Monday, March 3, 2008

"Hold on to your f'ing hat..."

After so much serious talk, I just thought I'd pass on something that gave me a great laugh. It was a skit that was on Saturday Night Live last week, and I know all you ladies will appreciate it. It's a spoof on all those stupid birth control commercials that tout how you will hardly ever have a period when you use their birth control pill. Considering all I've gone through this last year, I related and had a good laugh! Tina Fey rocks!

You don't need a Myspace account to view the video by the way.

Speaking of periods, mine has finally come. It wasn't really a "hold on to your hat" situation. Frankly I was really surprised. Since the IUD removal, I have had several "mini-periods", where I would bleed for 1-2 hours and then it would stop and not happen again for a few days. Some might call that spotting, but I say if you have to use a tampon and it's more than half "used", then it's a mini-period. On Saturday I was experiencing more of the same, and thought that it would just go away. Well, no, it's back and quite heavy. It's pretty non-eventful, no cramps, no mood swings, and no bloating, so that's good. I'm mainly all thumbs because I haven't had a period for a year, so it's weird getting used to it.

All in all, it's a good thing. Having a period is a natural and normal thing, and I am pleased that my body is working itself out and trying to get in a normal synch again. As funny as that Tina Fey video is, it has a ring of truth to it. Not having a period really wacks you out. I'd much rather deal with it than not.

I suppose I am a little less bummed out about my weight. My stomach seems to bloat and unbloat at a moment's notice. My husband has been telling me that I've lost weight, but since he is a wonderful person, I just assumed he was being nice and saying the things he is supposed to say. However, my aunt saw me today for the first time since my Mirena removal and said, "Oh my gosh, you've really lost weight!" I suppose there is something to it, although the weight has come off on weird places like my arms and ankles. The waistband of my pants is still so tight.

Other than that, I am feeling great. I have felt so mellow since the IUD removal. I haven't had those gnarly mood swings, and the mood around the house is so much more relaxed. My sex life is back, and that has me in an even better mood!

I hope you ladies are having a good week. Keep posting, and to those of you who have gotten your IUDs removed, please keep us posted on how things are going.


Cathie said...

Well, I finally went last Thursday to get my Mirena removed. They couldn't find the strings. Then they had to do an immediate ultrasound on me to make sure it was still in my uterus and not floating in my abdomen. When they did finally find it and it is in my uterus. I now have to go have surgery to get the stupid thing removed. I AM NEVER DOING THIS TO MY BODY AGAIN!!! I just can't wait until it is out of my body and I can return to normal.

okvegascowgirl said...

OK, I'm freaking out here. It's the five-yr mark for my Mirena, and I get it removed tomorrow morning. From day 1, my doctor told me there is only a TRACE amount of hormones - IF ANY - in this product, which is why I chose it! After my last baby, I went back on the pill (which had previously not caused problems), and developed erythema nodosum (sore red nodules, harmless, due to hormonal irregularities) on my calves. So Mirena seemed like the perfect solution for me.

It only occurred to me to check out any info about removal because I wondered if I might need to expect a heavy-duty period afterwards. I never expected that my mood swings, sudden need to increase my Prozac (on it way before IUD), and loss of libido could have been caused by this thing, for five years!

I'm absolutely flabbergasted. I trusted my doctor when he said this was the "no hormone" way to go, re birth control. On the up side, I'm hoping to come back here and report improvement in several areas of my life after my appt tomorrow!

My doctor is about 80 miles away, so I'm gonna have my laptop w/me specifically so I can check in on this blog to see if anyone has commented on my lil panic attack here, and to continue to look for information. Thank you so much for being here. Marla

Mary said...

Hi Marla!

I'm sorry that you had such a crappy experience. If there is one thing I've learned from other women on the net, and on this blog, it's that most doctors aren't sympathetic to our Mirena concerns, nor do they even believe us. The first doctor I went to see was quick to tell me I was wrong, and then throw Rx medicine at me that I didn't even need. I got lucky in that my second doctor believed me (she was a general practicioner), and harrassed me to get it taken out, until I finally did.

I just dont' believe the claims that there are a trace amount of hormones. There is something about this device that reacts very negatively with some women's bodies.

I am not sure if you've been having a period since you've had the Mirena, but I would count on getting a heavy period after your removal. I had spotting/light bleeding on and off for a couple of weeks, and I'm now having a pretty heavy period. It started on Saturday, and is still going strong.

Check back in and let us know that everything went okay with the removal!

To Cathie,

That is terrible!!! When are you having surgery? I wish you the best of luck, and I would sue the pants off of those hacks who inserted it in the first place!

Cathie said...

Thank you for your concern. I go to have surgery on 3/27/08. I will update you after and let you know how it is going. I am going to start exercising again tonight so that I can get used to it by the time it is out and hopefully get a head start on the weight loss.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what's happening to you,how are you? I guess everything is better, so you forgot to write? :) atleast I hope it is :)
I am someone who will have mirena removed tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I have had many problems since I got the mirena in August. I have had pain in my vagina and uretha, like I have a UTI or a yeast infection, although there is neither a bacteria nor yeast infection anywhere. I have been on antibiotics, which help the pain go away, and I am currently on them continuously and I know that is not good for my body. I just can't stand the pain and the doctors don't know what it is (um, duh, MAYBE the IUD?!?!!?) My face, back and chest has been covered with acne since the beginning and gets worse by the day. Now I have brown discoloration on my face just like I get when I am on the pill. My husband has complained that he can feel the strings and so I have gotten them trimmed twice, last week being the second time and she trimmed them all the way to the cervix...I am afraid they won't be able to get the stupid thing out when I finally have enough of this whole thing!
I too feel a heavy weight in my stomach, and I can't wait for that to be gone. My blood pressure has gone up, I am now on another anti-anxiety drug, antibiotics...and for my face, they want met to start laser treatments to treat the acne and brown spots!!!! I say NO! I am done with all of this...I just don't want to get pregnant. I just got married to a wonderful man (this is my second marriage) and he wants to have children (I have 3 from my previous marriage), yet we just don't want to have a baby right now. I am at a loss as to what to use, because every pill or hormone does wacky things to me. I am just at the point of natural planning, and I guess if something happens, it happens...if anyone has any other ideas for birth control I sure would appreciate hearing it! Thanks for doing this blog!

Anonymous said...

I wrote yesterday and have some really bad news. I decided last night after reading blog after blog to make the appointment to get the IUD removed. But, I took a preg. test because i was telling my aunt about the brown discoloration on my face and the acne, like when I am pregnant, and she asked me if I was. I told her there was NO way I could be, but today I took two preg. tests and they are positive....going in the morning to the doc and I will find out what is happening...

Marie said...

I also had numerous side-effects from this monster of a device (depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, weight gain, acne, decreased libido, joint pain) and didn't attribute them to the iud until I came across the PAGES of posts on when I googled 'mirena IUD side-effects'. I Had it removed 7 1/2 weeks ago after having it in only 3 months and feel much better. The weight, joint pain and sleep problems are lingering longer than the other problems, but things seem to get better with each period (I've had 2). For those of you wondering if your Mirena IUD could be causing these problems, the answer is a resounding "YES". Get it removed and get on the road to recovery! I also encourage you to report your serious adverse effects (depression, suicidal thoughts, pain that interfered with your daily activities, etc.) to the FDA. They won't know all the trouble women are having if we don't them them.It only takes minutes and you can file a report online. Good luck to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi - just heard about a class action suit on my radio this morning regarding Mirena. The symptons that the woman described could have been me! I thought it was just me, that I was "too old" and that it was perimenopause. Well now I know I was on target. I had my Mirena for 2 years. Instead of a weight gain, I lost so much weight that there was concern that I was deathly sick. They were actually planning a "intervention" here at work! I had it inserted in August 2 years ago and from the very start was told it would halt my period (this is where I hear angels singing) and was all for it! Well from the moment of insertion, which by the way hurt so bad, I had to remain in the treatment room for 1/2 and hour and cried and rubbed my abdomen. I finally left and had to remain in bed all of that weekend. Well my body started to change quickly, the weight loss, aching joints, my legs would "jump" at night when I would lay down, no sex drive, almost no scared me really bad. Oh, and never did stop bleeding, instead of a period I just bled everyday! I wore a pantyliner every day for 2 years! Not what I was told when I had it inserted. So had my annual check up in November of 2007 and told my doctor (general practioner) about my ongoing bleeding and she suggested that I just remove it. I agreed, why not and she gave me a prescription for oral birth control. When she attempted to remove it, low and behold, she couldn't find the string!! What!! She immediately set me up for a gyn visit for removal. I went a day later and imagine my look of fear when the gym said she couldn't find/see any string! I was in a panic. OMG, where the hell did it go, it's not like there are many plances that it could have traveled to, right? Well after many attempts and my crying out loud like a kid, she suggested that she use one last method, to hold on she'd be back. Oh, well at this point I was do doped up on valium that I could have fallen asleep. In she comes with some instrument that I swear to God was two feet long! Then she informs me as I'm laying flat on my back unable to see anything, that she is going to numb my cervix to avoid any unnecessary pain (well too late for that). Then I like an idiot ask how she will do this, thinking she will rub some time of topical pain relief, nope, not that at all. I needle!!! I was ready to just leave at that point. But surprisingly enough, that didn't hurt. After a few tugs, amazingly the thing came out! The bleeding was immediate. Again, I had to lay in the room to collect myself the abdominal paid was a killer. I wasn't told a thing about what to expect now, but did get my period within two weeks, and what a period that was. BUT, it's been what, about 4 months, and except for the weight GAIN, I feel better than I have since the insertion. I have my sex drive back and in fact I'm trying to get pregnant (I am 45 though). I also have my emotions again (not that they where completely gone, just dulled). Would love to hear from anyone that had similar issues and if you have been able to become pregnant. Happy again in Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

First, a huge THANK YOU to all of the women who have shared stories. You have been an incredible help! I know this is a long post, but if I can help even one person by sharing my Mirena story, then it's worth it. So many women have similar stories that I feel I'm being redundant, but here goes: I had the Mirena inserted 2 1/2 years ago after the birth of my second daughter. For the first two years I loved it and thought it was the greatest birth control ever invented, plus no periods! I was telling all of my friends to get Mirena (SORRY). About 6 months ago, it was like someone flipped the switch. I started gaining weight although I am a very healthy eater, not previously over-weight (even after kids) and I exercise regularly. No matter what I tried, I gained a steady 3-4 pounds a month. My stomach was so heavy and bloated that I looked about 6 months pregnant, my breasts were sore nearly all of the time. I had terrible back pain (have probably put my chiropractor's kids through college). I had joint pain in my fingers and wrists. I got funny little bumps and a sore scalp just above my temples, and my hair started to thin. I was exhausted, forgetful and irritable all of the time, but blamed it on the daily stresses of having two kids and working full time. The sypmtoms got worse each month. I went to the doctor for a full blood work up and thyroid testing because I just felt old and sick (I'm only 35but I felt about 80). Of course, all tests came back normal. My husband was at wits end with me, because I snapped at him all the time, and we never had sex. Sex sounded like as much fun as scrubbing the toilet, and on the rare occasions we did have sex, it was almost impossible to have an orgasm.

As an aside, this is why Mirena is GREAT birth control - what man wants to have sex with a fat, grumpy, sore-boobed, balding woman that is either going to cry or rip his head off?!?!?!

I certainly didn't think that all of my health issues were related until one night when I was getting really frustrated with the weight gain, I Googled Mirena Weight Gain and found hundreds of posts all over the web of women with similar symptoms. I was so relieved to see that my health issues had a cause and that I wasn't crazy! I called the next day to get it removed. Removal was quick and painless (easier than a pap smear), but it looks like I was a lucky one. My husband was very skeptical that removal would help.... Within 3 hours (I couldn't believe it was so fast!!) my breast tenderness was gone. On day 2 I got a very heavy period and was kind of crampy, but my mood started to improve and my energy started coming back. By week 2 I was exercising more, cleaning house with a vengeance and actually wanting to have sex. Lost about 4 pounds, the weird bumps on my scalp went away and the back pain was gone. The best part is that I have been so happy!!! Relationship with kids and hubby is much improved. A few days ago my husband gave me a huge hug and said "It's so nice to have you back!!" Lots of good sex and much easier orgasms! Most of the joint pain is gone. On the down side, I have been unbelievably forgetful and spaced out, and I have random days where the anxiety hits. And now that I'm at the end of my third week post-removal I think I am getting my period and all the fun PMS to go with it.... bloating, sore breasts and killer headache like a hangover. And even though I feel happy as a clam, I get teary-eyed over everything and nothing. I am taking a multi-vitamin, extra B vitamins and magnesium. I've been to the acupuncturist and am starting a liver cleanse to see if I can get back on track faster. My acupuncturist says the Mirena hormones send the body into "estrogen dominance" and it takes a while to get all the extra estrogen flushed out and to get the body making its own progesterone again. She also recommended lots of exercise and drinking lots of water to help the body cleanse and regulate naturally.

My OB/GYN thought the symptoms I had sounded "weird" and were probably just from my body aging, not the Mirena. She said the dose of hormones released by the Mirena was way too small to cause these symptoms. But she said she was happy to remove the Mirena if I wanted to try it (and she said I could always get another one!! LOL!) and that she was interested to see if my symptoms improved. She also said I wouldn't get a period until a month after removal and that it would be very light, getting heavier each month as I got back to normal. Strange that I got the heavy period 2 days post removal that so many other women experienced -- how can the docs be so wrong on all of this stuff? I see her again in 6 months and will happily share all of what I've learned.

Since discovering the downside of Mirena, I have talked to lots of women who have suffered through it, but had mild enough symptoms that they never sought help or answers. They all just assumed it was part of life, part of getting older, part of being a busy mom. So many are relieved to see that their birth control is to blame. SPREAD THE WORD!!! Good luck to everyone here on their Mirena rollercoaster ride!!

I'm headed to the FDA site to report my side effects there. If enough women make noise, we can make a difference!

THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO DO THIS BLOG! you are helping so many women.

Kristine said...

I'm new to this blog - I was searching for comments regarding Mirena, and stumbled on this site - which is a great site, BTW! I just came from seeing an OBGYN this morning about having Mirena inserted - after reading everyone's blogs, and reading the negative comments, I'm not at all confident in this anymore! The doctor had nothing but positive things to say about Mirena - said the only side effects were some cramping, and would decrease my extremely heavy periods, so it now really makes me wonder about this doctor’s integrity/reliability -- never mentioned anything about the possibility of it becoming imbedded, weight gain, etc; this was my very first visit w/ him so when I told him that my health overall was excellent, except for being roughly 40 pounds overweight, but have started dieting, he didn't show a hint of encouragement or interest to that regard, which now makes me wonder if he prefer I stay heavier cuz the Mirena is gonna make me stay fat(ter) anyway...!(?) Thanks to all of you who wrote in for making a relatively life-changing decision an easier one. I wish you all well!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was reading your blog and I am so glad I am not the only one to have some of these side effects. Prior to having the mirena in I had lost twenty five pounds and dropping after insertion it stalled completely and then I started gaining several pounds a month. Plus my joint pain increased. I already had some knee joing pain but I now feel like a 60 year old 3 ft tall woman who weighs 600 pounds (lol). I am only 26 and way to young to feel that old and in pain daily and nightly. Also i have never had acne and now I am frequently breaking out on my face not a ton but more than I ever have. I also notice an increase in getting a cysts on my ovaries. I have PCOS and get several cysts a year but since having this in I have one atleast every other month and it is very painful. I do however go tomorrow to get it removed YEAH!! QUESTION has anyone tried getting pregnant quickly after removal. and if so has there been any problems?

Lotus said...

I am really happy to find all these posts. I have looked up mirena posts on off since I had it put in two years ago. Now I am going to share my story with as many message boards as possible. Like I said I had the mirena inserted six weeks after my third daughter was born in July 2006. My husband and I wanted the option to have more children and after having a bad time with almost every other BC out there we read all the information and talked to the doctor and decided on it. When they put it in I had awful pain and the 800 ibuprofen they told me to take ahead was not even close to helping. I was in tears. After that my physical health went down hill. I suffered from severe acne, mood swings, depression/anxiety, pregnancy symptoms (breast tenderness,nausea,bloating). About six months after insertion I was breastfeeding and discovered I had lumps in my breast that turned out to be cysts and a couple weeks ago we discovered I have a 5 cm cyst on my right ovary that wasn't there in the spring. And I had many more symptoms that I didn't put together until just recently. These were extremely difficult to live with but the worst thing that happened was I became pregnant a couple weeks ago. I was having early pregnancy symptoms but kept trying to talk myself out of it because the mirena is suppose to be 99.9% effective (what a joke)! It kept nagging at me so I took a home pregnancy test and when it came back positive I was shocked and went into a panic attack. So I took another hpt and sure enough positive again. I had been having abdominal pain and I called the doctor because I was really concerned about an ectopic. She made me go to the ER. I ended up in that ER 3 times in one week. My husband and I starting getting excited at the prospect of having another baby even though we hadn't planned on it so soon. After they confirmed the pregnancy the first day and found the ovarian cyst (they said my abdominal pain was from that) I had to go back to the ER two days later and again 3 days after that. I was having severe pelvic/abdominal pain and they ran every test imaginable to see what was going on. I was poked and prodded and spent about 10 hours each day we were there. I ended up with a severe UTI from the catheters they had to insert for the trans vaginal ultrasounds. At first they thought I had a viable pregnancy because my Hcg levels were rising and since I was about 5 weeks along they decided to take out the mirena (they didn't tell me it could cause a miscarriage which I didn't think about to later because I already knew the risks, I research everything but they didn't know if I knew the risks!). I did discover it wasn't ectopic and that the embryo was in my uterus (which made the whole thing worse when it was all said and done because I really thought it would be ectopic and for some reason that would have made it a little less emotionally painful for me) Sadly, we miscarried a little over a week ago. It has been the worst experience of mine and my husband's life. I can't even express in words how horrible this has been. This is a senseless tragedy that could have been avoided. The makers of this product are lying to women. There statistics are way off and they are not honest about side effects. My husband and I are devastated and are extremely angry with the company who makes this evil contraceptive. I think we may sue. If anyone wants to discuss this with me or share a story please email me at Our voices need to be heard!

Anonymous said...

As of next month I will have had my Mirena for 5 years. Sorry girls but I have had not one single problem with mine. Well one...I can't lose weight but I can't gain it either. I have had almost non existant periods. I've only had cramps for the last few months and they aren't bad. Almost just feels like gas. I think the problem is that some women just aren't a good match for it. Just like any birth control. I can't use the pill. I get every side effect listed and not listed. Some things just aren't for everyone. I am very sorry for what you are all going through though! Doctors don't care what we have to say, don't believe a word coming out of our mouths and don't bother giving us all the info we need to make an informed decision. You really just have to go with your gut and ignore the doctors!

annette said...

I was dissapointed,I cant watch that video on your site as it says not available in my region (Australia) :(
I bet it is good.

Anonymous said...

i went for a check up yesturday on my mirena and they found the same problem that cathie had. they can not find the strings. they will not schedule me for an ultrasound till next week. i am worried that the mirena is going to mess up the chances of me ever concieving again. my doctors are idiots and i am pissed mirena was the worse mistake ever

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I started researching weight gain on the Mirena. I had the Mirena inserted right after my 2nd child. I thought it was the best thing until just recently. I have been struggling to lose weight with exercise, weightwatchers and nothing worked! It was as if as soon as I had the IUD inserted the scale stopped moving! I am now heavier than my postpartum exam. I am always tired, bloated in the mid section (like I am pregnant). I just recently had my IUD out and I am hoping with proper eating and exercise I can now shed those pounds. Has anyone else had luck losing weight after they removed the IUD? I can't wait to be myself again. I total discourage the IUD, I just hope I haven't done too much damage, now that I am 36! I will keep you guys posted!

Anonymous said...

Howdy ladies!
I've had the minera for almost 4 years. Even though I have been celibate for 2 years now and have no use for it! lol
I noticed joint pain immedicately following insertion. I would say within a week I was experiencing it from my mid body all the way to my toes! I was told to check post menses to make sure the string is still there. lmao
ummmm I am a big girl, and I don't know about you tiny ladies, but I can't reach my cervix without the assistance of a fairy God mother, and well she ditched me years ago.
Or maybe some super yoga guru could show me the way to go.
Anyway.... I finally have health insurance again and am hoping to have it removed soon. I have spotted for 4 years straight. And I know my back pain with pms is 10 fold now, then those pre-minera days.
Can't say I have lost or gained weight. I have tried to lose weight and it did take a lot more then the usual to make the pounds come off. Whether or not that is due to the evil minera, or just getting older (slower metabolism), I don't know. Anyway.... good luck to all. Can't wait to get this out! I just hope the Dr can find the string! :)
For all I know the thing could be attached to my left lung by now. ;)
Sorry for all you ladies that have suffered from this lovely piece of
We can send people to space, and we still haven't mastered a birth control that doesn't cause us side effects from hell.
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Hello ladies,

I am 35 years old and had Mirena inserted in March 2009 and removed August 2009. I experienced break through bleeding often. Like Anonymous wrote on 31 Mar 08 I suffered from joint pain, bumps on my scalp and weight gain.The docotors ran tests thinking it could be Rheumatoid arthritis and when blood work was fine they thought it may be carpal tunnel...which to me didn't seem right as it was my bones in the creases of my fingers. It was anonymous'post that encouraged me to forward her post to my Gyn and immediately make an appointment to have it removed. I would like to thank her for posting her ailments following her insertion.

I am still experiencing joint pain in my fingers...not as severe as they were a few weeks ago and the bumps on my scalp (I thought I was having an allergy to the shampoo) are almost completely gone. I feel better and am not so sluggish. My period came again a week after getting the IUD taking out. Much heavier and accompnied with cramps. Getting it taken out was not bad...I was told by my previous gyn who inserted it, that it wouldn't hurt and it hurt something awful. I felt like I was having a baby.

I was put on Mirena because I was having bleeding in between periods with different birth control pills and suffer from endometriosis, so I use birth control methods to regulate my periods, cramps and bleeding. I am not sexually active at the moment so all together I have decided not to take any birth control unless of course I have the heavy bleeding and or become sexual active again.

I'm glad they have blogs like these to help people research and realize that their symptoms are and that they find answers to their struggles.

Anonymous said...

I am 37 and have a 2 1/2 year old. I put in the Mirena about 1 1/2 years ago, as we think one is enough and it sounded wonderful. After 3 months of non-stop bleeding, my period went away. But something else happened - I have not been able to sleep for over a year now. Do all the promoting "sleep" things - no caffeine, no TV/computer at night, no alcohol... but I lie in my bed awake until about 4am and then end up dozing until the alarm goes off at 5:30 so I can get to the gym before work and getting my son ready. I have sleeping pills, but after a year of use, they do not really work anymore (sometimes I can get to sleep by 2am, but usually). Obviously I am depressed, exhausted, and have no sex drive. Last night (well at 2am) I was reading a book about hormones, and it clicked - perhaps I am not having a period because I have no estrogen or progesterone in my body naturally any more. I am thrilled to have found this site that other women are having the same issues. This never happened on the birth control pill before I got pregnant. I am calling my doctor this morning to have it removed. What other methods of BC are happy-with-the-number-of-children-I-have-and-do-not-want-more using if they had the Mirena removed? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am a young health care proffessional (21) and had a mirena inserted 1 year ago because I love my partner dearly and though it would be the right birthcontrol for me. insertion was probably the most painful experience I have ever had especially because I have never been pregnant before. to combat those first few months of bleeding I actually continued to take a low dose birthcontrol pill while my body adjusted to the new contraceptive. talk to your doctor about that option. I have not gained any weight but for you ladies who gain weight especially after you have had children you can not expect the weight to drop off even with exercise lot of hormones are running through your body especially if you are breast feeding (and please breast feed it is the best for your baby and you burn an extra 500 calories a day)I did have a scare when my were feeling shorter than normal and began to poke my partner a bit and my gyne managed to pull the strings out slightly because they can start to coil back. which is why it is important to check on them every other week or even get your partner to check them! birth control is different for everyone and it could be a number of other things that can cause weight gain suich as your thyroid or getting older. just know the mirena decreases your peiod opposed to a copper IUD which can increase your flow. if you are a low flow person to begin with it might not be plesant but for me it was a god send. give your IUD at least 6 months for your body to adapt like any other medication

Anonymous said...

Hi, i was just wondering if anyone had a crash after having the mirena out. It has been exactly a month and I am crazy! So emotional you would think i was pregnant, which I am not. Also how long until I should expect a period? Please help, I am loosing it.

Shannon said...

I had Mirena inserted 2 months ago, and almost immediately I started having side effects. My knees started feeling hot to the touch with severe pain from the back of my knees to the front and down my calf to the ankle. I also have severe upper back pain where my back feels like a complete spasm all the time. I barely could get up and down off the floor playing with my 4 month old. I have become a very mean woman-fighting with my husband- yelling at my poor 2 year old. Absolutely zilch sex drive. Shoulder pain. Constant bleeding, hair falling out in clumps, acne, bumps on my head behind my ears. Not to mention my 15 pound weight gain. This is not me!!!
I had it taken out yesterday. Within only a few hours, my knees went back to normal!! I am not lying-it was amazing! This morning I jumped right out of bed, no pain at all. I can't believe it!
(I did see another comment about Thyroid-just for the record, I do have Hypothyroidism but it is medically controlled for the past 15 years.)
I know that this piece of plastic is doing severe harm to women. I am going to write to the FDA now.

Pan said...

Hi there

Interesting posts, and of concern to me. I had a Mirena fitted in December 09 as I had some problems with thickening of the lining of the womb - I'm 40.

Within a couple of days I developed itchy skin on my belly, legs, breasts and scalp which indicated I had Mirena induced pruritus...and to top it off what looked like patches of ezema under my arms. These were all new ailments to me.

When I told the nurse about my skin at my 6 week check up she was immediately defensive about Mirena saying she had never heard of pruritus being caused by Mirena. Her response was strange seeeing how pruritus is even listed in the Bayers own patient leaflet.I was then told that the hormone (not Mirena of course) could dry the skin out and I should be moisturising twice daily, instead of my once. I've had to purchase dermatological skin care products and special shampoo for fear of making the condition worse.

The nausea, bloating, incredibly painful breasts, mood swings, swollen feet and legs and anxiety are all present since Mirena. The PMT is terrible, and I'm finding that although my periods are lighter, that I feel worse with PMT, and during the period than before.

The latest problem is joint pain - I've noticed it before and it seems to get worse in the PMT stage - but this month it's so painful it's like flu pain, arms, wrists, hips, back, ankles...everything aches and my movement is limited as a result. I feel terrible.

I am so irritable now, I have no patience whatsoever and I find myself getting confused.

The only good thing is the lighter monthly and fewer migraines: I have always had really bad migraines, I've probably had far less migraines since the Mirena. However other ailments have simply taken up their place.

I'm thinking I'll have to have it removed.

Anonymous said...

After having the Mirena for 13 months I am DONE with it. Symptoms have been increasing, including horrible PMS, joint pain like you get with the flu (all over the body, just like Pan said on this blog), terrible fatigue during week leading up to period, NO sex drive at all, no orgasms and now 5 breast cysts have developed in my left breast and I need to see a surgeon next week. I'm having the Mirena removed Monday and can't wait. In the past few months, I have truly felt like something was making my body toxic - it feels like something is poisoning me, especially the week before I get my "period" (now only spotting 1-2 times/month). I highly encourage woment to steer away from this form of birth control or if you do have a Mirena and are experiencing these symptoms, have it removed asap. Life IS too short to spend time feeling like this. Be well, listen to your body and take care of YOU. Thank you to all women who take the time to share on this board. You're helping others by doing so. I'm now going to report my experience on the FDA website... Be strong! Signed, D2

Anonymous said...

I am reading these posts with tears in my eyes. Partly because I finally see what's been causing my misery and partly because of my longstanding and ongoing fragile emotional state! I had the Mirena inserted about 2 years ago. I had some spotting when it was inserted and then never again. It was fantastic, I was a fan. After about 6 months I experienced jabbing pains in the area of my ovaries - we were moving house and I put it down to heavy lifting (found out later it was a ruptured ovarian cycst). Over the coming months I experienced acne problems (which are worsening), weight gain, depression and even thought about ending it a few times! All this from a new mom (I have 2 beautiful children 3 and 5) and a wonderful husband - hard to believe that my misery could be situational! At 1 year I had a routine check at my OBGYN. He told me that I suddenly had cysts all over my ovaries and diagnosed my with PCOS and told me to lose weight to lessen the symptoms. I asked how this could suddenly happen like this and he said probably from stress. (I was so emotionally exhausted at that point I would have believed anything that explained how terrible I was feeling). With new resolve in my life to improve my condition, I started on a strict low carb diet and hit the gym for 6 - 7 hours per week - lost 14 pounds in 7 weeks! Losing weight had always been easy for me but this was a real struggle. 1 year on and I still haven't made much progress with my weight! My depresssion comes and goes and recently I have developed on/off pain and burning in my right breast that is too awful to bear. I also have very dry skin - just like when I was pregnant. patches on my hands legs and arms that can't even stand contact with light clothing or they redden, burn and bleed. I live on antibiotics because I have constant respiratory infections and bronchitis. I can't believe that all this is from the Mirena. I am going to make an appt today to have the thing removed! I feel so violated! My doctor even said to me this was the best contraception given my "PCOS" as it would stop the uterus lining from thickening and becoming cancerous! (meanwhile the Mirena is what's causing all of this). Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had any of these symptoms. After reading this, I'm going to get mine taken out asap!

dangerousbeans said...

I have an appointment to have the Mirena removed tomorrow...I was told it might help with menstrual migraines, which I think it did for about 1-2 months, but now I am having way more migraines than before, and some of them are the worst of my life, and I have had migraines for as long as I can remember. Starting about 3 months after I got the Mirena, the migraines started coming back, and I got excessively moody and emotional (something I NEVER was at all before, my friends used to say I was the most stable and unemotional person they knew)...things have been constantly getting worse. About 2 1/2 years ago, I lost 60 pounds after being overweight for my whole life. I was finally at a healthy weight, and I stayed there easily for 2 after getting the Mirena I have gained 15 pounds in 6 months, without changing anything else...I am very unhappy about this. I feel like it has taken my control away and that is NOT COOL. Also I have been unable to sleep, again something that NEVER happened to me before...if I do sleep, I wake up feeling totally unrested, and my arms and hands are numb and tingly and swelled up. I have joint aches and pains, I feel spaced out all the time, and extremely tired. I have lost interest in almost everything. To top it off...when I went to the doctor (a different one, the doc that put it in is gone to another place) to talk about having the Mirena removed...she was shocked that anyone would have recommended it to try to help with migraines...she said that the kind of migraines that I have are strongly counterindicated for hormonal treatments of any kind because it increases the risk of stroke, and she said she has seen it happen in my age group (I just turned 38).

All I can say is that I SERIOUSLY want my life back, and tomorrow morning isn't soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I have just made an appointment to have the Mirena coil removed. I have also just been referred to a rheumatologist having reported pains in my joints (knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, elbows) and feetfor the last two and half years. Sometimes I find it difficult to walk properly, the stiffness and pain is so bad. I have had these symptoms which have been getting progressively worse for the last four years since I had the coil inserted but didn't realise there might be a connection.
In addition to the aches and pains, I have experienced abdominal pain, bloating and weight gain which is hard to shift even with careful dieting and exercise. I know some of these symptoms might be associated with the menopause but I really did not expect to be arthritic and have problems with mobility in my late forties. It is not a condition which runs in my family. I have felt more like an 80 year old some days. I will let you know what happens when this thing is out of me.

warm wishes to all

Helen said...

I have had my mirena in two years now and have had major hair loss, migraines, eczema, intermitent bleeding, mood swings, panic attacks, fatigue, no libido, to name a few. I tried a few times to ask my doctor to remove it and she said they were normal symptoms and I should keep giving it a go. I have been bleeding for a month as of today and I have had enough. I tried to book in to get it removed by have to wait a month, so I came home tonight and removed it myself in the shower. Oh so easy and no pain. Emotionally I feel elated. FINALLY! It's gone and good riddance. I don't know how long it's going to take to feel normal again but I hope it doesn't take too long.

Renee said...

I had made an appt today to get the Mirena. I have pretty much always lived life sans BC, just knew at this stage of my life, I didn't want a "whoops", so thought I would give it a shot. The literature described most of the issues on this board, but stated less than 5% would experience that. I'm sure this BC works for most people or doctors wouldn't dismiss ladies' concerns so easily. But as a hypothyroid person, I already suffer from migraines, joint pain, weight issues and acne. I simply cannot afford to be in the 5% for any of these issues. I already had reservations about the hormones, even though they are supposed to be so low dose. But ultimately, if I were to get pregnant, I could deal with it. Until that possibility is absolutely unacceptable, I will just live my life as God intended. I really wanted to stop the cramping and monthly hormone cycle, but I will continue to be the hippie I am and live life naturally. Thanks for sharing your stories!

Anonymous said...

I have had my IUD since August of 09. I have constant spotting (maybe a week out of the month without)I have had no sex drive, been extremely moody, no energy, depressed, have expierenced some anxiety, I have dizziness and headaches all the time, experiencing joint pain in my wrists and now my ankles too. I have never in my life had any of these problems, until about six months after having the IUD inserted (which was very painful for me), all of these problems that I am having seem to be getting worse. I knew this could be causing some of my problems but after checking out many different blogs I see that alot of people are having the same problems. ThankYou everyone for sharing! I go tomorrow to have this thing removed!!!! Very hopeful that it will help! Will keep you all posted.

Anonymous said...

I go tomorrow to get my Mirena removed , like many others strings have disappeared and after a scan have confirmed it is still in situ and apparently ovaries have retired. I am 57 and had it inserted 5 years ago , reading all the comments I cant believe that I have probably been suffering all my aches and pains, etc etc due the mirena. My husband is a great believer of not taking drugs as chemicals are not good for you , and based on my recent discoverery reading everyones comments I have to agree with him there.(I guess because you arnt taking it daily it doesnt exsist and must admit had forgotten about it until I had a call up from GP to get it taken out as 5years since insertion.) All the symptoms I experience similar to others I have always attributed to age, menopause, working nights. But the one thing that really throws me is the bout of depression I experienced about 6 months after my Mirena was inserted and it is only now that I question if that drug had anything to do with it. Yeh there were things happening in my life that I attributed to how I felt but normally I would be able to deal with them. At that time many people wanted me to go onto antidepressants, except my husband and I still have the unopened packet in my drawer.(probably expired by now) My emotions are still pretty fragile at times and have threatened to divorce my husband many times, but at the same time wonder why he hasnt wanted to divorce me as I am sure I am a moaning old witch most of the time.
I only went on to this blog to check out other womens experiences of the removal, as years ago my GP tried to insert the Mirena in the surgery and my uterus went into spasm and the procedure had to be disbanded, later had it put in under GA. At scans have beenrepeatedly been informed I have a very small/neat uterus as havent had any had children, under normal circumstances would be flattered but fear that the removal will not be straight forward and actually would have been happy to not get it removed ever for fear of the horrendous pain, having said that having read all the comments on this and other sites cant wait to get it out and sart living a normal life again, as stated I'm 57 but every one thinks I 'm years younger but they dont know what I'm suffering unless I tell them. So instead of fearing tomorrow I feel optomistic but angry at myself for having never questioned the Mirena for all the aches and pains , insomnia, emotional problems weight gain, lethary and lack of sex drive.

Anonymous said...

I had Mirena for about 9 months from 2009 - 2010 and had it removed primarily because I had DEBILITATING INSOMNIA. I also never stopped spotting, but that was nothing compared to the insomnia.

Anonymous said...

Well that's my Mirena out ,as posted 5 july 11 ,with very little discomfort I,m pleased to report.(infact quite an anticlimax) Interested to know how all the earlier woman are after the removal of their Mirena's and if they have returned to normal health.I am hoping that no news is good news !!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I found this blog!!!!! Last week I started having really bad cramps in my pelvic area and lower back. They haven't gone away, so I thought maybe it's the Mirena? So I started searching Mirena side effects, and not only can it cause the cramps, but also the depression, and achy feet, hand, wrists, and shoulders I've had the last year since having the Mirena placed. I do deal with depression anyway, and I knew it was a risk, but I wanted to try the Mirena anyway. Why did it take me this long to realize that the reason my depression has been worse the last year is probably due to the Mirena? I feel like an idiot! I'm also happy to read that a lot of you have had joint pain. I'm only 30, and for the last year I've felt like an 80 year old woman limping around on my sore and swollen feet! I've even been to the podiatrist and had cortisone shots to my feet because they are so painful, but the pain never goes away. I made an appointment to get the Mirena removed. They couldn't get me in for a week and a half......ugh!!!!!! I wish it was sooner!!!!!! I can't wait to get this thing out and hopefully feel like myself again!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi im a 28 year old mum of 4 in april 2011 i started bleeding out hospital said it was normal cause i did not have a period for 2 months 3 weeks later happned again bad clotting n blood coming out like a burst water main i felt i was dying i had to have transfusion and iron level dropped to2 me hemogloban was dropping to the 70 mark its been 4 months of pain depression and recovery.
On june 2 2011 i got iud merina put in 3 weeks after it i was at the beach walking and realised i could not feel my legs they were half numb.
After this numbness started in my buttox.vagina and left upper part of body.
After this tingling and prickling feeling in my body blured vision even my mouth goes numb and my throar tingles so many problems i been worried im booked in for next sat to have mri and brain scan prey its nothing serious i think its merina causing all ov it.
My Gyn also said theres no way its from the small merina yes it is im sure of it...
Wish me luck i want to get better and look after my 4 sons as me again ;(

Anonymous said...

Wow! So glad I found this blog. I'm 32 and I've experiences most of these symptoms since insertion 2 years ago. I cant get an appt until Oct but I cant wait to get this thing out! I've had insomnia, abdominal pain, spotting and the worse of it all chronic sinusitis for the last 4 months. I dont habe children but the pill was causing high blood pressure and I have endometriosis so the the only reason I got it was to help with these two issues.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally enlightened. I had Mirena inserted Aug '10 and after the six months of horrible bleeding, no more period. So excited, told everyone about it. However, since Jan '11 I have had EXTREME pain in my lower legs and recently diagnosed with EN-erythema nodosum (hard areas that form on your legs, then turn into a bruise). I have seen EVERY MD for this. Vascular ruled out any vein issues, Rhuematology diagnosed me with the EN, but felt the constant pain might not be related. Now I'm seeing a neurologist who scheduled me for an EMG (shocking muscles with electricity-hello, scary!) Plus I just completed 6 weeks of PT with didn't help at all. I'm at a loss and can barely function at my job anymore because my legs and feet are so painful. Like many of you have said, I'm 31 and feel 80! I went on the Web MD site to double check treatment options for EN when I noticed it can be caused by birth control; which led me to this blog. I feel inspired and relieved that getting this thing removed may reverse my age back to normal! I'm so thankful for you all posting your stories!

Anonymous said...

Hi all & thx for stories-
Mirena inserted 1/2009 after 2 back to back childbirths most of my terrible symptoms began in 1/2011
AGGRESSIVE mood swings I was actually seeing a psych to be a good mom it's so sad to me:'(
Chronic infections I had a standing script for Clyndimycin/Dyflucan along with the EXCESSIVE butt acne NO sex drive it nearly ended my marriage
Seeing my OBGYN she continues to suggest my issues are lifestyle so I change my life my panties my soap ugghh finally 9/4/2011 3am I don't know if I want to kill myself or someone else..I pulled the string on the whole damn Mirena operation lol I laid down sent my husband a txt and said please come home things will be better now (I never have been crazy or had any mental illness I am a energetic loving wife/mother intelligent and stable) I went to sleep and rested that night and LITERALLY I woke up to a new life!! I had to laugh my hubby sang "I can see clearly now Mirena's gone" lol yes exactly!! Symptoms subsided FAST!! had a normal pre-Mirena period on 9/7/2011 oh btw I continued to have a cycle on Mirena it was very light but 28days( honestly I felt stopped up) on 9/17/2011 I felt some cramping no period me & dh are using withdrawal method not TTC but not a problem if we do. Then the symptoms set in ugh BACKACHE NAUSEA FREQ URINATION & MY BOOBS OMGOSH BIG & SORE so I had all tests done urine+blood+pap+trans vag ultrasound I didn't seem to be preggers I don't know if it was too early or these are Mirena removal side effects for me I "feel" pregnant but I think it's from that evil little device I am due for a period around 10/1/2011 if nothing I will test again to be sure & will bookmark this forum and let you guys know so it will maybe help someone else! I too will head over to FDA to rant lol good luck ladies!

Anonymous said...

I got mirena on April 2011. Before that my husband and I used condoms as our only birth control method for years after having two children who are now 6 & 7. I thought mirena sounded great at first ,less periods. No more condoms ,but I've had so many problems with it since the start. When I had it put in I was in extreme pain and my tolerance for pain is pretty high. I felt like I was going to black out, but just kept calm and took deep breaths like nothing was wrong. It came out once and had to have put in again.UGH!! Finally after having it put in I took midol for my abdominal pain. I bled for three months everyday!!!! I called my doctor and told her about my bleeding and painful cramps and all she said was " thats something you can expect to last up to six months" NO WAY!!! It felt worst then giving birth and I had them with no epidural anesthesia. I didn't tell my husband about the constant pain I was going through even after the bleeding stopped. I though maybe he would be disappointed to going back to using condoms if I took it out since HE was enjoying mirena. My weight before mirena was 110 and I never could gain weight even after having two children. About a month after having mirena I gained not much and I had no problem with it, But three months later I was 150 lb!! Well, am latina so all the women in my family have curves I was the only skinny one(WAS) My family was always complementing my new curves, but I had a family friend who had not seen me in about four months ask me if I was pregnant! I just smiled and said no. It was a very akward moment for the both of us. I soon realized I had to lose the wieght. Am eating (more)healthier, drinking (more) water and working out something I never use to do because I never needed it. I don't know what my weight is now and kinda don't want to know since I still look "pregnant". I have two rashes on my thigh that won't go away and always itch it looks like ezcema. I never had this kind of problem before and even my husband thinks they look nasty. Am pretty sure a I have a UTI now. I pee blood it looks like cranberry juice. I have also never in my life had a UTI until now. I read the other post and am making an appointment for wednesday to get this thing out!!! Mirena is so expensive it cost me $650 and $125 to have it put in! I can't imagine how much it will cost me to get it taken out. Plus my UTI antibiotic medicine. I have no health insurance so its all self-paid. but I rather have it taken out now before It causes more damage to my body. Why did I ever get this?! Am not looking foward to more bleeding after mirena comes out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you mommas! I had mirena inserted 12/2010. I'm having it removed tomorrow...2/2012. I have always been a positive energetic force! Now, since mirena, I'm depleted, mood swings, major disgusting foul odor and 5 UTIs last year and intense anal itching and above all... ZERO ZERO sex drive. So lovely for my marriage. After 4 trips to my Gyn last year, whom I love btw, he too, surprisingly keeps insisting it's NOT mirena!! I'm like... Duh! I've been with you for 10 years, I trust you... But I've never had any of these symptoms until Jan 2011 after 1 month of mirena. Its amazing how many of our doctors are pushers for mirena. Im shocked my doc didnt sympathize and say ok.. Lets remove it and see if your sypmtoms subside. So, trusting him, I also now have irregular period/spotting for days or not at all, so I don't know when I'm actually due for a period... True selling point is no periods, but now I'm realizing this is NOT GOOD! Our bodies think they're entering menopause! Completely frustrated, I went to famous NYC doc known as the Vagina Queen. Many women I know have gone to her with HUGE SUCCESS in diagnosing their vaginal ailments. When she introduced herself and took one look at me, she asked what birth control I use... "Mirena!". She whizzed back on her stool, threw her arms up and said, "MIRENA is 100% causing 100% of issues!! Get it removed immediately!" she referred to mirena as causing TWAT ROT!! I was in disbelief yet relieved. She explained our bodies think they are in menopause and we have no hormone In our system! We have brain fog, not ADD or depression, we have thin uterine lining which in turn cause thin vaginal walls... No desireable juicy vagina... Just dry and irritated, and any sex is sure to rub away at what's left of the wall...causing bacteria and infection... The vagina on mirena has NO acidity and sperm is alkaline... So NO NO ph balance now... Thus foul odor!!! Also UTI is a guarantee if I don't pee before and after "unwanted" sex. My Gyn just prescribed more antibiotic pills to take before sex or after... The macrobid/nitrofur... Like I even want sex, now I have to take an antibiotic that makes my stomach so constipated! Wow!!!! It's sooooooooooooooo clear, ladies!!! Get the mirena out STAT!!!!! It's awesome to read all the posts, because now I am absolutely certain that is what it is! I'm getting it out tomorrow, and then following up with vagina queen next week... She is blood testing for all vitamins and deficiencies... She said the mirena depletes us of everything... She swears all my irritating symptoms will clear up immediately, even the anal fissures. God I can't wait! I miss myself... It's so surreal to think I've literally gone down hill for a year and all because of 1 insertion I was told was magical. I turned 40 last July and since last March, I've had nothing but anxiety and negative thoughts about dying and worrying about everyone and everything...and that was NEVER me! I thought turning 40 would actually help! Boy, it didn't. I blamed getting older... Ironically now, I cant wait til tomorrow to start feeling young, alive, sexy, clean, healthy and clear headed again!!! We shall see... But I recommend a Vagina Queen, MD over a Gyn now for women's health!! . Oh... I hear it doesn't hurt to take it out, but I am nervous... Nervous my doctor will sweet talk me and guilt me into keeping it in! LOL! I'm not leaving with that piece of crap still in me... I hope the string is easily accessible! Ok, Buh Bye Mirena... AMEN!

Anonymous said...

I have an appointment to get my Mirena removed next week. Mirena is the worse thing ever. Even after having my baby by c-section I managed to loose a lot of the weight I gained during the pregnancy, until I got the Mirena 6 weeks after I gave birth. I have no sex drive and I have gained around 25 pounds. I've been eating pretty healthy and I've been exercising regularly. I know this might sound crazy but I've been comparing myself with one of those chickens you see on the news, the way they get when they are injected with hormones. Their breasts get huge as well as their wings and thighs. I'll update you when I get it removed.

Amber McMurray said...

I was convinced it was me and now I see that I am not crazy it is this devilish device. Thank you ladies for helping me come to a healthy life changing decision! I am scheduling a date to have it removed immediately!

Linz said...

I don't even know where to begin. I had the Mirena inserted when my son was 9 weeks old. Having the Mirena inserted was on par with natural childbirth. I was in bed for three days and excruciating pain. Then, I bled and cramped for 6 months. I had a heavy period every day for 6 months. Hell. The last three months it has lightened, but I'm still spotting 3 or 4 days of the week. I have no idea where I am in my cycle...or if I even have a cycle anymore.

At the point of insertion, I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight. It was awesome. Now, my son is about to turn a year old and I've gained over 15 lbs. My mid section is bloated - I look pregnant. I've gone from a size 8 to a size 12.

But the weight gain is the least of my concerns. I've never had digestive issues in my life, and since insertion I've discovered I'm lactose and soy intolerant. Fine, I can adapt. But even with cutting those out I am nauseous all the time. Intermittent diarrhea. Anal fissures. EXTREMELY itchy anus. Gas, bloating.

Then we have the headaches and cognitive issues. I have had a headache every single day. Every day. All day. My head is so foggy and I'm having numbness in my arms and legs. All my symptoms made my Dr think I had MS. Thankfully, after two MRI's, I don't have MS.

My entire body aches. The joint pain is brutal. I have a very high tolerance for pain, but have felt completely disabled for much of the last 9 months. Between the headaches, joint pain and anxiety/depression - I've never felt worse.

In an attempt to get better, I've taken control of my life - eating healthy, exercising regularly, physiotherapy on my neck once a week, acupuncture twice a week. We are going broke to try to make me better. Despite all this, I continue to put on weight and have debilitating pain.

It never even crossed my mind that all these symptoms could be connected and that it could be the Mirena. Needless to say, I'm calling the Women's Clinic tomorrow and making an appt for removal.


claireo said...

hi all, i am so glad i found this site!!! i have been to the doctor today to discuss my ongoing problems with my joints, i have been immobile until yesterday due to severe joint pain in my knees, hips and elbows!! i went looking for answers and happened to mention that on my previous visit to the nurse (2 years ago) i asked about having my mirena coil removed and was told it would be fine for another 2 years as all was in place and normal, i originally had the mirena fitted in april 2002!!! (at this point the new GP NEARLY CHOKED ON HER SIP OF WATER) this then prompted her to ask me lots of questions about my general health and wellbeing and she has now ordered a complete set of blood and other tests for me immediately!! i honest to god trusted the nurse and nevr once thought that any of my problems could be related to the Mirena but am now scouring the internet for info re this. I am due to go in and have it removed in 2 weeks and was advised that this likely may not be possible and may have to go to hospital for this, i am now absolutely livid that ive got to wait another two weeks and potentially carry the alien for longer!!!

Nicole said...

I really wish I would have found this blog before I had that torture devise put in. I had it exactly one month and couldn't take it any longer. Anxiety attacks, gasping for air even though I wasn't needing more air, a feeling of dread constantly, no libido, I was puffy all the time (though never gained weight), foggy headed, and best of all, my blood pressure spiked to 185/110--nightly and I would have full body shakes.

Got it out one month to the day of having it put in. within 8 hours my blood pressure was almost normal, the fog lifted within 4 hours, my mood improved and my libido was back within 24 hours. Now I am dealing with the roller coaster of emotions and still having anxiety attacks and sometimes full body shakes(my blood pressure doesn't rise with them though), but it's only been 5 days so I am hoping that will go away.

I am printing up everything I can find on this thing and giving it to my doctor when I see her at the end of the month (I went to the Women's ER here in town to have it removed). Sweden is all about the welfare of their citizens, and I am going to inform her about this.

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies I had the mirina for 16 mnth I just got it removal 4 days ago and started takin the pill but every since the day I got it removal I have been having heavy bleeding and clots but I do feel better aftrr not having the iud I had gain so much weight my sex life was wack I felt depress I became biploar cuz I thought my husband was cheating due to all the side effects and my hair falling out soo bad so now my biggest concern is when is the bleeding gonna stop when are we gonna get back to our sex life and I really hope the pill dont mess me up im so glad I found this site did anyone else get on the pill after the removal and if so wats the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I'm 20 and just got the iud three days ago.
I dint have any pain what so ever, but just this morning I had to hold my urine for a good 45 mins and out of no where I have this horrible pain in my pelvis area.
I have been kind of moody but nothing out of normal, but one thing I noticed is that I haven't been getting hungry at all,

Do you ladies think it might be something related to the mirena..... Thank you, I am ver new to this grown up things...:-)

Anonymous said...

I got my mirena out about 2 weeks ago. I had had it for about 2 1/2- 3 years. The first 9 months I had off and on bleeding. I never knew where my cycle was. I wanted to get it out almost every month but stuck it out because I don't like to give up and knew it had been expensive to have inserted. Once it was working, it was great. Barely any periods with occasional spotting. I didn't know it was there. I did work out pretty seriously for a solid 2 years of cardio and didn't lose weight. I actually gained 5 pounds. I would be sweaty and tired so I know my workouts were hard. It wasn't until I started using weights that my body looked better but I still didn't lose weight. Finally, I was able to lose a few pounds after a cleanse but only about 4 or 5. I had to reduce my diet to barely any calories and no sugar or carbs. I eat healthy as it is, so basically, I had to cut out any extras. As far as problems go, The last 6 months have been hell. It started around January. I got hemrhoids and a yeast infection at the same time. Ever since than, I've been on Diflucan, off and on, for these reoccurant problems. The Gyno says there's no connection to the Mirena. It sounds like everyone's gyno says that. They must be getting some major kickbacks from promoting the Mirena. I also have had some mild incontinence. It seems as though I leak a bit. The whole situation has been hellish. I've laughed out loud reading other's posts about it being a great birth control due to you not wanting to do it because of the bad smell and infections! Speaking of the smell, many have noted a foul odor after sex. I noticed this as well.
I have definately not felt sexy, and I've felt old. A few other oddities, I have a ringing in my right ear that hasn't resolved itself since removal. I've had the foggy head thing where I try to think of a word and it escapes me, or I say the wrong word when referencing something. My family has kind of gotten used to it. I have an incredible sensitivity to all soaps that I never had. Only in the vaginal anal area. The result is usually a burning sensation. Since the removal, I don't feel as though the sesitivity is as bad. I can't tell for sure because I think it may take time for the symptoms to go away. Now, I'm dealing with the nagging hemrhoids. I think my immune system has been compromised making it harder for me to heal from any affliction. In all the posts I've read, I agree that it may work for some people, but, I believe the majority of people are getting weight gain, hair loss, acne, uti's and yeast, depression, loss of libido,bad smell after sex, and major anxiety from the Mirena. I hope everyone that's questioned theirself because their doctor hasn't been helpful, finds this website and doesn't feel so alone. As soon as I found these different websites, I arranged to have it removed. I couldn't wait! I was elated the moment I knew it was out!

Anonymous said...

I can nor believe what I am reading I have had my Mirena since September of 2007 right after the birth of my daughter. I thought that it was the greatest birth control ever invented because of not having to use condoms. After reading all these posts it has brought everything together for me, I have had no sex drive since Mirena I HATE having sex because it is so painful, uncomfortable, and seems like a chore. I often forget things and am so sleepy I feel like an old woman and I am only 25. I also have had around 30 UTIs since I have had this birth control and have undergone 6 different tests because the doctors think something is wrong with my kidneys, I have been on an antibiotic for 2 months now to decrease the constant pain burning etc. I have had a terrible foul odor after sex for years now and tried everything to get rid of it. I have an appointment next week to hopefully get Mirena removed and I can not wait!!! I want my life back! I want to want sex. I want to remember. I can not wait to have this out of my life!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all the women who have posted you have helped me in a way you have never known.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Mirena Sufferers,

You are validated, I have read hundreds of reports on the internet of women suffering for a long time before they make the connection between Mirena and leg/joint pain, as it is not mentioned in the Mirena literature, and our doctors are in the dark.

Please call Bayer at 888-842-2937 to report (and use this term, so they have to make a written report): "An adverse event." At that point, you will have an opportunity to list all the side effects you have suffered from, as well.

I was also directed to CVS's product complaint line at 866-638-8312 again, to "Report an adverse event."

We all hear each other on these agonizing side effects. Let's make sure Bayer hears us. My goal is to reach the critical number, so they must list this as a side effect in their literature.

If it hurts, get it removed.



Anonymous said...

Hi, i just started my own blog and found your blog tonight. Wow. I'm trying to find as many woman as possible who have had Mirena and specifically suffered from joint inflammation and/or a diagnosis of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

I'm curious to know why Mirena is on the market without listing all of the side effects.

Anonymous said...

I just had mirena inserted three weeks ago. I love it. I had it before. After birth of my third child.After two years I had it removed because my husband and I wanted another child. I got preggers within a year and we just had our fifth baby this year.I never had any big side effects before and so far have not this time. I'm sorry so many seem to have issues. I'm not Moody sex drive is awesome and my weight hasn't changed no odors or uti probs. I had the implanon in may and it was horrible I had serious side affecs with it. I think no birth control is right for every woman and each of us has to find what is right for our own bodies. I don't think anyone should not get the mirena because it didn't work for others here. Because there are those that it works fine for. You do what you feel is right for your body.

Anonymous said...

I have had problems with mirena. I've have it in since back always hurts, I have major cramping(when it does occur).. and I have chosen to make an appointment to get it removed soon. I hear too many things...and it scares me.

Jenny Summer said...

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Anonymous said...

i had mirena inserted in november of 2011, after the birth of my second daughter. during my pregnancy i had gained 27 pounds & i had lost 22 pounds before having mirena put in. in the 16 months that i had mirena i had gained about 30 pounds. i also had crazy mood swings. i'd be completely fine & then the smallest thing could happen & i would be furious, absolutely raging. any other time, it felt like i had zero emotion. it was like i simply didn't care about anything. i also developed ibs after about 4 months of having mirena. it was awful. i was miserable. my husband was miserable. i'm only 23 & could not imagine living the rest of my life dealing with these side effects. mirena was great for what it was supposed to do, but all the added side effects were so not worth it to me. i had my mirena removed yesterday & didn't even feel it. there has been some cramps today & a digestive flare up, but nothing too terrible.
i wish doctor's would share the full extent of their knowledge with patients thinking about mirena. the doctor that inserted mine, didn't even tell me i was supposed to be checking my strings! i switched doctors after that. and then when i went to have it removed yesterday & was telling my nurse about the side effects she told me there was no way mirena would have caused any of them. thankfully my new doctor listened to me & the side effects i was having. we discussed what i would use as birth control & decided the pill was the best option, i'll just have to be extra careful this time around. i'm just thankful she cared enough to talk about what the best choice for me would be. she flat out told me she wouldn't let me do the depo shot as the weight gain & mood swings would continue, if not be worse than with mirena. all i can say is i'm glad that i got it taken out. i just regret ever doing that to my body to beging with.

mirena iud side effects said...

The plaintiff is distressed because she may now be infertile as a result of Mirena. In her complaint, Johnson accuses Bayer of knowingly releasing a defective and unsafe product.

Rosemarie raƱa said...

Women who have experienced complications such as device migration or uterine perforations may consider filing a claim to receive compensation for medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering.

mirena iud side effects

Jacinta said...

Is the mirena in Australia the same design as the USA one? The doctor and hospital give glowing reports about mirena and assure me there is minor side effects. Have been booked in for implant but will be canceling it. Frustrating that I cant get correct info from people intrusted with my health/life

Unknown said...

Greetings all,
I has my mirena put in last April (2012) and then removed in November due to a long list of gnarly side effects. The most obvious one was a rash on my chin a few months after having it put in. I went to urgent care thinking I had been bitten by a spider. They wrote me a rx for cream and steroid and sent me on my way. Weeks later the rash was worse, covering most of my chin & part of my neck. I went to a dermatologist. Same results- cream & steroid. $60 copy- have a nice day. Over the course of a year I've been to several drs and the rash continues to morph & change, but not improve- even after having the mirena out for almost 5 months. It is now across my neck, from ear to ear, deep red, itchy, and omday the least unsightly. Anyone heard of or experienced anything similar?? This is a HORRIBLE product :(

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found this blog. I have been experiencing some of these same issue since my IUD insertion on January 18, 3013. I have no sex drive, My blood pressure has gone up, I have terrible joint pain, especially after sitting for a while and my mood is horrible. I have made the decision to go ahead and have the device removed. I would much rather go ahead with the hysterectomy.

Anonymous said...

So thankful to have found this site! I have been experiencing many of the same side effects as some of you-bloating, random cramping, odor, NO libido, increased depression, eczema spots, decreased immunity, and now an abscess under one arm. I had the Mirena placed in December of 2012 with the high hopes that it would regulate or eliminate the period with hardly any side effects, or good ones, at least. My hubby can feel the strings during intercourse-not fun-so still using condoms anyway!
I told my doctor at my original follow-up appt. that the strings caused discomfort to my hubby and she said that wasn't possible.
One of the reasons for the "installation" was due to recommendation by a neurologist on the premise that progesterone has an anti-convulsive effect. Was diagnosed with adult onset epilepsy a couple of years ago (never did drugs, never smoked, rarely drank, mostly healthy diet, healthy weight, home-birthed kids)-up to that point healthy other than occasional stress and depression. Meds for epilepsy can cause mood changes as well. Now, with mirena side effects, the issues are worse, not better as hoped. After reading these posts, you all have empowered me...I know now it is not all in my head! I am more tired than I was before, more spaced out, more bloated. I have gone from about 25 day cycle to 21 day cycle (although it is light). Gained 7 pounds. I suppose it was worth a try, but now that I know what it is like, NO THANK YOU! Calling for an appointment right now!

Anonymous said...

I have had the Mirena coil in for 3 years now. It was fine for the first two years and I had no periods at all - thought it was a miracle cure. The past year I have got weird symptoms though - bad back ache, pains in my lower abdomen (like I can feel something pulling in there) and for the past six months a rash on both ankles that itches like mad and looks horrendous. I had exactly the same rash when I was pregnant both times and despite using various prescriptions to try and clear it, and after numerous docs and dermatologist appointments, it only went away once the babies were born. The dermatologist said it had to be hormonal reaction. I have also been really depressed, almost suicidal. At first I didn't think it could be the Mirena causing these problems as I had had it for two years without any problems but the rash was the final straw - I thought I'd seen the last of that after the last pregnancy! It can ONLY be the Mirena causing that. I am having it taken out next Monday and I just pray to God that my symptoms alleviate because I feel like I'm going out of my mind.

Anonymous said...

Omg. Just starting having anxiety issues and going on 4th of this iud. I have no reason to have anxiety and after reading other side affects, I have most of them- low libedo, bloating, mood swings, irritable, tender breasts. The list goes on. Have appt tomorrow to get removed. Hoping this will help with anxiety as I don't was to be anxiety mess. The other thing is the anxiety is on off, somedays I don't have and others I do.

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful to find this blog. I've been trying to figure out for ages why I've been feeling so low and soooo old! I finally realised I should look up side-effects of the Mirena and eventually found you all! It has helped me immensely to know that I'm not imagining a connection between IT and the symptoms I'm having. I thought I'd become gluten and dairy intolerant. I get bloating, back and joint pain, itchy scalp, headache, tiredness, sore boobs, I get major pmt grumpiness at different points in the month. I find it hard to concentrate and remember things. I feel old and tired. I got it because of years of heavy periods after having the kids. I'm not looking forward to that but at least I understand it and can manage it. This, though, is getting worse and where will it stop? When I've scared away everyone I love probably.

Anonymous said...

I have just had my mirena removed yesterday as it's now after midnight and wanted to see if there was anyone out there who had experienced the same issues as myself. I was both shocked and surprised to come across this blog, so in hope of helping someone else i am contributing.

I am british and was advised to get the mirena inserted as i experienced extremely heavy periods, (enough to warrant intravenous iron replacement) i thought what the heck and went for it.

Initially everything was fine until year 3 and then i experienced discharge which increased as the months went on. I also had swollen arms and feet, itchy nether regions, both ends, an occasional long and i mean a long strand of hair that would grow out of my cheek overnight, very strange and i felt as though i was carrying a lead weight in my stomach. Swollen breasts became the norm along with constantly itchy feet, spots on my face (which i never had, even as a teenager), 30lb weight gain and worst of all the depressively tiring brain fog and exhaustion.

i was silly enough to keep mine in for four years+ until i had had enough and it suddenly dawned on me that the issues i developed were never around until my mirena. The only positives are that i am no longer anaemic and experienced light to no periods at all.

The fact that i am prepared to go back to anaemia, should tell you something about how this contraception has made me feel both emotionally and physically. Those of you thinking about getting it, please do your research and don't be persuaded by supposedly well meaning health professionals.

I know that we are all different and my experience may/may not mirror others, but in retrospect i am concerned about the long term health issues i may have caused myself as a result of taking this route.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have just had my mirena removed (had it in for 7 months), now just 2 days post removal I am feeling normal again, I am so relieved! For the past few months I have had on and off numbness and tingling mainly in left arm and leg and sometimes just numb crampy toes. I have been so worried, my dr checked my heart which is fine, assured me that I haven't had a stroke and referred me to a neurologist for tests which came back normal. I saw an osteopath for the 1st time who actually listened to my idea that the mirena could be causing a hormone imbalance and suggested I remove it. I'm also taking some magnesium which is apparently good for nervous system. I have also had joint pain, neck pain, depression and heightened anxiety whilst on the mirena. I am so very relieved to have it out. Thankyou to all for sharing your stories, it really helps to read that people are going through the same thing....... Laura :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I had the Mirena inserted at my 6week check up after the birth of my second child in sept 2010. It is still in, but not for long!
For a long time I've denied the side effects. I always thought the pressures of having two children that i predominantly care for myself was what caused me to be a 'pscyco mum"! but it is so no me. I snap at the smallest things my six year old does. I completely over react. But afterwards i have little to no genuine emotion regarding the outbreak. I know how wrong I am and i know how i should feel, but I just don't. Many of the other symptoms: sex related, have come and gone. Its the unnecessary anger, and it is real ANGER that i feel, that is really freaking me out. I love the no periods, but i feel that this is the only upside. My happiness (non existent, I can pretend but I don't really "feel anything),and my families is so much more important. I need another form of BC. I think Ill go back on the pill as in the past the above mention side affects did not happen to me with that.
Nearly three years is long enough to be constantly questioning your own mental state when you are pretty certain that you are sane.
Goodbye Mirena and hopefully Hello old self.
Thank you so much for this blog. Bec

Anonymous said...

I received a 5 year Mirena IUD 2 months after my now 3 year old was born. I had minimal pain upon insertion, however bled for 3 yes 3 months afterwards - I thought it would never end. Still I stuck with it at the discretion of my OBGYN telling us we'd probably be pregnant within a month of removal.

During the last 3 years I have seen 3 Urologists, 2 specialists, 2 OB's and 2 PCC's because I felt like I was leaking and had to pee 1-3 an hour afterwards, every time they would check positioning and would be hesitant in removing it no matter how much I debated.

Well on June 4th my friend was like maybe you're pregnant I brought you a test, we'd all been joking for like a month with the cravings, and headaches, and incessant peeing etc. if I didn't have an IUD we'd think I was pregnant - The stick said Pregnant.

Turns out I am, it wasn't just a fluke - as a matter of fact I am damn near 3 months pregnant. I was told in the beginning this was 99.999% effective and the only 3/100 women are even able to get pregnant on it.

While I'm happy now that I've had a few ideas to adjust to the idea. I'm pissed that something I thought was reliable failed, and it makes me nervous because the Obgyn I see says it would be more dangerous to remove the IUD while the baby is in utero because it could disrupt their environment, and cause miscarriage. That is something no pregnant women wants to have to worry about.

Now for the next 6.5 months I have to be monitored carefully as the baby grows.


Anonymous said...

I am 42 and had the Mirena put in about 7 weeks ago for the first time. Over the past month, my feet have ached to the point I can barely walk on them. My ankles swell to the size of golf balls and my veins are starting to pop out beneath my ankle bone. My left toe tingles. I've never had this happen before. After reading this site, I'm beginning to think it's Mirena related. Thanks everyone for sharing!

Tanille said...

I had my Mirena inserted on August 31,2010. Insertion felt like labor!! After that, everything seemed to be fine. No periods except for one on 11/11/11. Reading these posts I could scream. It's currently 5:36am and I haven't been asleep. Insomnia is truly apart of my life. I've always been able to stay awake for extended periods of time but now, even when I'm sleepy, I can't sleep. Numerous UTI's, aches, pains, acne. I've had it all except for the prolonged periods and it took for me to read this blog to put it all together. Smh. I've been so depressed, my weight is fluctuating, there's just so much and I'm so emotional I'm in tears right now just typing this. My life has been a living hell got the past 3 years. This thing has got to go!!! I miss me!

Anonymous said...

I had Mirena IUD inserted near 4.5 yrs ago 4 months post delivery 1st born. I am now 45. single Mom. Periods stopped immediately. 1st prob noted right off mod/severe back pain. Worse 1st 2 yrs then gradual subside. Things like basic housework and chores outside elicited such pain suddendly? really? Now just moderate but last 2 yrs my rt hip radiates down leg in pain daily non-relieved by position changes. Fun. All my life no acne. Now the odd one that scars. Hair falling out. Constant fatique huge issue day 1. Working nights complicated. History of depression. was off 12 yrs ago 1 whole year with 'severe'. Thought I was low depressive last few yrs for sure. 1.5 yrs ago asked Dr for psychologist. We had a few calls back/forth initially. Just couldn't find one. Never happened. unfortunately in my profession I work with/ know some of them so count them out. Never resolved; has only mounted inside me. I finally spoke to professional counsellor recently.. turns out I meet all criteria for major depressive episode. That hit me like a train and I cried a good 10 min with her comforting. Here I thought I was there to deal with mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness. More stuff also the last year: noise irritability, lack of focus concentration in presence of the latter, headaches/migraines and nausea/dizziness been there last few yrs too. AM MISERABLE; sad & crying daily for 'nothing'. If I wasn't smart enough to know this IS the IUD I'd swear I'd think I'm going crazy. It all clicked for me 3 wks ago I ended up in emerg in crisis panic attack, no sleep/eating x 5 days, couldn't stop crying, anxiety & depressive. Missed work. This was the worst week yet. Went to fam Dr. next day. He wrote up referral to my GYN & sent it. Now I wait months to get damn thing out. I need to be put to sleep bec strings are inside uterus. I am so angry. How did I not see all the signs before now?? how could I miss this?? major depressive?? well hell ya it makes perfect sense now. Thankfully I can function & work. Not in dark place I was yrs ago. Mirena should never be used in history of depression. EVER.

Being a single Mom to a pre-schooler has not been an enjoyable experience as it should be and certainly not for anything he's done. It's this IUD. Am so sick of feeling sick, crying in front of my child, not being able to eat sleep. it's affecting my life, my family and work for a long time. I am so angry inside over this. I want to be the vibrant, healthy woman I have always been and I want it gone STAT!! The feeling of stress in my chest most days makes me feel like I am close to heart attack status and need to take an ativan daily at some point to 'relax'. It's dreadful. I mask how I feel in alot of professional situations because I have no choice. I manage somehow but it's so tough. My closest loved ones are very supportive because they know it's not my fault but others are more critical adding to the sense of guilt I already feel. You CANNOT explain this to someone in 5-10 min so I wrote it here to share, for therapy, as a reminder of how pro self-help I am and to help many others.

Here's to hoping it gets taken out sooner than later because a feeling of drowning daily just breathing air is no life. Keeping the faith!

TracySwingKid said...

I had been stacking birth control pills back-to-back since 2009 to stop my periods and the horrible symptoms. This had worked just fine, but you have to take the pills at exactly the same time every day or you get spotting. I thought I would try Mirena and see if I could have a hassle and period-free life. I had it implanted on 7/17/13. After two weeks my hair started falling out and the PMS started coming back. After three weeks I realized that most of the symptoms that had gone away on the pill were back; insomnia, weight gain, headaches, extreme fatigue, depression, acne, feeling of impending doom, anxiety, cramping, and sore breasts. Today is 8/13/13 and I pulled out the Mirena myself this morning. I cannot go back to those horrible symptoms and ruined life. I was doing so well on my pills. I knew if I went to the Dr. to have it removed she would tell me that it was all in my head and to tough it out. No way, Jose. I am not imaging this any more than I was those awful PMDD symptoms. Back to my pills.

Sakib Hasan said...

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Tonnie Nyanja said...

I'm Tonnie from nairobi and my weight has spiraled out of control. I have a personal trainer. I swim and do yoga. I have ended up heavier than I was when pregnant since I had it put six weeks after my daughter was born in 2009. I hate the way I look and I'm having this coil removed tomorrow. Please spread the word

amber0274 said...

I had mirena put in 2 months ago. Before that I tried the pills and hated them, they gave me head aches and upset stomachs, I then switched to the nuvea ring and that was OK but I swear I could feel it while riding motorcycles. I then changed family doctors and she was willing to become my gyno and started giving me the birth control shot, and I LOVED IT. However I was going through some thyroid issues and I was seeing specialists and they were saying the hormone in the shots could be causing my hair to fall out, so I stopped my shots and didn’t replace my birth control (the shot wasn’t the problem the thyroid medicine was)
Well my family doctor left to go practice in another state so I went back to my original gynecologist and he refuses to give anyone the birth control shot because he thinks it is so bad for woman. I have never had any children (I tried convincing him to take my reproductive organs and donate them to science but he wouldn’t) He stayed in the room with me and talked to me at length about IUD's. He said there was a chance that they may not latch onto my uterus but that he strongly felt it would. However I needed to be prepared for it to hurt going in and to expect lots of cramping the day it went in. He told me mirena was a hormone based birth control that stayed isolated within the uterus and slowly breaks down the uterine wall and makes it ALMOST impossible for eggs to attach to the wall and for sperm to get through. However if I was to become pregnant he would encourage me to think about abortion because it would be much safer for me. If I chose to keep the babe I risk my life and the baby’s chance of survival. He said there was a non-hormonal IUD called Para guard however it causes more cramping and longer heavier periods monthly. I wasn’t doing that. I don’t want a period to begin with, let alone a worse one. So I went with the IUD it wasn’t bad to have it out in. Since I haven’t had children it took 3 attempts to get it in, and I had no cramping later that day. I had a lite period later that month.
Now I am on month 2 and I am cramping and have a very heavy period. Not happy about this. I have mood swings, bloating, dizziness, and little bumps on my neck, stomach, and shoulders that itch. And my anus itches so bad I can hardly stand it. I have bought PH balanced vaginal body wash and that hasn’t helped. I have used lotion thinking that maybe when I tanned that was the problem, no relief. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to call my gyno and say, "hey my butt hole itches what should I do? Think it is linked to mirena?" Since the other blogs I read above doctors don’t seem to believe woman with far worse problems I don’t think they will believe this. I can handle the cramps, and the bleeding, I can’t handle the itching..... It is really that bad......

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "Thank God for this blog!" I don't want to be redundant, so I will just say a big fat "DITTO" to nearly all of the previous posts from side effects to physician responses. I thought I was crazy to put it all together and say the IUD was the lowest commen denominator, until I arrived at this blog. I am making my appointment Monday-I want my life back! When I had my first one removed, I practically never stopped bleeding & had debilitating cramps. This happened for about 7-9 months, affecting work, life, everything. I never had periods like that in my life. I had also developed ovarian cysts & fibroid tumors. I stupidly took my physician's advice that the only thing that would help would be another IUD. The 2nd one has been HORRIFIC! I am so thankful to all of you for sharing your stories!

Sophie Hoani said...

I am a 37 year old mum of 5 from New Zealand and have had my Mirena for 3 years this month. I had my Mirena placed 9 months after my 5th child who was a wonderful suprise and 9 years off our next youngest. I was very easily convinced by the doctors and handed a pamphlet listing all the side effects etc which to me is like reading Japanese. My sister told me not to use the contraceptive but I thought to myself everything has it's pros and cons. Within months of having it inserted my periods got lighter but I was getting very tired. About 6 months later my whole life had changed, I had no energy, I began to get joint pain and am getting sick on a regular basis. My weight is pretty steady throughout though. Sometimes the joint pain completely stops me from moving. I was on antibiotics for a kidney infection for several weeks and a whole list of other drama that is littered throughout this blog. I did consider having it removed a number of times but was told by my GP to give a while to settle down. I have had X-rays and blood tests and ultra sounds to check for things that have been causing my ailments and nothing shows. The dr's keep telling me that I am stressed and exhausted but I am doing way less than what I used to before having the Mirena inserted. I have spent more time at the Dr's in the past few years than my whole life. It has now been 3 years and I have been bleeding for the last 3 weeks non stop. I too have had enough and am making the appointment to have it removed, that's of course if I cannot do it in the I was once a very bubbly, energetic, fun loving mum who now has trouble getting to work on time if even getting to work at all for some kind of sickness or ailment, tired, grumpy person. It just needs to go. Thank you for all your comments and posts and I can't wait till I get back to normal. Thanks again.:)

Anonymous said...

I had the mirena inserted in June 2013 and have had the worst cramps for the past month. Well I checked for the strings and what I found was the whole mirena. I am never using that thing again.

Anonymous said...

Totally ready to CRY reading this!

My Mirena disater story:
Due to heavy periods and slight mood swings I had been taking BCPs for years to control both. Once my insurance stopped covering the name brand pill I was taking, the generic never worked quite the same so my OB recommended Mirena and several friends RAVED about it.

Just this past weekend it all came crashing down and I reached such a low I started seeking answers and I stumbled across this site and it ALL MAKES SENSE now! My period never disappeared on Mirena. I had continual spotting which was SO annoying. Then the hives/rashes started. The itching is AWFUL. I'll lay in bed at night and scratch myself raw. All over my body. Its crazy. I never attributed it to the Mirena. The next is the weight gain. I am a HUGE proponent of getting off your ass and exercising. I lift weights 4x/week and I am a MARATHON runner. I am no slacker! In the past 3 months I've packed on 15 lbs. FIFTEEN POUNDS! I feel bloated and disgusting all the time. My sex drive is COMPLETELY GONE!!! My poor husband! But the worst symptom is my mood swings. I said the most awful things to my husband and young daughters. I fear I've scarred them for LIFE :( My heart breaks over things I said in anger towards them. I literally feel like a lunatic listening to myself.

I am going to the OB on Friday to have this God-awful device removed and get back on a pill that will control my period. I am calling those numbers above and reporting my findings and also calling the FDA. This device should be illegal.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This was all so helpful to read and is helping me feel a little less crazy, except the last Stratocaster one.. wtf ?? :)
Only 2 1/2 months into my Mirena I've made the decision for removal.
My symptoms are not as severe as some on here, I really feel for you. The pill gave me horrid migraines, but this has tripled my anxiety, I get severe cramping and bleeding if I orgasm or do strenuous activity and have no sex drive. I've been bleeding on and off the whole 2 months.
Mostly my moods are more intense and bad days are more frequent.

I'm going back to no contraceptive. I want to know who I am again.

I have friends who love Mirena. No good for me

GJ said...

Had Mirena inserted 19 months ago & after realizing this past week all my terrible symptoms are due to this IUD I decided to try removing it myself.
I'm the biggest baby, and having it inserted felt worse than labor so I wasn't sure how it would.
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was!!! You can do it as long as you can get hold of both strings & pull SLOWLY down.
I didn't feel anything!!
I was surprised when it was all of a sudden in my hand.
I did have some light bleeding which stopped pretty soon after.
I've just been wearing thong pantyliners. I had very light cramping for just a few minutes after.
I did tell myself if I couldn't get it out or had any pain I would head to urgent care but luckily I had zero issues and I am THRILLED to be done with this awful product!!!
Looking forward to getting rid of the acne finally (always had perfect skin, now I'm scarred). My bloating is GONE!! I didn't have weight gain but that's likely because I've always been underweight & I'm very active.
I was definitely moody but thought it was my situational depression.
I had headaches, dizziness, brain fog and ringing ears.
And I guess I'm seeing now that I had decreased libido....score for my husband! ��

I hope everyone gets the help they need & can get their lives back. Best wishes!

GJ said...

Somehow I deleted an entire paragraph about another bad side effect I experienced - and were it not for this blog, I wouldn't have made the connection (THANK YOU!) times I had severe vag itching that woke me up at night & I just couldn't help myself from causing myself to become very swollen there & bleeding. I know that's gross but I do think its related because it has completely stopped thank goodness!! Phew
Seriously consider removing your Mirena if your negative symptoms outweigh the (only) positive one of having no periods.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I have those same red bumps all over my scalp now. I went to my primary, she gave me steroids, didn't help. So then I went to a dermatologist. She thinks it's an infection of some type and had put me on antibiotics. No one had ever suggests that my IUD could be the cause! On top of that I've been under watch for Lupus because of the sudden joint pain in my hands, wrists, and knees. Thank you for your comments, it is definitely making me reconsider keeping this thing!

tasha blizard said...

I have had the mirena iud for a little over 13 months. I thought everything was fine with it. Its actually my second mirena, but for the last 6 months my doctor has not been able to find it vaginally but he can find it with an ultra sound he has assured me it was still doing what it was supposed to and that it was find until the 5 year mark and I might have some issues getting it removed, but I am worried about when I have to have it removed I am only 25 years old. I just want to know if I should go a head and have it removed or wait another 3 1/2 years.

Clare said...

Oh god. Delighted to find this. On my second Mirena. The first one stayed in for 7 years and I didn't notice a thing. I also didn't have a period and barely saw any spotting. Bliss Fabulous. Couldn't speak highly enough of it.

Then, I suddenly found myself long overdue for a second one which finally went in last February (horribly painful just like the first one, but I thought the benefits would far outweight a couple of minutes of agony). I was sooooo wrong. To my horror ever since I have felt bloated, crampy, have spotted blood or had a period almost constantly and worst of ALL have put on 15lbs despite the same healthy lifestyle. I have had the most agonisingly, tender and swollen breasts too - they sometimes feel red hot and have definately increased a few cup sizes. I feel like a bloated beached whale.

I cannot wait to get it out, but was told by the nurse today that I have to clear my body of sperm (no sex for a week) before they can yank the darn thing out. It won't happen a moment too soon.

Anyway, I am hoping I can post my progress and Mirena recovery to all you lovely ladies soon.

BUT FIRST OF ALL HELP.... My question to you all is has anyone got stories of weight loss AFTER MIRENA? I'd love to hear some encouraging stories. Please post.

Naomi said...

I am so relieved to finally have an answer. In 2010, shortly after my son was born, I had the IUD placed for heavy bleeding. I thought I was just having anxiety attacks and anger issues due to the stress of a second child and family struggles and went to a psychiatrist. He prescribed xanax and was convinced I had PPD. No libido either. He prescribed several different antidepressants, all just made me worse or didn't have any effect at all. The mood swings have been crazy for almost 4 years!!! I had a schwanoma removed a year or two later from my left elbow (not sure its related.) Last summer my ankles blew up and I had petechiae (rash caused from blood vessels bursting under my skin) all over my feet and calves. They thought I had a tick disease, prescribed Doxy and 3 days later predisone. Two days after that I was in the hospital with terrible headache pain. I had six weeks of pain and chronic fatigue followed by sporadic headaches and joint pain since then. No one, not one doctor, questioned my IUD. After that calmed down, I was prescribed Ritalin in the fall for ADHD b/c my psychiatrist was trying to pinpoint my forgetfulness and overwhelmed emotions. It has helped some with my ability to think somewhat and with fatigue, but now its not as effective. My headaches have resumed full force this past week along with joint pain, blury vision and my jaw locking up. I'm so foggy at times I'm scared to drive. I have seen a neurologist who has recommended an MRI. Just in researching possible causes, I happened to run across tons of other women having several similar side effects and OMG I am utterly stunned and relieved and pissed and hopeful all at the same time. My heart is palpitating as I type this and my ears are pulsing!! This information may have saved my life, my marriage, my sanity, and God only knows what else. I am getting this Mirena out tomorrow and will have my doctor, or some doctor, test my silicone toxicity ASAP. Yes silicone. Mirena's are coated with the same stuff that has caused silicone implants to be outlawed due to toxic side effects. Now my primary doctor shouldn't need to investigate lupus since all of my tick test came back negative (that was his next step.) I'm calling the FDA, Bayer, and anyone that will listen. This has caused so much heartache, money, robbed me of my children's youngest years and them of the mother and woman I used to be and my husband has been supportive, but hurt and robbed of 4 years of the old me. I'm just so so angry that no one told me this could happen, yet grateful for answers! Thank God for your stories!! I am praying for immediate improvement but I know it will take a while to become normal again.

Helen Evans said...

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shaz said...

I had the mirena coil put in 5 years ago. I had a smear check 3 years ago and they found a cervical polyip which the gum consultant removed and sent off but fortunately was

not cancerous. Coincidence i dont know. I explained then i was getting daily back pain severe in nature. I have had 3 epidurals since. I have had severe calf pains and now 2014 is radiating to my ankles. The pain has not been controlled by morphine, cocodamol or naoroxin or any other pain medication. These past 2 years my moods have plummeted to extremes where i thunk if i didnt have children i would have checked out!. A far cry from the person i used to be. My weight has not been an issue but constant pain, depression, total loss of interest in sex, negative thoughts, has transformed my life into a hopeless living hell. Noone has made the association with the mirena. I feel like an 90 year old woman and sruggle daily to do basic things. My social life is zero. After reading the blogs about joint pains, mood deteriation and women losing themselves as such. I had the coil taken out 2 days ago but no change yet. I really hope i dont have to live my life like this and the athletic happy non reclusive woman i used to be returns soon. The medical profession has deeply let me down. Wish me well as i do you all x

shaz said...

Please post your follow up experiences after having the mirena removed. It would be so helpful

Mel said...

I do not know if my symptoms are from the Mirena or not. I gave birth to twins in September. I got the Mirena inserted in November, 6 weeks after their birth. It hurt a lot more than I expected but that subsided after a couple of days. I had to have the Mirena because I have an issue with my pelvic veins that was discovered after the twins were born. I can no longer take most birth control out there because of the risk of blood clots. Most of my symptoms can be explained by being a busy mother of 3 with 2 of those 3 being 8 months old. I am exhausted all of the time. My acne is getting worse. I had bad acne as a teenager and ended up taking Accutane back then. I am now breaking out on my face, chest, back, and arms. It is not as bad as when I was a teenager but gets worse all the time. I have sort of periods. I can make it through with panty liners but the period will last for 2 weeks an can pop up randomly. I also get very bloated in my stomach which was never a problem for me. I have been able to loose weight, but it has been hard. I also feel really weak all the time, like my legs are weak. Has anyone had that symptom? My sex drive comes and goes. Sometimes it is really strong, but that may last for only a few hours and then I feel like I could go the rest of my life without sex. I usually just don't care. I am pretty emotional these days and can cry over the littlest thing. I get frustrated really easily and am short with my 5-year-old, even though I know this has been a tough year for her. I have also been very depressed on occasion, which does happen normally but not quite so dramatically. Again, most of this can be written off to being a working mom of 3. I never really wanted the Mirena and am really nervous about having it at all. We simply cannot have more children. Twins was a big surprise for us. Knowing my luck, I would have triplets if I got pregnant again. I also need to avoid pregnancy due to my pelvic vein issues. Does anyone have any advice?

shaz said...

Hi ladies, see my earlier post this year. I had the mirena removed 6 may 2014.
Within 2 weeks i lost 8lbs in weight and now have a waste.
My depression has lifted and libido has returned. The difference is incredible.
The exreme fatigue has gone and no longer need to sleep during the day.
The severe bone type pain in back, calves, knee, hands has dramatically improved.
Finally i can see a future without constant pain and be happy again.
Thanks to all your posts! Women know their own bodies and had to finally do my own research because i got NO Help from the gp. I am angry that women have had to suffer for years and years, after all we dont get that time back. I found an article critizing the mirena coil by an informed medical doctor. I will post the details. Wish me further luck in my recovery as i do you all

Anonymous said...

I'm a young women who's never had kids, and got the Mirena IUD today. (The most painful thing I've ever experienced) The doctors assured me all side effects were extremely rare, and now I'm reading this blog and other information that there are so many complications. I'm so worried. What should I do?

Anonymous said...

I had my Mirena IUD put in in February of this year; my first child was born in November '13. I had managed to lose all my baby weight within 2 weeks and was feeling pretty good physically other than new mom fatigue and some situational stress.

Within a few weeks the joint pain and hair loss began. I chalked it up to the baby, and my dr agreed. Then my blood pressure began to go up... though I had problems with it in the past it was perfect during pregnancy.

Next the depression hit to the point my dr sent me to a psychologist to see if I should be medicated. She decided it was just situational stress, but it progressed to the point I insisted my dr give me something, as I have experienced depression in the past and did not want it to progress any further. He agreed.

The mood swings were awful: one minute I was filled with rage and the next I would be bawling like a baby. I had no sex drive whatsoever, and slowly my weight started creeping up. I was watching what I ate and exercising regularly, even wearing a pedometer to try to walk at least 5 miles a day. I assumed it was the antidepressants, so my dr switched me to something else.

Before I knew it I was up 20lbs within 3 months, more depressed than ever, and on more meds than I've ever taken in my life. Not including the Mirena, I had 4 meds I took on a daily basis, plus a medicated gel my dr prescribed for the joint pain which was progressively getting worse. I have a sister with RA so my dr agreed to run tests and do xrays; everything came back normal. The pain continued to get worse; I have now reached the point that my hands are so stiff and swollen in the morning that I have to wait at least 5-10 minutes to 'warm up' before I can pick up my son. The swelling has rapidly increased in the past few weeks. I'm currently waiting for a consult with a rheumatologist. On top of all this (oh yes, there's more), I've been having awful skin breakouts that almost looks like psoriasis but according to a dermatologist it's eczema, and now I have 3 more meds to take. I have also been continuously bleeding or spotting since August 15th. I have officially reached the end of my rope.

While my ob/gyn doesn't think the IUD is to blame for all this, she has agreed to remove it and I will have it taken out on the 22nd FINALLY. I pray to God this is the source of my issues. I'll keep you ladies posted on my progress.

Sevda Gulea said...

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Joanna said...

I've lost 7 kilos was diagnosed with spinal arthritis and coccyddynia had it removed day before yesterday still in pain how long till your pain stopped?

Anonymous said...

I had mine fitted just over a week ago. My doctor was great as I have had uti's for the last 4 years and when I finally joined a new practice they did listen and suggested that I have one fitted. I spoke to my sister who had one fitted and she said it was the best thing since sliced bread! Wish I had never listened to her. I had severe pains as I was not told that my body would try and reject it, nearly ended up at A&E. Also an odour that I cant get rid of no matter how much I wash. I have had a period for over 7 days and to I cant get rid of the heavy feeling and also constant running to the loo to empty my bladder. I need to go back and I am going to tell the nurse to remove it. To top it all I have had a head ache all week too..god and this is only a week and a half after having it fitted!

Me said...

Ok, i have had this in for a year and this morning i made an appointment to get it out. The weight gain, the bloating, and just the overall discomfort with having this foreign object in my body has been awful. I will never try anything like this again. I just hope and pray that everything goes back to normal. (knock on wood)

Anonymous said...

I have had Mirena in my body for 5 years and I am noticing changes. Suddenly I am battling acne!! It's even on my neck and back! This has never been an issue for me. I was wondering if this was an effect of my Mirena expiring? Since I had the Mirena inserted I had gained 30 pounds. I hadn't linked it to the Mirena but I know that's where it came from because I've always been the same weight for years up until I had the Marina placed in me. I am going to have it removed I can't handle this body acne. Maybe my body just needs to adjust back to preMarina idk but I will work on having it removed. I can't handle my acne it's so itchy before pimples surface.

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Good Luck…
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi I had my Mirena inserted in Dec 2014 along with having some uterine polyps lasered. Anyway at first - delighted as no more heavy continuous debilitating bleeding. However since January I have weird red spots on my scalp, Really swollen joint under my right forefinger nail. (Possible rheumatoid arthritis?)Swollen left forefinger, very sore and stiff upper right arm and muscles. Lower back pain. My sciatica has returned and I have dry skin and blurry vision. Last week I had the worst headache I have ever had and feel my sinuses are blocked. I can't sleep and have no sex drive. I feel so different? I really need this thing removed - or will it "settle down with a few months" Am I being crazy or what. My mind feels in a blur and I'm normally so energetic.
Pat. UK


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Anonymous said...

I was due to have my mirena coil removed 2-3weeks ago. Went to my GP, she could not see the string, could feel the coil but was unable to remove. I now have a hospital appoint in 2 weeks. But since I have been to the doctors I have suffered with slight bleeding everyday and really bad stomach pains. I rang shop doc last weekend but didn't get anywhere was like it was not important at all. I am losing sleep and appetite. I am worried and don't know what would be the best thing to do. Can anyone give me some advice please.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to all the women who have posted thier experiences. I have had my mirena for just over 2 years
And I am getting removed ASAP.

My docs when I started doing my own research
Would not support my wanting to take the mirena out
I have had a mix of all the symptoms noted in here
The Doc and Gyn both refuse to believe any of these symptoms are from the Mirena. I have coffee to realise no one knows your body better then yourself. I am almost 43 and quite frankly LIFE IS TOO SHORT not to live the rest of my life being in control of what goes on and in my body. I hope you all who have posted are now feeling better. Can't wait to get this piece of plastic out that has cost me almost 3 years of my life��

mirabel james said...

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Anonymous said...

My perceived Mirena symptoms were:
- bloating
- malaise / lack of enthusiasm
- no sex drive / grumpy all the time
- anxiety/depression (or at least made this worse)
- unwanted hair growth
- migraines with aura (intermittent)
- daily discharge
- seemed difficult to lose weight despite exercise, often hangry
- possible weight gain of 20lbs over 4years (hard to blame it all on Mirena, but I’d been increasing veggie intake a TON and nearly cut out starch and walk at least a mile more per day than before and saw no change at all. I’m 5’9” and 167-sh lbs, so a size 10)

Had Mirena removed 5/13. It’s been 4 weeks and a day. My experience, by week:

Week 1: No weight change. Mood higher than usual but could have been just optimism. Somewhat less hungry and had a little more energy. Feel less bloaty, though. My widest “belly” measurement dropped by about an inch. Some spotting. Had an episode at work that almost brought me to tears a few days after removal, could have been that particular anxious-y situation or partially due to hormones changing.

Week 2: Still no weight change, up or down. Haven’t had that heavy/bloaty lower gut feeling I associated with Mirena. I went on a 2-mile run/walk for the first time ever, 12 days after removing minera. I think I wouldn’t have had the motivation to do that before the removal (could just be confirmation bias). Content enough to try intimacy again.

Week 3. Spotting again. Is this a period? Guess not. I run a few more times. I think I might be down a pound, but I’ve also started cutting out the sugar and dairy, and watching portion sizes like a hawk, so can’t attribute it directly to Mirena. I’m probably only sticking to some sort of diet/exercise goals because having Mirena out means I’m on my own two feet and can’t blame anything. But, that seems to be enough to motivate me.

Week 4: No spotting. Little discharge, maybe half of what I’m used to. Somehow walking-running 2 miles every 2-3 days. Novelty has worn off of the health kick, but I don’t feel hopeless (which is new), so I’m keeping it up. My blood sugar seems to not dip so low as it used to, I don’t get hangry as bad, so I don’t get grumpy or snack on sweets. Partner says “you seem to like me more”. Also started getting soymilk in my morning latte, heard it helps balance hormones.

Beginning week 5: I think I’m on run 6 now. Still hate running, but, I’m down to 161 today, and I was 163 three days ago, so thats 6lbs down, which feels real. No spotting yet. I feel like I finally have some willpower, maybe some success-inertia. It’s not as hard to say no to the sweet thing. Portion sizes are finally what they ought to be and i’m happy with that. My ‘cheats’ are tiny compared to what they used to be and I also find I’m not spending 85% of my mental energy every day telling myself how much I suck. I feel more relaxed.

- - -

Re: weight loss: I do not think you’ll lose weight automatically by getting off minera. You still have to watch your portions and avoid sugar/starch. You still need to move more than you used to move, and it took me 4 weeks of eating less/better and moving more/harder to see something noticeable. I had to run 12 miles! I had to eat a cup of food or two less per day! My partner agreed to work out (on his own) during this timeframe too, which helped, and my place of work includes healthy lunches I can portion for yourself, so I have some advantages you may not have. YMMV. What Mirena leaving *did* give me was motivation, either in not giving me hormones that made me sad and tired all the time, or in removing my last excuse to be lazy and fat.

- - -

You who are posting “OMG I can’t wait to get mine removed” are ruining the reply feed for people with actual helpful stories to share. Please stop with the “This thing is awful” “getting mine out tomorrow” “wow, now I know why I feel crappy” posts. It sucks to wade through twelve useless bandwagon posts for every one actual record of removal experience. You have nothing helpful to add, so stop it.

Ashley Priebe said...

Hey guys,
I have had to Mirena in since March 2011. I started my weight loss journey after my 3rd child was born in 2011. My first step was to only drink water. I lost a total of 20 pounds doing that and going to the gym. I started running and doing zumba and spin 3 times a week. I lost another 10 pounds.
Now, 4 years down the road, I am slowly gaining weight back. I am still only drinking water and I eat healthy for the most part. I have also got my zumba license and teach 5-6 times a week along with running a couple times a week. I guess I should add that I have hypothyroidism since my first child 11 years ago. I have been on medication for that and regularly get that checked.
I have been really tired lately and my sex drive is almost nonexistent. I have a hard time remembering things and I get in a terrible mood around my period. (yes, I still get one, every month).
I was talking to a friend about how I am not losing weight and with being as active as I am, something is not right. She told me it could be my birth control. Since then, I have read a lot on weight gain/ having a hard time losing weight with the Mirena. It all makes since! I removed the Mirena myself last week and I got my labs drawn on Friday and I'm hoping to hear from the Dr. today for the results. I really hope this helps me with my weight loss journey.

daubdolly said...

Can you really pull the Mirena coil out yourself? I have asked my gyni to take it out but he dissuaded me ((fobbed me off) and asked me to give it more time (it has been in for about 8 months). I had it put in for really heavy periods, but it hasn't stopped them and I have gained weight, no sex drive, spotty face, unable to sleep etc. I really hate it and wish I'd never been pressured to have it inserted (by my gyni), are they all on commission? If you can pull it out yourself, I'll have a go.

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Joanne Borg said...

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Joanne Borg said...

Hi im a 30 year old i did mirena too but i removed it after 10 days as i was having laber pain evry 15 hours for the hole oiriod when actually thay came to remove it thay didnt find the strings and i had to go trugh sedative again to remove it sorry to not mention before i did 7 days in the hospital under morfina and antibiotics mirena is very danger i will never suggest it to anyone for the rest of my life

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Unknown said...

Mine was weight gain but yes dulled emotions to the point I thought I should break up with my boyfriend and move cities. The joint pain was aweful the exhaustion was the last straw for me.

Regina Moxley said...

I had many of those symptoms! The shoulder pain too! I attrubuted it to many different things. I googled everything, at one point I thought I might have a disease I was so tired I couldnt stand it. And let me tell you that is was the mirena. I had absolutely crazy rage and I felt such dullness in the emotions I almost broke up with my partner and moved to tennessee. I felt like I was losing it. I saw the blogs for mirena thank God. I had it taken out and bled heavily for around 8 days. My knees still hurt but my stomach immediately went down. I can feel emotionally again and my exhaustion has disappeared about 75 to 80 percent. I understand some women dont have reactions, but for those of us who do, they are terrible.

Regina Moxley said...

Yes it is. Im so sorry for you too. I had horrible symptoms and couldnt believe they were from mirena. Thank God for these posts. The emotional and exhaustion and straight from it. I didnt get the dry skin. My dr at the VA did not believe and was rude. Drs are weird about mirena. Take it out. You will feel like a different person.

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