anonymous said...

I too have suffered hypothyroidism and I know this IUD was part of the issue.. It's been almost a year since I've had my IUD removed and I'm just now starting to feel back to my normal self. My docotors too have denied that this IUD had anything to do with it... so frustratng! I know myself, I know my body and I know how horrid I felt on this aweful device!

Anonymous said...

i have a mirena have had it for two years and have been in hell since my weight bounces i loose then gain its crazy i have migraines and pain too so wat now

sabrina said...

im 19 and never been pregnant. anyways ive gotten the mirena inserted at age 18 and insertion was a breeze. i have an extremely high sex,NO period, better and stronger orgasms and i lost 10 pounds while i was on it. the downside was it caused chronic yeast/cervical infection which ive NEVER had before yet im still having until this day,severe back pain and fatigue. I had it removed 3 months after insertion and my back pain went away instantly. the doctor claimed mirena doesnt cause back pain but obvioulsy it does! i recently got mirena inserted 10 days ago for the 2nd time and ive lost another 10 pounds, lost my appettie, fatigue, bleeding and cramping this time around. i know i need something for my endometriosis and this is a last resort for me. no matter what symptoms i have this "alien" is going to be in for 5 years regardless!

Kimberly said...

I got my mirena in sept 09. In october of 09 I started suffering from TIA's ( mini strokes). Then I started losing my vision all together. Along with numbeness down the right side of my body. I had a number of tests done including a spinal tap and brain MRI's. They found spots on my brain from the strokes. Mind you I have been healthy my entire life. Now 29 and I have lost 1/3 of my vision in my right eye and numerous other eye problems due to re damage done to my brain. My doctors all claim it had nothing to due with my mirena iud. In june 2010 I had it removed and no more blindness or other side effects including angry moods and depression. Weight gain and tiredness. I want to sue mirena but do not know how to since my doctors seem to be in mirenas deep pockets. Anyone have any advice.

Anonymous said...

I'm 50 yo had a mirena inserted for abnormal bleeding due to perimenopause it's now been 4 weeks I've experienced extreme fatigue, panic attacks, nausea, feel so bad !! Went to my gp who got me into see gyno in 4 days time I want it out. Not sure How he will be, but I've had the ambulance to me twice. I will prefer s hysterectomy over this. Wish me luck :) cheers

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I have found this blog. I have the mirena coil currently and have thought I haven't had any issues with it.
However for the last 6 months ish I have been losing sight in my right eye (only for a couple minutes each time). I have been tested for strokes, had various blood tests, MRI scans, ECGs, Heart monitors, heart and neck scans - but still no answers.
But after reading this, I am thinking to the the mirena maybe related. Has anyone had issues where they have lost sight periodically in one eye? At the moment my specialist has told me I am not allowed to drive and it has been so hard. I'm seeing my specialist next week and if they still don't know what is wrong I will ask about the mirena as they have never mentioned it before, but they know I have it.

Lynn said...

Wow! I have done a lot of research today and site after site after site has been FULL of posts from women who have NO libido at all after getting the Mirena implant. I got mine in April 2010 and I could count on one hand how many times my boyfriend and I have had sex since then. It's awful. It's been hard to find any posts from women who had it removed and got their libido back, but this blog has been encouraging. I have an appointment this Wednesday and I want this thing OUT before it ruins my relationship! I have not experienced depression or any irritablilty, but I have no sex drive at all. Well I am bummed that my lack of interest in sex is destroying my relationship. Also, I have recently noticed (in the last few months) acne popping up on my chest. I am 32 years old and have NEVER had acne on my chest, even when I was a teenager. Thank you for this site. I will have this thing taken out next week and hopefully I will eventually get my life back!

Amanda said...

Lynn, my story is the same as yours minus the breakouts. I had my mirena for two years. Went to have it out only to discover it was severely embedded, who knows how long I might have been at risk for another pregnancy. Had surgery last month, now I am feeling more like myself. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I had mine removed a few days ago after my doctor told me that my iud was infected. I had the Mirena for 4 yrs & loved it b/c I bleed 20 days out of the month & with the iud I was lucky yo have 1 period every 60 days. I didn't have a lot of side effects listed here other than dry yeast infections & my boyfriend complaining about it sticking him. My doc put me on 14 days of Amoxicillin & today I'm bedrest with chills, dizziness & cramps.I had no symptoms & only went to her b/c I was due for a pap smear! She said I was very lucky b/c it couldve killed me. Mirena needs to be sued & I want my name on that list.

Jo said...

I had the Mirena coil fitted over 3 years ago and looking back I am slightly surprised I never put my symptoms down to the Mirena.
I loved not having a period due to heavy periods since childhood. I thought it was fab. Late 2009 I decided to lose weight after many years of being overweight and so far have lost 4 stone, but cannot lose the last stone to get into the healthy range.
I had a blood test and nothing came up with my thyroid. I have had a scan on my neck due to swollen glands for months and was told all was ok until today.
I decided last week after reading this blog and other threads on various sites to have the Mirena removed. I still feel moody, irritable, have low sex drive, so tired and other symptoms, but so glad I had it removed.
The doctor called me today and advised that there is a lump in my thyroid and to go for a blood test. even though my blood test a few months ago came up normal. I hope to get some answers soon, but will not be putting the Mirena back in, no way.
Thanks for your updates

Anonymous said...

Hey all. I've had my Mirena for 3 years. The insertion was a pain in my hoohah, but since then, it's been alright. I had waves of nausea at first, and I could've sworn my hair was thinning right at my bangs. But I also revamped my diet and now only eat organic and farm-raised meats. (Not corporate controlled GMOs). This has helped TREMENDOUSLY. My weight is down, no big mood swings (unless it's that time), no nausea, I'm sleeping better, and my sex drive is fine. As fine as it can be for a mom, I suppose. :) Keep your chins up, ladies. I agree that Big Pharma needs to answer for it's chemicals they are pumping us full of, and I am not looking forward to removal. I have it checked every 6 months because I am paranoid, but my naturopathic OBGYN says all is well down there. I feel for all of you. And after reading some horror stories, I did get scared. But we're not all affected in the same way. Thanks for listening. I hope I shed some light on someone else out there all freaked out and it's probably fine. Not trying to be a smartass, just trying to squelch some fires before they start. You know how we get!

Anonymous said...

And what are we all going to do when Planned Parenthood goes out of business and none of us have medical insurance to get it removed? Riddle me that, Obummer.

Anonymous said...

Britt says..I have just recently started reading up on the IUD I had mine placed in 4/27/2011. I left my job 7/14/2011 with severe cramps and bleeding. I went to the ER and explained I thought it had something to do with my Mirena, they reassured me my strings were in place so I was all set. They sent me home, the next day I phoned my ob/gyn office with the same symptoms. They had me go in for an ultra sound, the dr could not see the IUD as well as she thought she would be able to so she sent me to Radiology. There I was informed my IUD was completely improperly placed and stabbing into all sides of my uterus and would have to be removed. The dr told me to return to the ER 7/15/2011 and she would remove it. I returned to the ER that night for my removal. As the doctor began to pull she realized the IUD was embedded into my uterus and not coming out. The dr then informed me our next step was to wait till 7/19/2011 and go in with a scope to remove the IUD. When they woke me up from the surgery they explained they could not remove my IUD, when she pulled the strings came out of my IUD. The dr told me I am now in need of a more serious surgery including an incision and hopefully just the removal of the IUD. She also informed me that she believes this IUD was defective. Now I need to under go a more serious surgery for the removal of this IUD, and have about a 90% chance of not being able to have anymore kids. Ladies if there is one thing I can recommend, do you research for your form of birth control. Don't choose the MIRENA, there is a lot more bad then good. And if you currently have a MIRENA and think everything is ok. Please get it checked..tell them you want an ultra sound to make sure it is correctly placed. My IUD has been in for almost 3 months and I never had a problem before. I'm not sure what triggered my pain and bleeding. Do the right thing ladies check into it! PLEASE!

christagayle said...

Wow...I am so glad I found this site. I had my Mirena placed in Oct. of 2008 and just a few months ago started experiencing so many of the symptoms everyone has mentioned. I would have severely dibilitating headaches for days. I literally lived on Ibuprofen. I was in and out of the E.R. Had cat scans that were normal, they wanted me to see a neurologist and a pain management specialist. They found out that the headaches were due to muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. They said due to stress but I have never felt that I was overly stressed. I started seeing a Chiropractor for my headaches, which has helped tremendously, but I have gained almost 20 pounds in the last 4 months and feel bloated almost all the time. I am exhausted, have higher blood pressure than normal, and am loosing hair. I had an ultrasound done of my thyroid a few days ago and they found a small nodule of which they want to biopsy. I was worried that my symptoms were due to the mirena but my doctor assured me that it wasn't the problem. Now I am not so sure and am very seriously considering having my mirena removed. Thanks to all for your comments, it is nice to know I am not the only person going through this. Mirena should be sued and I want my name in on it!

Anonymous said...

I lost my child after having it removed 3 months before, no sex drive and I'm constantly in pain even afterwards I'm so scared to go to the dr. Because the last time I did my baby died. Someone please tell me where I should go from here.

Nathalia Chavez said...

I have a 7 year old and a 6 year old they were my 1st pregnancies and I had no problems. I had the IUD Mirena put in after my son was born. when my son was 4 we wanted to have another baby so I got it removed. We tried getting pregnant for a year with not luck which I thought was strange considering how fast I got pregnant with my first two. Well I got pregnant and was so exited. Well at 10 weeks I had my ultrasound the Dr. said that the baby looked like he was six weeks and not 10 but the baby had a heartbeat maybe I was wrong so she said to give it a week. well that weekend I started bleeding I went to another ultrasound on Monday the baby's heart was no longer beating, they preformed a D&C the next day. A few about 5 months later at work I had another miscarriage, I didn't even know I was pregnant. I am pregnant now 5 weeks and I'm going though yet another miscarriage. I was hoping that this one would stick but I guess not [:'(] Mirena is the worst thing that ever happened to me I would not recommend it to anyone to get it. I would tell them unless you don't want anymore God send children. DO NOT USE THE IUD MIRENA!!!

Anonymous said...

I had the Mirena coil fitted for the first time 10 years ago.I have found it great but never realised that it may have been the cause of my problems.I lost all the weight after my babies but then gained around 2 stone, my hair is thinner and I am tired all the time since the Mirena coil. I always thought that I was just getting older but now I am not so sure. I now want to have it removed as I need to know for sure and at the age of 41 now,I want to know exactly where my body clock is as my friend started an early menopause at my
age. I really hav'nt had a real
period in 10 years, just the odd spotting. I want to get back to normal. I feel that my body hadn't yet normalised after my children and the coil was fitted too early.
I am not sure what to expect but I will let you know how it goes.

beany said...

I had mirana put in dec 08 and it fell out oct 09.....right after it fell out i didnt have normal periods i thought it would take a while to regulate after 3 months my period just stopped. I went to the drs and she i had poly cystic ovarian syndrom. Pcos does not run in my family nd i didnt not inherite it..... Still today after hormones my period still doesnt come its very slim i can have more kids i put mirana in after i had my ruined my life i wish i had never used it i advise alot of people not to use it

LIFE IS . . . FICTION said...

Before you decide on getting ANY IUD, birth control, hormones, medications AND VACCINES, yes, vaccines, too, always get as much information from the WEB. The truth is, doctors, NP's PA's ect. all go by what the drug reps/mfg's say about their product. They rarely dig any deeper then that. I work in healthcare/family practice and it is disgusting how little info is given or known.

I research everything. The Gardasil vaccine is extremely dangerous and to some, deadly.

I could go on and on. is another great website to learn truths/myths about medications and vaccines.

It's unfortunate that people have to be their own detective to learn the REAL truth.

Know what you have learned and share with others.

Anonymous said...

Let me add my symptoms
-panic attacks
-NO sex drive
-feelings of hopelessness
-High BP
-High cholesterol
-difficulty concentrating

They will pawn any kind of crap off on us and then tell us its in our head. Your hormones govern everything in your body and each of us has a different "balance". Why is it they say the "low dose" of hormones doesn't cause any problems but no one disagrees that menopausal women are insane? In a way I blame myself too. if it sounds too good to be true, it always is.

Good luck ladies! I am about a week in after having it removed. Lots of bleeding and nauseated! But to glad to have it out!

Claudia said...

I had hypothyroidism due to thyroidectomy two years ago. I suffered joint pains in my ankles and fingers. I'm glad I took natural thyroid capsules 6 months ago. So far,it lessened the symptoms.

L said...

I'm glad I found this, cause I am so paranoid about my eyes that I set a tea timer when I'm working at my computer so I can rest my eyes every couple minutes. It sucks that you people had to experience bad side effects!

I was going to call tomorrow to make an appointment to get an IUD inserted, but being a little leery of drugs, I thought I'd do a quick google search.

Jesus rollerblading christ!

I think I'll stick to condoms (and those dissolving spermicide film thingies, cause spermicide sucks). And let the fates decide the rest :)

Anonymous said...

hi was wondering has any put up a serious amount of weight after removal i had mine for 5years during this time was diagnosed with clinical depression was on lots of tablets for anxiety and depression when i got it out i put up 24lbs in 3months but was happy everyone said how much hPPIER I WAS BUT THEY ALL PUT IT DOWN T BEIN Healthier WEIGHT WISE, i got it in again and again iv got depression anxiety attacks i cry uncontrollably at anything iv pain during intercousre avent lost my sex drive bu the pain is a bit of a killjoy.. i really want it out bu am so scared of the weight gain when i had it put back in my weight gradually returned to normal

Anonymous said...

hi was wondering has any put up a serious amount of weight after removal i had mine for 5years during this time was diagnosed with clinical depression was on lots of tablets for anxiety and depression when i got it out i put up 24lbs in 3months but was happy everyone said how much hPPIER I WAS BUT THEY ALL PUT IT DOWN T BEIN Healthier WEIGHT WISE, i got it in again and again iv got depression anxiety attacks i cry uncontrollably at anything iv pain during intercousre avent lost my sex drive bu the pain is a bit of a killjoy.. i really want it out bu am so scared of the weight gain when i had it put back in my weight gradually returned to normal

Anonymous said...


I got my IUD inserted about 6 months ago. All of these symptoms started (hair was breaking off, I was feeling cold all the time, moody, irritable, exhausted, fatiqued, ect, ect, ect.). I went to the doctor because of my hair falling out, and she tested my thyroid.

I HAD HYPOTHYROIDISM. She said, "Here! Take this pill. This will fix your thyroid and you will have to take it the rest of your life."

I called bullshit. Against doctors orders, I did not take the medicine, because against the doctors beliefs, I truly believed it was my IUD that had caused the hypothyroidism. I didn't want to take this medication, have my thyroid get better, and then get stuck taking a pill every day for the rest of my life (didn't I get on the IUD so I didn't have to take a pill??).

So, again, against doctor's requirement, I did not take my medicine. I DID, HOWEVER, get my IUD removed, immediately. And I told myself I was going to try to hold out 4-6 weeks after I got my IUD removed to get my thyroid tested again before I started taking my thyroid medicine.

4-6 weeks passed. I was feeling better. My energy/mood was noticiably better. I got my thyroid tested again.


Doctor's message said "Thyroid levels are normal. Continue with the prescribed medication (i.e. thyroid medicine)" I then had to email back the doctor and say that I HADN'T been taking my medicine, and that this is good reason to believe they need to research the association between IUDs and Hypothyroidism.

Ladies, get your evil IUD removed! If you test positive for hypothyroidism while on the IUD (and never had it before), get the IUD OUT! Wait it out... don't take the medicine... and see if your levels improve. Doctors deny the association between the IUD and hypothyroidism. My case is evidence they may be associated! Listen to your body!

looking for answers said...

I have hypothyroidism too b/c of this IUD! My thyroid was soo serve, that I have had to stay on medication. I'm still hoping to try to heal it, but it jumped form normal to TSH levels of 140!! And they told me over and over it wasn't related even though when you have problems with your thyroid, you have problems with your menstral cycle, your sleep habits, everything! My body was soo out of wack and it's been over a year and I'm just now starting to feel better. I'm soo angry that this can happen and doctors won't even consider IUD as being part of the problem.

Scarlett Ivy said...

I take four capsules of desiccated bovine thyroid supplements. I do not swallow it whole. It supplies the hormones I needed. I feel more energetic, been losing weight and I don't feel depressed anymore.

Sheryl said...

Thank you for creating this site. I hope more women see this site before having Mirena put in. Never trust your Dr. do your own research. It could save your life.... Long story very short, my two year anniversary is approching for having that deadly Mirena removed. I still remember everything like it was yesterday.
DO NOT USE MIRENA IT ENDED UP IN THE FATTY TUSSIE OF MY INTESTINES. ALMOST PUT ME IN ICU IF I WOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN MY GUT FEELING. I STILL HAVE PROBLEMS WITH PAIN AND MY HORMONES THAT NO DR. WANTS TO PLACE THE BLAME ON MIRENA. Mirena has physically and emotionally damaged me probably forever............ A minor procedure to have Mirena removed turned to a true nightmare. And I have to see their stupid commercials all the time on TV that brings me to tears everytime. Its not right. Sincerely, THANKFUL TO STILL BE ALIVE AND WATCH MY GIRLS GROW. (my duaghters are now 2and 3 yrs. old.)

Adrian said...

Thank you so much for this blog. It's been almost a year since I had my mirena inserted. When I moved to England for grad school I was so excited to find out that all birth control was free under the national health plan and Mirena sounded like a dream (no forgetting pills, lighter periods, etc.). I ran it by sister-in-law who is an OB/GYN and she said it was probably the safest birth control on the market. Everything seemed fine at first minus the nearly constant spotting and slowly decreasing sex drive. But three months in I woke up one weekend with sudden horrible abdominal pain, nausea, swollen stomach etc. that sent me to the emergency room. I knew without a doubt it was the honestly felt like my body was rejecting it or something. I was diagnosed with PID and had it taken out a few days later. Little did I know my problems were just beginning.

Since then I've had every symptom in the book, from weight gain (I've gained about 30 pounds in the past year), depression, killer insomnia (I did not sleep for 1 minute last night), fatigue heart palpitations, high blood pressure, breathing trouble, hair loss, even blurry vision. I'm only 24 but I feel like I've aged about 20 years since Mirena.

Shortly after the iud was removed I began suspecting my thyroid was to blame for many of my symptoms, and I've been diagnosed with "subclinical hypothyroidism"--which basically means my thyroid is screwy enough to show up in a blood test, but not enough to actually treat with medication. Strangely enough, my symptoms have continued to change and worsen, while my thyroid numbers have begun returning to normal. However, today while practicing my newfound hobby of obsessively googling my medical symptoms, I stumbled upon the condition of estrogen dominance and it seriously explains every single one of my symptoms. I have a doctor's appointment in about an hour re: my worsening heart palps. and for the first time I actually have hope that I might be getting to the bottom of this. It's just frustrating that I have to be the one to figure this out, not my doctors. If anything this experience has taught me that you have to be your own advocate and trust that you know your body enough to know that just because the doctor can't explain it doesn't mean there's nothing wrong.

Thanks again for this blog, but I wish you would update it more!I feel like Mirena has stolen a year of my life but it's comforting to know I'm not alone :-)

Anonymous said...

I am 43 and I had the Mirena in March 2010 due to terrible periods. After about a month l started to get boil type pimples on my face, which l thought was strange as l have never suffered with pimples before in my life. These pimples were so painful that my whole face as sore. They were huge, green and ugly. So l went to my GP and he prescribed antibiotics for the next 3 months. These meds did absolutely nothing. Every day l had a new visitor on my face. Then l started to experience other strange things happening to my body, which turned my life upside down. Things like:
Heart palpitations
Unable to sleep
Boils on my shoulders
Walking in a slow pace with no energy
Sweats – Day and night
Not wanting to leave the house
Constant thrush
No appetite
Panic attacks – One really bad attack driving home from work, had to call an ambulance

So I went back to the GP as my life was going downhill rapidly and didn’t know why. I had a great life and there was no reason for all this to be happening to me. My wonderful GP tells me that l need to go on antidepressants and l need to go talk to someone (skeletons in the closet).....WHAT umm NO l don’t! So l go home and tell my hubby and he says all this started to happen after your Mirena procedure you should look it up. WHAMMO........
Went to a new GP and demanded to get it out ASAP. This GP told me that she takes the Mirena from women every week due to side effects. REALLY, hmmm not surprised. I decided that when l get the Mirena out to get the ablation procedure as l don’t want a period and l would give that a go. Had the procedure 3 months ago now. Woke up with no bleeding at all and apart from cramps felt great. Still today l have not had a period. Still healing from the acne and l have a little anxiety but nowhere near as severe as what it was. My test results came back saying l had an infected uterus and that the Mirena was imbedded low and cased this. The GP gave me a script of antibiotics but l didn’t have to use it as l felt great.

I would never advise any women to get the Mirena, it’s just not worth the side effects.

MommyTTC said...

Hello Ladies, I just stumbled upon this site while trying to see if there were any lawsuits against Mirena, it's nice to know I'm not alone however it's horrible the number of sites I've found and what so many of us have gone through and were never warned about. Here's my story:
I had my first and so far only child in March 2008 and at my 6 week postpartum check up discussed BC with my Doc and she recommended the Mirena, said there were no serious side effects, that it was highly effective, wouldn't interfere with lactation and was perfect for my situation so I took her lead and opted for placement right then. Within 2 months my milk dried up never to return. In the fall of 2010 I started to notice other problems and did some research which was when I realized I was one of the 5% or less that have their milk flow reduced and I also was experiencing violent mood swings, breast tenderness, nausea, horrible cramps during and around my menstrual, and for me at that time the most alarming is something called "phantom kicks" which are basically periodic muscle spasms of the uterus that literally feel like a baby kicking. I didn't have health insurance at the time and open enrollment at my job wasn't until April so I decided to wait it out. In January 2011 however I suddenly developed constant, severe pelvic pain especially in a sitting position and when I went to my doctor she said everything looked fine and was about to just send me on my way. I told her to remove the IUD right then and she did and even sent it to have it tested. No surprise that it returned that I had an infection and was immediately put on a low dose antibiotic. Well my s/o and I decided to wait 6 months before trying to conceive and on 6/19/2011 had our first positive pregnancy test, later on 6/28/2011 at 5 weeks pregnant we also had our first miscarriage. I still to this day experience the phantom kicks 2-3 times a week so I was really concerned that maybe the spasms prevented the embryo properly implanting in my uterus and when mentioned both to my doctor and the ER doctor, this theory was brushed off so I went home not knowing what happened. We waited until November to start trying again and on 1/7/2012 had our next positive pregnancy test. This time at 9 weeks I started having the familiar cramping and spotting and went to the doctor only to find out through ultrasound that the fetus had stopped growing at 8 weeks and there was no heartbeat. So far I've managed to pass the fetus and most of the tissue and blood on my own and am currently on meds to boost the process but again I'm left wondering what happened, and again I'm worried about the phantom kicks. This has lead to more research and I've discovered an alarming amount of sites and women discussing the same problem of consecutive miscarriages after the Mirena. Turns out the kicks are not my issue but more likely that my uterus is still thinned out from the IUD which prevents proper implantation. A lot of women are taking baby aspirin and progesterone treatments and a lot of others are having fertility treatments especially clomid in order to safely carry another baby to full term. Mirena loves to brag that you can conceive right away but never mentions that you have a horrible chance of never being able to successfully carry and deliver another baby. Some women have been trying for 3+ years!!! Needless to say, I'm furious that I was never warned about any of my problems and emotionally distraught that I may never be able to have another baby. Oh, and a lot of doctors won't test the lining of the uterus until at least 3 consecutive miscarriages, you can bet I'm going to talk to my doctor on Monday and ask for this test and if she won't do it then I will have to find someone who will, it's ridiculous that I would have to go through this so many times before they would perform this test, I think that if you've had a miscarriage after having an IUD in place then they should automatically test this!

Anonymous said...

This site is very educational. I have had my mirena 3 years, and just found out today that I am pregnant. the Dr went to pull it out and it is probably attached to my uterus lining. This is going to be a very high risk pregnancy till they figure out how to get it out. Ultrasound this afternoon. Hope it goes well. Other wise I had never had any problems with the mirena, short periods.

Anonymous said...

Hi girls, I have had my Mirena in for approx. 5 years. For the last week I have had abdominal cramps, uti symptoms and bowel pain. Two doctors later and lost strings they ordered an ultra sound.I feel like I have a knife digging into my uterus constantly. Despite the pain and 4hrly panadol etc I have soldiered on through work and raising 3 boys, as you do! I can only hope that I'm not pregnant as am currently on Zoloft for anxiety and depression which obviously from reading this blog could very well be caused from the Mirena itself!! I have some great news for the hubbie though, guess whos going for the snip dear!!!

Anonymous said...

It really is a bummer because my gynecologist is wonderful, but she really cannot outright say, "You gained 60 pounds from this birth control." The fact that there are other factors to weight gain in our bodies means she really does not know. But she did mention that I could take it out after seeing me gain just half the weight I have. Seemed like a waste of $750. Now I would gladly PAY that $750 again just to have my old body.

Dejanae's Voice said...

Once again, I totally understand where you're coming from with the whole conspiracy thing. I swear when I told my OBGYN about the stuff that was going on with me and my Mirena, and how my other friends had similiar issues, she basically called me a liar, and said it was impossible. So because I wanted to trust in my doctor i decided she must be right and something else must be going on! well, two years later, still having the same problems and nothing else is going on other than the stupid IUD. its crazy how much money affects people's judgment. Also I had the same expereince when I was taking meds for anxiety, I had the worse withdrawl symptoms that were not listed anywhere, that no doctor warned me of, and they pretty much said they only thing to help was to go back on the medicine!!! insane! thankfully thats behind me but still, it just makes you wonder.....


Anonymous said...

I have had my Mirena out for about 3 weeks now. I'm the one who had it in on March 6th and had bled ever since. I had quite a bit of bleeding the first week and a half after the removal. Btw, the removal didn't hurt at all. I've finally quit bleeding, my face back and neck have healed up from the acne and the tire around my waste is finally gone. Though I still have 5 more of the 10 pounds that I gained to lose. Mirena was the biggest nightmare of my life and I am so glad that I got it out. I have to increase my dosage of anti depressant that I was on b/c the implant made it so much worse. I wish all of you the best of luck, and if you are having any of the symptoms discussed on this blog, just get it removed! It's so not worth the misery!! Try the Nuva Ring if you don't like taking pills. :)

Anonymous said...

i had the Mirena put in a week ago and since then i have been so tierd and I've been feeling sick and a lot of sharp pain in my lower stomach it was uncomfortable when they put it in i don't know if i should wait another day or so see what happens or go to the doctors all i know they just going to say take Tylenol or something or talk me out of getting it removed or is it to early for it to be taken out i hope it nothing serious but i wanted to say good luck to all the ladies that have the same problems

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I am glad I haven't been feeling a lone after reading all of this. I have been having horrible cramps on my left leg and I just haven't been feeling my best especially when it "the time of the month."

I had the IUD put in and then a few months later I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I am not going to blame its the IUD, but I don't know if that could've been a factor.

Now, I lately I just have been questioning if how I have been feeling really has to do with the birth control or something else.

Ahhhh! I trust my doctors opinion however I always go with how I feel.

I am utterly shocked at how people have been having horrible experiences with the IUD and how its relating to thyroid problems and other things.

I believe I am getting mine removed.

Rahema said...

Dec 2009 Inserted---
I SWEAR I am calling tomorrow to have mine removed! I thought for the longest time all of my health issues were related to this. I have NEVER had ANY health issues before Mirena and now I can write a list of them a few being,having it inserted I had my period for 6 months straight, I said back then If this doesnt stop by the 6month mark I'm getting it removed. Thyroid issues, nodules I have had to get biopsy' on, and have to go back in 6 months to get tested again. Sleepiness after sleeping for 8 hours, and NOT sleeping, dizzy spells, SERIOUS mood swings, no sex drive what so ever, enormous weight gain in a FAST amount of time after getting it, tender swollen breasts, morning sickness feelings, so bad tha I actually go buy pregnanct tests every other month. OMG my skin, I must have spent over $500 so far on every kind of bleaching cream,gel for the weird scars on my face, headaches, lower back aches so bad that I went and bought a new mattress, still have the pain. My poor kids and husband know to tip toe by me! I get a really sharp pain in my lower left pelvic area as if I'm getting stabbed which has gotten worse over the past 2 months. The spotting when ever it feels the need. ITs never ending problems and reading all the posts I now know its the Mirena and no one can tell me other wise. Not that money can ever fix all of our problems caused by this, BUT If there is any kind of class action suit I want IN...!!!

Marissa said...

My name is Marissa and I am 21 years old. I got a Mirena about 7 months ago after the birth of my daughter. The doctors insisted it was the best form of birth control available. It has since perforated through my uterine wall and is lodged somewhere by my spine. I have to have diagnostic laparoscopic surgery as soon as possible that will cost around $10, that I don't have. I am in pain and have to take pain medication until I get the surgery. This thing has been a nightmare from the start and should not be on the market, let alone recommended by medical "professionals"

Crista said...

I just had my mirena removed the other day and so far I am having good side effects compared to when it was in me. I am no longer moody or tired. I have a normal appetite now and my facial hair is going away.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost 20, and had Mirena fitted 2 months ago after 3 years on the pill. I have lost 15lbs with no effort whatsoever, and an my moods have improved no end. What confidence I have gained from weight loss, has however been diminished by the fact that my skin is terrible, I have gone from having maybe one spot every 3 months to st least 5 on the go at all times. Sex is uncomfortable and I have no interest in it, which is heartbreaking at 19 years old! Luckily in the UK I didn't pay for it, won't have to pay to have it removed, and won't have to pay to go back on an oral contraceptive. I just feel like I shouldn't have to choose between being fat and moody, or skinny and spotty with no sex drive. Does anyone know whether the progesterone only pill will have the same effect on me as mirena? As my doctor told me Mirena was the same as taking 2 POPs per week. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I had the Mirena put in when my son was a 1.5 years old in 2010, a year later we decided to have another baby and had it taken out and waited 2 cycles (December 2010) to try to concieve. Upon trying we were successful, only to have a miscarriage 5 weeks later. I bled for two months straight waiting for levels to zero out. This scared me so much that I didn't try again until September 2011, when I had another miscarriage at 4 weeks. I went to my Dr. & inquired whether I could have multiple tests to find out what the problem was. Turns out I'm hypothyroid. I do not have a history of this in my family and live a generally healthy life. I feel like the IUD affected my hormone levels somehow and led to a thryoid problem. I didn't have my period the entire time I had the mirena (except the first couple weeks of transition time). Doctors insist that there is no relation. I don't understand how they can say this with certainty. For one, EVERYTHING is connected in your body. Back in the day, doctors supported smoking - I mean come on - why haven't they learned that anything is possible, and to just LISTEN to their patients.

Fortunately, I started taking meds for thyroid and immediately became pregnant (now at 7 months and feeling healthy). Good news aside, it still doesn't change the fact that I need to take this medication for the rest of my life and it doesn't take back the pain that I went through with the miscarriages. If there ever is a link found, I would definitely like to be part of it to prevent this happening to others.

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Anonymous said...

I've had my mirena for only 7 months today and I've seen major changes that I wouldn't even think to link to the iud. I've gained about 30lbs, been severely depressed, tired but unable to sleep, I'm hot and sweaty all the time, and now I'm having to see a Dermatologist about acne on my face neck and chest! I've never had any of these problems. I feel so bad and don't know why, I even quit my job and ended a good relationship... I just feel like I'm going through a mid life crisis, and I'm only 24! and just this week I've been having intense abdominal pain accompanied by nausea and constipation. It just sounds like its time to remove this IUD! I'm so glad I found this blog. Good luck ladies

Sally said...

otI am from Greensburg Indiana and had to have both of ovaries removed because of the mirana but I cant seem to find anyone (lawyer) to help me. I am only 25. You can reach me

Sally said...

I am from Greensburg Indiana and had to have both of ovaries removed because of the mirana but I cant seem to find anyone (lawyer) to help me. I am only 25. You can reach me

Deborah Miller said...

I have had mirena in for almost the full five years. I am Very overweight, depressed, diagnosed with Hypothyroid, back acne, (i had always had beautiful clear skin before). I hurt and am always bloated and moody. And before today, I thought it was just me ageing... I just turned 26 in June. I also have horrible anxiety and temper problems. (I never used to have any anger or anxiety problems.) I only Googled it to see if I should get another one put back in. Now I find that I am a mirena monster. Not crazy Debbie.

Angel said...

WOW! I've had Mirena for 2 yrs. now. The only side effect I'm noticing is SEVERE bouts of rage. These episodes happen so quickly and for almost no reason at all. I get dizzy, light headed, anxious and blurred vision when I have these moments. They've been happening more and more in the past three months. I say unthinkable things to my husband and I have to urge to throw things. Honestly, I feel so angry during it and then right after I feel sorry. I've NEVER had anger problems. EVER! Guess it's time to get it checked.

Anonymous said...

1800-bad-drug is taking mirena cases now.

Anonymous said...

I am going on 3yrs with my mirena, for me it was the best thing that happened, I suggested it to everyone. I've always had a hard time on birth control could never get the estrogen levels right, i reviewd the side of effects and all the good things about it (and the negative with precaution) and that it was the right choice. Up until last year and everything has gone down hill, I had cysts, a few that even burst (most painful experience ever i rather go through child birth again)

Never had a period maybe light spotting no pms at all maybe alittle bloating nothing I couldn't handle. I noticed in April I started feeling like I was PMSing (the mood swings) around my normal time of the month and my spotting was a little heavier but not to bad. I started talking to friends and family about it and someone mention maybe the hormones in it were weakening. Recently caught up on my daughters check up and covered finally by health ins. I figure it time to go to the doc and get checked out make sure everything is aligned. I couldn't be more right. I woke up with the worse migrane, 2nd one in the last few months and then I have days where I honestly feel depressed like nothing is worth anything and I try to fight through it and everything just feels pointless...I just want to scream, throw things and smash stuff..

The only thing I could think of, was mirena, nothing has happened to justify my feeling and my ups and downs I feel healthwise...psorasis runs in my family and in the last few years its gone haywire, resulting in hair loss because the majority of my scap is covered i'm unable to grow my nails because they are covered. I already had a doc's apt scheduled for a check up, but now I've started my period, how convient when I shouldn't I feel like my body is defending itself against mirena this thing is coming out asap!!!

Just about everyone who has wrote something here its like my story and exactly how I feel...I was already debating on having it removed just because its clearly not doing what its supose to and what it has for me but after reading I am convinced!! TY for everyone who has shared

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable! I've had Mirena for nearly 4 years now and I'm going through hell...I've put 15 kg weight on and can't lose any...but much worse...I'm in agony...neck pains, chest pains, palpitations, constant headaches, nausea, dizzy, light name but a few.. last year they found 2 nodules in my thyroid I'm borderline hyperthyroid but keep on putting weight on although I starve myself, I get anxiety attacks, am short of breath and feel as if my end is near...I've had none of all this before I had the coil fitted...I can't wait to get rid of it now ..are they seriously trying to tell us that this is a coincidence...all these women with mirena and the same symptoms? It's freaking me out...good luck to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Are there any ladies on here that has had mirena put in and never had a child?

Carmen O. said...

Hi, there. I had Mirena put in nearly
2 1/2 years ago. Right away I started getting abdomen pain and back cramps. The pain was so exhausting, even though it was dull and achey. My period went away for a while, then about six months in, it came back but with a side effect: about one week before my period the inside of my thighs started itching. At first it was just irritating but after a few cycles it grew worse and hives started popping out when Id scratch. It got so bad that I ended up in the ER, both thighs puffy and inflamed and fire engine red with hives nearly covering 1/2 of my upper legs. When I told the nurse that I believes it was the Iud when said it couldn't be that. So did the doctor, but I'd already done my reading and knew I wasn't alone. I also had vision blurring and aches joints, and signs of rising blood pressure. I was given a steroid cream and told "dontnuse too mich of it." and sent home. So I went to my OBGYN and told him my experience. He is such a nice man and immediately said (with disgust) "its that IUD! We need to get it out of you." I was so relieved. As soon as it was out I had not more hives and the itchiness very soon resolved as did the achey joints, blood pressure problems, and vision problems. I made the mistake of getting the Essure without properly reading ahead of time. Now I'm thinking of getting that reversed as well as I'm having lots of pelvic tenderness and general feeling of unrest in the pelvic area. Bottom line: let's stop puting things in our bodies that aren't meant to be there and follow our intuitions.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to have these I think I'm going to get mine out, I was breastfeeding lost a whole bunch of weight now I got the merena I put weight back on ilook pregnant. Headaches are bad and I'm always tired n little to no sex drive

Anonymous said...

It's not good to listen to all these stories, but it's good to know you're not on your own!!

After my second child I know that I wasn't thinking of any more children in the near future, so the Mirena was great for first I thought it was great and to be honest I didn't suffer any side effects that weren't listed.

My troubles all started when I had my second Mirena coil...Since having that second one put in 3 years ago, I have had chest pains, arm pains, shortness of breath, tiredness, heart palpitations, severely painful breasts, thickening of the breast tissues, Cysts in breasts, low abdominal pain, left ovary side intermittent. I have had many blood tests that were all normal and an ECG which was normal.

I am 34 and feel like I'm falling apart...I'm scheduled to have this evil device removed on Wednesday next week.

I just hope that once it's removed, it doesn't take a long time to return to normality!!

Thanks for starting the blog!

Anonymous said...

It was so reassuring to read comments by you and other Mirena sufferers. Although initially I was very pleased with the Mirena (no more periods!!) it does not outway the fact that I look 4 month pregnant. I am weight conscious like most women and have lost weight on my body except for my bloated stomach! The effects of this have made me feel low; I eat very little and excercise 3 x weekly and still my stomach is distended: I will be making an appointment this week to have it removed!!! and hopefully back to the real me! Anna

Anonymous said...

I have had the mirena now for 2 years and at first was a big fan (besides the fact that my uterus got infected after insertion leading to the worst pain of my entire life). For the last 8 or so months I have started experiencing all of the symptoms listed: pelvic pains (especially during intercourse), extreme fatigue (to the point where getting out of bed seems impossible), swollen and sore breasts, weight gain, absolutely NO sex drive. I also have phases of feeling like I have a bladder infection all of the time and feel a lot of pressure on my bladder. I have been to doctors and am getting tested for endometriosis however I am wondering if it is the IUD causing all of these problems.

I have been debating getting rid of it now for months but was unsure. Now I know I will be getting rid of it and am also considering getting a blood test to see if my thyroid is affected. Thank you so much for sharing, it is good to know that I am not crazy! I will update as to how I feel post removal.

looking for answers said...

Mirena Users: This horrid device caused my hormones to go so severely out of wack. Doctors only saw that my thyroid levels we unbalanced so that is all they treated me for however, I still did not feel myself. I am still fatigued, depressed, nauseaus, headaches, have difficulties sleeping, digestive problems.. the list goes on and on. I have suffered for 3 years with these symptoms BUT I have FINALLY found a doctor who can help, who understands and knows what to do. It's more than just my thyroid that became unbalance. Ladies, Please do research, stick to your guns until you find a doctor who really know how to treat women.. WE ARE NOT CRAZY!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello ladies, im a concerned bf here. I have read thru half of the posr on here, looking for an answer. My gf had her merina put in after she had her daughter. An I read on this one post where the girls bf said he could feel the string. Well I too could feel the string when having sex with my gf. I think I even felt the white cross bow looking part. The actual merina I guess. May not have been? Just wut it felt like! Well today while I was at wrk. She had to run to the hospital bc she was bleeding internally. An I was just wondering if this is a normal side effect. Or if it was caused from the sex? Like did I hit this thing an cause it to mess up an bleed or possibly make it stab her insides an cause it to bleed. Or like I said is this just a side effect? Bc I am almost positive what I was feeling was more than a string. But she said after the doctor that they wasnt sure an set her up for another appointment. An she has to have it surgically removed. Anyone else have this problem? Please help me with this bc thats my baby! An im worried about how this happened... an also she has the depression, weight gain, mood swings, back aches, bloated, an non productive.
She has those side effects as well. But can it start bleeding from going in to deep an hitting it or something? I hope I disnt cause this on my baby! :/

Jenny Summer said...

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mylene sai said...

lacing foreign objects in the reproductive organs is a pretty sick notion, really (and that isn't meant in the modern sense). But thanks for your great work in general!
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MRs_H said...

Hi All,

I had my Mirena fitted in August 2009, when my son was 11 months old. The reason I chose the Mirena was due to having difficulty on the pill and the implant.

Less than 2 years later I was diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia, signed off work for 6 months and eventually made redundant after a difficult return to work.
I have struggled with this condition for approx 18 months, and recently came to wonder if there was any chance that my Mirena could be causing any (or all) of the symptoms written off as Fibromyalgia. I had discussions with my husband about getting it removed, just to see if my health improves.

Literally 3 days later my coil slipped and I was able to remove it myself with no difficulty or pain. This was about 4 days ago ... only two friends and my husband know that the coil has come out.
So far, I have gained a sex drive, visibly lost weight and friends have commented how much energy I seem to have. Still have some fatigue, but hoping it will ease off.

So, fingers crossed it was the Mirena causing this ... I will keep this page updated with any progress.

(NB I am aware that my symptom reduction could be like a psychological/placebo effect - but tbh, I don't care - as long as I can have a normal life and be active with my children and feel my age (27) and not about 80!! ) xxx

Tygerbaby83 said...

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after having mirena inserted. I tried killing myself. Was a regular in psychiatric wards. Was on medication after medication. I finally convinced my doctor to remove it at the 4.5 year mark.. After it was almost no good anymore. After 7 months... I am back to normal. No longer on any meds and I blame mirena!! I am now also 3 months pregnant and have zero issues with depression or mood swings,

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your blog. I am going to get mine removed within a year or so. (Family planning and having a own business does not allow it earlier).

I am a little bit scared about what is happening after the removal, since I was happy with my mirena for the last 9 years (1 replacement in between). I got it inserted at 22, no previous pregnancies. Reason for it was the side effects of the anti baby pill, increased failure rate mainly from human error but also from certain medications and alcohol. (Was so horrified that I either wouldn't drink or wouldn't have sex if I had drinks). Mirena seemed to be the perfect solution until I was ready to have a family

Unlike the anti baby pill where I had heavy bleedings and moods wings and gained weight (I was on a involuntary diet and still gained weight) I was happy with mirena from the start. No moods wings, hardly any bleedings since inserting, no stomach cramps.

I feel sorry for so many women, who had a negative experiences with mirena. I think that no matter what you put into your body, different people have different reactions to it.

Anonymous said...

My experience was Sooo similar to yours!!! Crazy scary!

gleeu said...

I too, have had serious side effects of the Mirena!
- weight gain (about 15 lbs in a month and a half)
- SEVERE NAUSEA, to the point of vomiting blood
- Facial/ neck swelling, to the point of trouble breathing
- darkening of facial hair
- emotional instability
- craving for sweets (not normal for me)
- insomnia
- no energy
- night sweats
- loss of hair
- increased anxiety
- depression

HOLY MOLY, the list is extensive!!! I had mine in for about three months before I connected the dots. At that point my face/ neck was so engorged I was fearful of suffocation during sleep. I made an appt to take it out but couldn't wait... Did it myself two days ago. Felt relief of pressure from the swelling rather quickly (12 hours or so). Hoping to lose this weight asap and get back to normal! BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have two friends who are currently in the process of getting their Mirena implants removed for their own reasons. I actually don't have this. I have the Implanon (now Nexplanon) implant in my arm. The reason I am here is because these are the same things I am going through. My nurse/OB has already angered me, wasting my time on a useless thyroid screening, and basically calling me crazy. Kind of stupid, since most of the side-effects I've complained about are listed on the literature they GAVE ME when I had the thing put in.

-SEVERE Joint Pain and even swelling
-Crippling Stomach Cramps
-Alternating Constipation and Diarrhea
-Massive Weight Gain (Depressing because I was down to 149 lbs after giving birth to my son, up now to 175 in 3 months of vigorous exercise and a highly nutritious/calorie counting diet!)
-Severe Headaches and a Monthly Sinus Infection to top it off
-Some hair loss
-Frequent spotting between LONG Heavy periods
-Crazy Mood Swings from Weepy to Angry to Depressed on a daily basis (depression and heavy periods were why I got the implant in the first place)
-Fatigue, especially in the legs
-Severe Drowsiness that will hit suddenly, which sucks when taking care of kids or doing anything important
-Just Tired all the time, no matter how much or little sleep I get
-Slightly blurry vision

All of these symptoms at once or they alternate. It's a mixed bag... but of course NOT caused by the implant! Thanks doc, that is so helpful. And when they ruled out thyroid problems, there was no other advice given, tests offered... NOTHING. Currently on day 12 of my period, getting progressively worse. Fell asleep pretty suddenly earlier while watching my kids. Today has been ok, but I want this thing OUT OF ME!

Anonymous said...

^Also... midsection alternates between being VERY bloated and crampy, to just the annoying aching pain with little/no bloating. Always the pain just sitting in there. Ugh.

Sakib Hasan said...

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Tracy said...

I had my Mirena inserted two months ago while having an op to remove endometriosis. I am 43 and was told by my gyno that it would help with heavy periods and help prevent endometriosis coming back so quickly.Since then my vision has become blurry and I have pain in my right eye, have constantly spotted, am very tired, feeling emotional, have very enlarged-tender breasts (so painful that it wakes me during the night while sleeping), have put on weight and have a very swollen tummy area! These symptoms are slowly getting worse but when I spoke to my gyno, he told me to bear with it and the symptoms would calm down in a month or so. I actually feel (and look) eight weeks pregnant - I am NOT btw ;-)

I'm so pleased this site exists as it has convinced me not to wait a moment longer and get this bloody thing removed.

luv4godx5 said...

Maybe I'm finding some answers. I currently have my second Mirena in place. I just recently came to the conclusion that my Mirena may be the root of my problems(mood swings, weight gain, spotting, constipation, NO sex drive). My last child was born 5 years ago and I had my first Mirena inserted. Not long after that, my constipation started. By 2011, I had a colonoscopy and ulcers were found in the lower R side. But, still no answers as to what was causing the ulcers. By 2012, I had an exp lap to investigate for endometriosis(which I had NEVER been diagnosed with prior). Anyway, endometriosis was there, on the outside of my colon and surrounding the R ovary (which I lost during that time). So, things got a little better for a while regarding the pain, but I gained 10+lbs. In May 2013, I had my second Mirena placed. Then, this summer, the constipation has reached astronomical levels and now I have the same pain(L side) and terrible bloating. Having adapted EVERYTHING(diet, exercise, medication), I resorted to enemas to help. My GI doc has diagnosed with IBS-C (irritable bowel with constipation) and I'm on laxatives and Amitizia. She scared me to death about overusing enemas stating that I could eventually condition my bowels to stop working and thereby make it necessary to have a COLOSTOMY!!! What?????? I have searched my brain trying to figure out if there were any "constants", "changes" "problems" etc. The constant is the IUD. In the 5+years since my daughter was born, I have done EVERYTHING imaginable to help, and NOTHING does-except medications-which I don't want to have to take for the rest of my life. I found this forum and was hoping for some more insight. Suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I had Mirena inserted just a little over a week ago. I have been on birth control pills for 13 yrs now and use them almost exclusively for hormone and period regulation. I went to a clinic to get a refill on my birth control because I've lost my health insurance. They would not give them to me because I am a type 1 [juvenile onset] diabetic. The medical practitioner went on and on about how, at age 35, having diabetes and occasional hypertention, Mirena would be so much safer for me, remove the risk of stroke associated with BCP and would regulate my period, perhaps so much that they may disappear.
Since the insertion, I have felt angry, distraught and annoyed by everything, all the time. I find myself not wanting to be around people because my moodiness makes me short with people. I recently started a new eating regime which is healthful and has helped me in the past to reduce my insulin necessity and lose weight, along with feel healthier. I started this regime with my boyfriend. He has lost over 20 lbs. Since the insertion [last week], I have GAINED about 6 lbs.
Almost all of my lifelong issues are hormonally based. I could tell almost immediately that I/my body was reacting to the Mirena. I thought I should be patient, as it was just put in, but after reading the strong incentives for having it removed, I may just have to do so myself.

Sofia said...

I just came across your site randomly while searching for other people with symptoms of their Mirena. I am from Sweden and I have the same story as you with your Mirena - developed excessive fatigue where I slept for 19h a day, while I was in med school. It was the worst 2 years of my life - with doctors visits every month, MRI, CT you name it. Nothing could show why I was sleeping constantly and felt like a zombie in my head. I got the diagnosis "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" from a Fibro specialist, but it just didn't seem like the correct diagnosis. I have been a sports person my whole life, always active, healthy and energetic with top grades - and suddenly BOM I just could t wake up anymore. I took a year of from my studies to once and for all figure out WHY I wasn't myself anymore. I even had psychiatric evaluation, they just laughed at me cause they said it is impossible for the symptoms to be caused by any psychological disease in my case. But honestly, I felt I was going crazy. Not being able to go to the gym, study, work, I lost so many friend cause I just basically vanished from the everyday life. Was I just making up my extreme fatigue?!? And then one night, this summer, after 2 years with this fatigue and enormous amount of heavy medications to keep me awake, I had a dream. Yes, it sounds unbelievable, but I actually dreamt it was the I.U.D that caused by problems. And that morning I went straight to the emergency and demanded them to take it out - it was my only hope. And the next day I, just as you, woke up with a feeling I hand t had in years, energy. Maybe it was imaginary, but I don t think so, cause today, 3 months later, I am myself again. Completely back to the energetic woman I have always been. I can finally go to the gym again without falling asleep while spinning! I went back to med school and I finally feel that I am alive. An most of all, I now know that I am healthy. I can so relate to you all. It feels good to know that I am not alone in experiencing this rare insane side effect. I do hope you all are doing beter without your Mirena!

Anonymous said...

I had mirena for 5 long years, gained 30+ lbs, had bloating/fatigue/headaches/and almost had my gall bladder thyroid gland is looking enlarged, and after all my side effects, mood swings, and the dark cloud, I am glad to know I am not alone.

Kellygreen said...

I was having most of the side effects the women on this blog have already reported. I was going absolutely insane. Last week, after yet another ridiculous fight and weeping session with my boyfriend, I called my mom to get some support. She suggested my depression, anxiety and increasing fear might be due to the Mirena. At first, I couldn't believe something so small could cause me to feel so awful, but I googled the side effects and came across the hundreds of posts from other women who had the exact same problems as me.
Three days ago I was afraid to leave my bed. I turned down plans with my friends and family so I could stay in bed. It was horrible.
Yesterday I had the Mirena out, and I feel markedly better today.
I will post again to report my progress as time goes by.
The whole point of my post is to give encouragement to those of you who suspect the Mirena is destroying your mood, personality, fun times, relationships, and overall ability to function. IT IS! You will be so much better once it's removed.
It seems that everyone bounces back at slightly different rates, but the doctor who removed mine told me she has seen many women suffer from the Mirena and those who do usually feel better within a month.
Feel better soon!

cindy gulla said...

I had my mirena inserted a year ago and I am finally realizing the side effects are related. I constantly feel like I am getting the flu with body aches, thyoid out of whack and antibodies are elevated. I am scheduled to have it removed on Friday. I'm really nervous. Has anyone had an easy experience having it removed? I'm hoping for a quick tug with a possible cramp and that's ok. Am I not being realistic?

stas said...

Wow I am so glad I found this site, I have had a very bad experience since having the coil. I had mine fitted Feb 2014 and apart from cramping and spotting nearky every day since one of the first symptoms I remember is having a bad burning sensation in my knees and every one of my joints were aching, every day is a struggle.
I went to the doctors and went for some blood tests as the doctor thought I may have rheumatoid arthritis, after a couple of weeks I got the results but came back clear but I have been referred to a rheumatologist but that appt isnt until the end of June and I suffer terribly with the pain in my joints and my legs have started to feel much bad, I have a terrible tingling/numb sensation in both my legs anoften feels like someone is spraying water at them, the soles of my feet are very painful and I keep losing my balance. I feel plagued with symptoms right now that I have decided to go ahead and have the coil removed tomorrow. I am hoping all these bad experiences will disappear over time and will keep you all updated..wish me luck. Xx hope everyone else feels better soon. Xx

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I found your blog! I had a Mirena coil fitted six weeks ago and ever since I have had awful back pain in my right side with horrible campy pain to boot. My mood has been anxious and I have been feeling nauseous and craving sweet things. Feeling restless but also tired all the time the pain is in my uterus and feels like a stitch cramp and is worse when I have been sitting then go to stand I can really feel it twinging. I went to see my doctor after two weeks with my concerns but was told it was not related to the coil and changed my antidepressants this has not helped. I have lost half a stone but my belly looks three months pregnant and I go for days with out going to the toilet having to resort to laxatives to go. I have had horrible headaches and just this weekend had such bad stomach cramps I went to A&E and after bloods and urine tests which came back clear was told to get the coil removed by the doctor there. Went back to see my GP yesterday and was told it's not the coil and would be a shame to remove it so left with it still in and a massive bag of meds including Naproxan, Codeine, Paracetamol and stool softeners to get me by with the pain! I have an ultrasound booked for goodness knows when but after a nights sleep and time to reflect I'm going back today to have it removed as have a headache and the pain in my uterus is bad today as always and I'm fed up! Will post after a few days to update how I'm feeling

Mamalinda said...

I have ha mine removed after debating for more than a year. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid 3 months ago. I am on 125mg and since taking the medication I have been bleeding non-stop. It has been to the point where I am having to clean up everywhere I sit (such a bloody mess)
I thought enough is enough and had it removed. The most annoying part was that the practitioner kept asking me if I was sure. I explained her what I thought and she just gave me this weird look as if she knows what I have been through. She kept on saying that it was safe but when she saw my bleeding she was gobsmacked. I do believe it is the Mirena that caused my thyroid problem and I am going to report my symptoms to
LET'S ALL report our symptoms and lets hope they STOP it from ruining more lives

Anonymous said...

I just found out that I have a first-time abnormal Pap smear at moderate growth level and my HPV is negative. I will be having a biopsy tomorrow. I am 33 and have 2 boys aged 7 and 10. I have Mirena for 7 years and a non-smoker, non-drinker, healthy eater and no cancer history in my family. My Kaiser doctors kept assuring that Mirena does not cause or raise the risk of cancer, and that it even reduces it before inserting the Mirena twice in me. But now I think Mirena is the most likely culprit.

Anonymous said...

Got mirena oct 2010. A few months later got constant infections and had to have tonsils out the following spring. Started having headaches all day, every day. Stopped sweating. Gained weight. Have lived in this house for 12 years and for the last three have been clogging shower drain with my falling out hair. No libido. Severe depression and anxiety. Low BP and heart rate. Oct 2012 had to quit exercising because I had no energy. By Jan 2013 could hardly drag myself out of bed. Had horrible body aches, joint pain and couldn't tolerate the cold. Found a hormone doc who tested free t3 and free t4 and they were both low. All my sex hormone levels were low. After reading some of these stories, I too am wondering if there is a correlation. I never tolerated BCP very well, so I opted for a low dose, non-systemic option. I have been on thyroid hormone naturethroid, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. Before HRT my doc noticed my progesterone levels were next to nothing, but wrote it off as common for mirena users. Now I'm wondering if that has thrown my whole balance off as progesterone is a precursor to all those hormones plus cortisol--possibly explaining my constant infections. Now I just hope having it removed after 4 years of mirena and 2 years of HRT if I can get back to normal, or at the very least end this roller coaster because it has been very difficult to level my thyroid. I've definitely learned my lesson on synthetic hormones and for this body, we're done!

sexies said...

Hi im passing the sanw thibg u did. . And also havingg lots of problems with my eyes. ..plis contacr me

Tarryn said...

I am 1 week post op from a laparoscopy - after many crazy side effects from the mirena, including weight problems, acne, aggression, depression, anxiety, hypertension, etc etc I decided to have my mirena removed after having it in for 2 years.
The gynae, after trying every painful tool in his closet, could not remove the mirena in his rooms as it had migrated to the top and side of my uterus, so I was scheduled for a hysteroscope and d&c with mirena removal.
In I went for the hysteroscope which should have been pretty straightforward, how ever unnecessary, instead I woke up to the sound of a nurse telling another nurse that I had 3 wounds in my body.
The doctor could not remove my mirena as it had perforated and was stuck in the wall of my uterus, so he had to remove it via laparoscopy and stitch up the hole it had left in my uterus. He also found some endometriosis on my bladder that would likely have been caused by the hole in my uterus.
This passed week I have been in a huge amount of pain.
I hate that I had that thing put into me in the first place. I feel robbed of time - time that could have been spent differently in the passed two years (minus the anxiety, self loathing, weight struggles, darkness, physical discomfort and pain). Instead I could have been a happier mother and wife. So I am choosing to move on from this traumatic experience so that I can get my life back, and enjoy my children and husband and life more.
I do feel that all the negative things I experienced from the mirena were consequences of my own decision to have the iud inserted, but I want to scream it from the rooftops so that other women don't fall into this evil trap.
I have yet to feel the joy that many speak of after having the mirena removed, as I am still in pain and in stitches, but i have hope for the near future that I will be feeling happy instead of so angry.
Thank you for sharing your experience.

Unknown said...

My wife will have this removed in 2 days and shes had most the side effects listed above by many of you. This mirena will change a person inside and out spread the word to everyone you know and warn them of this demon!!

Anonymous said...

I got my first Mirena shortly after having my son almost 7 years ago. I really didn't have any problems with my first one. After getting my second IUD, same one, Mirena, holy crap, I thought it was because I was getting older but I don't think so anymore. I have gained almost 30 lbs, fought terrible acne, spent tons of money on dermatology, mood swings, foggy brain, bloating, constipation, increased facial hair, you name it. I am thinking of getting it taken out and of course my doctor doesn't think any of this is caused from Mirena. I am only taking it out if I can get a tubal. Wish me luck!

Marvelous said...

Hi I have had my Mirena a little over a month to get off my birth control pills for over 4 years. BC pills were giving me high lipid levels. Therefore I decided to go on the Mirena. Next chapter is that my OB found a nodule lump on my neck. So I followed up with an ultrasound and biopsy with an endocrinologist. My results came back that I have Papillary Thyroid Cancer. In theory, I really think it's because I have been on bc and mirena combined. I can't say for a fact that it is true, but my theory is my assumption. The only real answer will be from recent research on the linkage of thyroid issues and birth control. It just makes sense that hormones are all messed up from estrogen and progestin. Anyways I am removing my Mirena today.
If anyone has similar issues feel free to reach out to me.

Anonymous said...

I've had the Mirena for just over 4 years. A couple of months after getting it, I woke up one morning and my knees had swollen to the point I couldn't bend them. Lots of tests all negative they decided I must have arthritis so started treatment for that (which has its own side effects). I've suffered with depression, fatigue, headaches, my libido has been none existent for a couple of years. I'm forgetful, feel like I'm dreaming most of the time, struggle with getting day to day things in the house done. Lose my temper at the drop of hat. I have 4 kids and never have I felt so useless. I thought it could be my thyroid but after reading this, I think it could all be linked to the Mirena. I'm done feeling like this and done making my family suffer. I will have it removed asap!

Anonymous said...

I had my Mirena inserted 5 months ago due to mennorhagia. My periods have always been heavy and painful, but at 34, I started having my period twice a month and finally decided to take my GYN's advice from the previous year and get it inserted.

Since then, it has been nothing but issues. I had 4 months of constant bleeding, cramping, spotting, clotting, etc. I then developed edema (which I was told is NOT due to the Mirena when I asked if there was a correlation) in my legs. I also developed panic attacks, heart palpitations, and hypertension. I have been put on two anxiety meds, and two blood pressure meds. I feel irritable, sad, unmotivated, and tired. I stumbled across this site when on a whim I decided to see if these new disorders, could possibly be a result of the Mirena, and wow, I am so glad that I did.

I placed a message in to my GYN, and want this thing removed. It's a holiday weekend, so I won't hear back until next week, but I am convinced now, more than ever, that my ER visits, holter monitors, frequent doc visits, are all NOT in my head. I pray getting this awful device removed will return me to my normal self.

Anonymous said...

I really need some advice. I had a diagnostic laparoscopy done and my bowel was attached to my ovary due to an unknown pelvic infection.

It was sorted out and Mirena was put in to prevent endometriosis and possibly anything else going on down there that could be detrimental.

My current problem is that I am having extreme fits of pain in my left or right ovary, which spreads to my leg. I honestly am screaming internally with pain from it and its making me wish for death. That's how bad it is.

I have told my gynae, and since I felt a bit constipated, my gynae says its IBS. I agree with that because I've always had a sensitive stomach and IBS symptoms. However, I have never had this IBS pain before Mirena.

I have been constipated before and never experienced this pain. I was put on a laxative and a probiotic and after 6 days, I had the pain attack again, more severely than ever.

I do see a correlation with constipation and the pain, but could Mirena be causing one if not both?

I am on Librex which is supposed to be the last resort to IBS. So I am fully treating it.

My gynae insists that it is NOT the Mirena because I would be in constant pain if it were.

I don't know what to do. I want the benefits of Mirena, but I need to know for sure if it is the Mirena causing this. Has anyone else gone through this? How did you solve it if so?

- Jamie

Haley said...

I had the Mirena put in may 2011 due to complcations after the birth of my son in december 2010 after 5 and a half years of nothing but problems and not being able to locate the Mirena i had a laproscopy done 2 days ago and tbey found the Mirena in my abdomen. I have found out that i am now unable to carry a child as it has done to much damage to my uterus when it passed through the wall of my uterus into my stomach. Please be careful when considering your options as the Mirena has taken my chances of mothering more children.

smith campbel said...


Allie Gropp said...

Hi what kind of eye problems. Me too!

rose40z said...

Ectopic pregnancy is listed in the side effects of Mirena. You don't have a case.

rose40z said...

I'm sorry to hear these horror stories. I've had Mirena for some time now and it changed my life. I used to be debilitated by cramps and severe bleeding but after I got my Mirena placed I got my life back. Suddenly I wasn't in mind numbing pain anymore and my heavy flow didn't keep me shackled to the nearest bathroom. Mirena gave me my life back and I hope that someone finds this and sees that Mirena isn't all bad. Also a lot of these sound like they stem from ignorant doctors and poor placement. I recommend only going to female gynecologists who are well educated on the Mirena. The fact that none of these doctors seemed to actually know about the side effects of Mirena is pretty telling.

michaele shelley said...

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